Accessibility Related Suggestions Megathread

Hey all!

In this thread, please share suggestions related to accessibility in Tower Unite.

This topic comes up every once and a while, so we wanted to create a space on our forums dedicated to it.

When we talk about accessibility here, we are referring to addressing resolvable issues that might impede gameplay for players with certain conditions such as colorblindness, dyslexia, or anything else that might affect a players ability to use the standard presentation and controls of the game.

It would be extremely helpful for people in this thread to follow this format:

  1. Explain the issue (indicate what area of the game the issue is found and what problems the issue causes)

  2. Give a suggestion (What do you think we should do to improve gameplay for you or other players with the same issue?)

These suggestions will be addressed just like any other suggestion or bug report in time.

I’m the last person to ask about anything accessibility related and I’m afraid I don’t have any specific suggestions like the thread asks for, but this series of videos might be a good general review of things to be aware of:

  1. A person who has ADHD or has trouble focusing on certain things. For some games and minigames, it may require a players full attention span and too many visuals in said game may distract a player and cause them to be distracted from the current objective.

  2. To fix this, there could be an option to reduce the amount of visuals on screen so the person is more focused towards the objective.

While I know graphics settings are a thing and I know it sounds like a dumb suggestion, it could benefit some people. Potentially.


I had a post about this like a year ago, but if there’s anything you can do about dyslexia and typing derby that would be awesom, cause I’m just kind of locked out of even finishing it 90% of the time…


Thank you guys for setting this up! I was just chatting with one of my colorblind friends who recently got the game about accessibility issues, and was going to reach out to you all about it; what great timing! He’s the one who posted about color blind settings on the tower unite subreddit.

I’m going to list two issues he’s mentioned to me so far, and will edit this - if possible - with his future issues:

Issue 1:

1.) While bowling, the red line to show where you’re aiming after swinging your mouse. He didn’t even know that was there, because, well…he can’t see it. He has mentioned that he will most likely not be bowling anymore until something is done about it, because it’s game breaking for him, which is not fun.

2.) My suggestion would be an option in the settings to be able to choose what color you’d like that line to be. That way people can choose a specific color that makes it easiest for them to see it, or for those of us who aren’t colorblind, we can make it a preferable color.

Issue 2:

1.) This one is a bit trickier, but the Alpine minigolf course was very difficult for him to see on. He said it was still playable, but everything blended in together, and his depth perception was affected by it.

2.) I’m not sure exactly what a good fix for this would be, which I realize is not super helpful, so I apologize. I know other games have added color blind options that change the colors of everything, but sometimes that only helps him a little… An option like this, though, would be better than nothing.

Again, thank you guys so much for making this; you devs rock! I want all my friends - and everyone - to be able to enjoy this incredible game, and anything that can be done to help him would be overwhelmingly appreciated!


Heya, could you please let us know more about how that affects you and steps we could take to reduce said effects? e.g. is it the font used that makes it more difficult for you?

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As a note to further posts in the thread though, please make sure you’re specific about the changes you’d like to see to resolve the problem. It would give us a better idea of how to improve things. These are all good points so far, though!

If we don’t have someone on the team affected in the same way as a poster describes, it is hard for us to intuit the best solution as we don’t have experience with a given challenge. The more specific people can be about in what way they’re affected and what changes they’d like to see the better our idea of what work we can do to improve it will be, thank you!

  1. The crosshair in minigames like Balloon Shoot and Target Practice, equip items (Magnum, Snowball, etc), and game worlds like Virus and the soon to be SDNL all use white as the primary crosshair color. I personally have issues with discerning white colors from the background (An example would be the white of the targets in Target Practice will mix with the white of my crosshair and confuses me to where I’m aiming at) and makes it harder for me to line up shots or be accurate

  2. My suggestion for this problem is what most FPS games do and implement some form of color wheel (like Minigolf), RGB slider, or the ability to enter hex codes. Anything really that would allow for the customization of crosshair color I would see as a positive.


There’s actually a special font for dyslexia! They should add an option for a global font change.

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Please fix the Interaction with Tower Unite’s GUI with clicking. A lot of elements need two clicks to switch from drop-down list to the main UI, and/or switching from keyboard typing prompt to the main UI interaction. They require an additional click, for a total of two clicks, just to perform an action on the HUD, when with our normal graphical interfaces, we only need one.

My friend has a hard time using his hands, he can play First Person games but not competitive or actually shooting. Would love to introduce him to this game, but I bet the Condo UI would drive him insane. The moment he clicks his mouse, usually his cursor ends up on a different place since it’s pretty hard to stabilize his arm to keep his cursor in one place.


i was having a discussion in the discord about the drunk effects ingame & talked about how myself and i’m sure many others feel nauseous after being drunk ingame for an extended period of time (the same thing applies to minecraft nausea as an example) so having some sort of option to cap the intensity of the drunk effect, or at the least disable it (maybe it could fog up the screen or blur it to avoid unfair advantages in games like booze bash & accelerate as per one recommendation) could likely help some people that experience motion sickness with these sorts of visuals.


I experience simulation sickness and the new third person right click panning thing makes me extremely sick. If there would be an option to revert it back to the old way that would be great.


1.) This one is a bit trickier, but the Alpine minigolf course was very difficult for him to see on. He said it was still playable, but everything blended in together, and his depth perception was affected by it.

holy shit i thought i was the only one that had issues with this.

The new 3rd person camera panning is getting removed in the next update:


I think an Arachnophobia option would fall under this, right? I’ve seen these two (1, 2) forum threads talking about it. It seems like the proposed solutions for most of these would be model swapping the spider queen in Zombie Massacre, and the first thread also mentions filtering out spider workshop models, though I assume that’d be tricky to do. Can’t really say much about it myself- I’m just regular scared of spiders, but i thought it’d be worth a shot posting it here.


Hia, So I’m colorblind. There is not many issues I really face in tower unite EXCEPT playing the piano game-mode in the arcade.(forgot the actual name lol). I know the backround moving is supposed to make the game more difficult to play BUT if there could be an option to change the colors of the notes themselves to a bright color such as lime green, bright pink, or anything like that would help out colorblind people so much! I play osumania and use really bright colored skins to help with me reading the notes. I think this would be an amazing and simple addition to add! :slight_smile:


This would be great!! I play with someone who’s colorblind and this kinda thing can be pretty rough in games, especially fast paced/color based ones.

I’m colorblind and had no issues for now.

But, if this is about giving everybody the chance to play TU I’m having a hard time getting my friends to play just because they don’t really understand english, that means lots of things in the menu, achievements, and trivia are painful.

So yeah, translating the game to the most common languages would be a huge step forward (and can actually make more streamers play the game)


I believe translation is already planned! There was talk of crowdsourcing it but things have been quiet on that front.