Weekly Dev Log for July 5th, 2022

Weekly Dev Log for July 5th, 2022

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Weekly Dev Log for July 5th, 2022, detailing all the changes that have happened since June 28th, 2022. Note: Devs that don’t appear in the weekly log are not necessarily away or not doing work, but may be working on things currently not announced or backend work that doesn’t need to be detailed.

Accessibility Suggestions

We’ve created a forum post asking the community for suggestions on how we can improve gameplay for players with certain conditions such as colorblindness, dyslexia, or anything else that might affect a players ability to use the standard presentation and controls of the game.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, and possible solutions on how to solve a particular issue, please check out the forum post here.

June 2022 Condo Contest IN PROGRESS!

Hey everyone!

It’s time for another Condo Contest. The objective for this contest is to make an area for a media player!

Whether it’s a drive-in, a cozy living room, a theater, or a TV floating in space- your entry just needs to be a cool spot to hang out and use a media player.

The deadline to submit entries is July 10th, 2022 at 11:59 PM CT.

First prize wins 2,000,000 units!

You can read all of the details here.

Casino: Phase 2

Work continues on the next phase of the Casino.

@JJosh continued working on the new Spin 2 Win items.

@macdguy worked on the game loops for Blackjack and 5 card draw. He also spent time setting up all of the machines into the actual Casino map.

@Sketchman worked on art for the new Casino achievements.

@Will worked on music and sounds for Keno.

Casino: Multi-Card Bingo WIP

Casino: Bingo Call List WIP


@macdguy continued working on Condo I/O.

@Nuclearxpotato worked on adding a new room to the Default Condo in a previous unaccessible area of the map, along with adding a trim to the roof and adding barriers to the wall planters.

Default Condo: Updated Exterior

Default Condo: New Room (The Dock)

Condo I/O: Security Cameras WIP


@Johanna continued working on finishing up Virus: Corrosion.

@Lifeless continued working on SDNL: Hinderance.

@Madmijk continued working on condo instruments.

@Nuclearxpotato continued working on Virus: Altar.

@Sketchman continued working on adding Discord Rich Presence functionality.

@Will continued working on music for SDNL.

Wrap It Up

That about covers everything that happened since June 28th, 2022 at PixelTail Games.

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wish we had multi-handed video poker and keno like bingo does.

Me RN:


Love the work on the Casino update! Really excited to see how it all turns out!


I’m going to put I/O Security cameras outside my condo builds to see who is trying to clip out of my builds, catching those who is trying to get to secret areas.


So happy for security cameras right now!

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Wow I’m so excited for that new room! Everything looks so good, you guys are doing a great job as always. Keep up the great work!! <3

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Really excited for Casino Phase 2, wanna try playing Bingo with friends. :smiley:

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So excited for these updates. Condo I/O is blowing my mind. :star_struck:

The new room looks great! and im so so excited for the casino phase 2!!
Small question, do i have to start over in the default condo to have the new room or will it be automaticly added to my current decorated one?

It’ll be added to your current condo when it releases

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Thx for the quick answer spoon!

What a fantastic addition to the condo

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This looks amazing! It seems I’ll have to get more money via new casino games for more items to put into the new additions to the basic condo. LETS GOOOOO

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The default condo is already so good that new room is incredible.

that’s fire, thanks