Add a warning for Spider Boss

Hey, I was playing zombie massacre for the first time with some friends and when we got the boss it was the spider. I didn’t know and I personally have Arachnophobia and wish I knew there was a detailed huge spider before because it basically almost made me have a panic attack. I think it would be nice to add a warning ahead of time somewhere.

Edit: I only say put a warning because Arachnophobia is a common fear!

There’s another game I’ve played called Satisfactory, in which there’s an arachnophobia mode that replaces the spiders with images of cats. Perhaps they could do that here to suit players like you? Though… I dunno if I’d want to murder an image of a cat.


That’s the damn game I was trying to think of. I knew I’d played a game that did that but couldn’t think of what.

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replace spiders with catsacks in options would be nice :nerd_face:


I agree! Id love to play the game with my friends, but I can’t because the spiders make my arachnophobic friend panic. Its a shame because its such a fun game. Id really love an option to replace the spiders with catsacks or something harmless :slight_smile:

Just created an account to report this.

I had a panic attack on getting to the first boss on Trainyard, so we switched maps to avoid seeing this again.
Little did we know that it was the exact same boss, so I minimized the game immediately upon seeing this boss again, much to the amusement of the other players in the lobby who laughed at my behavior.

i don’t feel confortable starting up the game again.
Please add a warning or an option to change this behavior…

EDIT : This seems to be a recurrent request… :frowning:


Popping in to request something similar, I joined into my friend groups game late (after they had already warned people about the spider) and it was my first time playing. I had to stop playing when the massive ass spider spawned.

Either add a warning or an arachnophobia mode, considering the name of the achievement when you win you think you guys would be aware of it…