Add text fields for the sliders in the Settings menu

I think we should be able to manually input values for the settings that currently use sliders, like how you can with the text fields in the edit menu for condo items.

Unable to select values due to hardware

Okay so–this is something that’s bugged me for a looong time. In the settings there are sliders right? Stuff like volume, FOV, or sensitivity. Some of these ranges are pretty big, like gamma being able to go from 50 to 500. Depending on your monitor resolution, mouse DPI/OS mouse sensitivity, and UI scale, it can be tricky to get the value you want. Using gamma as the worst-case example, at 1080p with 120 UI scale the value for the gamma slider moves in increments of either 2 or 3. So if you really really want your gamma to be set to 420, closest you (or at least I) can get with out going in and editing your config files is either 419 or 422. I don’t think that specific example is one tons of people are losing sleep over, but hopefully it gets the general idea across.

I tried setting the resolution of the game to 1280x800, which is the resolution for the Steam Deck, and thankfully the UI scaling makes it so that resolution doesn’t impact it too greatly, but at that resolution some of the sliders will begin to overlap with other elements in the menu, which may make you have to lower UI scale, which then does limit the values you can actually select.

Mouse sensitivity example

One where this might be more applicable is mouse sensitivity, which is something that people generally like to have fine control over, it can sometimes be harder than it needs to be to get the value you want. Still at 1080p 120 UI scale, it looks like each value on the mouse sensitivity slider is two pixels, so depending on your mouse/UI scale you might not be able to get the exact value you’d prefer.

Now- in the Game.ini file it looks like the ranges for the mouse sensitivity are between 0.004 and 0.4. Let’s say that an in-game sensitivity of 1 (0.004) is too low for me, but a sensitivity of 2 (0.008) is too high. In most games I’d set my sensitivity to 1.5 (0.006) as a starting point when tuning the sensitivity I’m most comfortable with. There’s a problem with that though, because that’s not possible in-game due to the slider. You either get 1 or 2. In the Game.ini file it appears to save if you were to put a value that’s not 1 or 2, it wont force it to the nearest whole number when you reload the file in your text editor, despite only showing so in the menu. The game seems to let you go as far as four numbers past the decimal point, meaning that if you wanted a sensitivity of 1.7315, you could if you set your Gameplay.MouseSensitivity value to 0.006926. If you wanted a value as precise as that without having to go through your config files though, you’re SOL.

Having a slider for something that can have very precise values can end up giving you values that look kinda awful. A great example of that can be seen when scaling canvas items–
–but at least with canvas items there’s a text field that you can use to manually input a value, giving you a number that’s nice and short.
Having the actual slider itself only move in increments of one would be fine for a lot of people, but if someone wants that finer control they at least have that option if there were a text field they could manually input a value into.

This might also be an accessibility thing too?

As with all the stuff I’ve put on the Accessibility Related Suggestions Megathread, this isn’t something that affects me, but I imagine this might be useful for someone who has tremors or something that otherwise impairs your ability slide the sliders accurately. Being able to just key in the values might be easier, maybe? Like- hitting a few buttons instead of moving a cursor on the screen sounds easier, but that might just be me being ableist, so not sure.

Was considering posting this on the megathread, but the mouse sensitivity example seems like it makes this less accessibility related. If any of the devs see this and think it should be merged over there, go for it.

Nice detailed post. I can add this for the settings that really need it.

As for the 720p resolution, I’ll be tweaking things for it soon.


I would really appreciate a text field for the mouse sensitivity setting. I change my mouse sens a lot manually when I switch between surfing and normal gameplay


Should be ready for next update.


Ayyee, big McThankies