A way to disable the monster potions? (Arachnophobia)

Spiders are yuckapucka kinds of gross, it’s great having the ability to block/filter out workshop spider/bug like playermodels. We were relatively rodent free, that was until the new zombie massacre milestone promotion that has brought in the most disgusting iteration of an ‘arachnid-rascal’ I’ve ever seen in visual entertainment.

I am the kind of guy that downloaded the no-spider mod for System Shock 2 and Skyrim and I beg of you, please, help a cowardly aracnophobic out by putting a toggle in the game settings to allow the appearance of monster potions, or at least provide us with an insecticide to completely rid the Tower of such a hideous infestation?

Yeah, i also have a phobia against spider man playermodels! Those things suck!


My friend has the same problem. It would be good to have an Arachnophobia option that changes the model for something like a lizard/crab or whatever

I support this. I always found it weird in that spiders and all that freaked the shit out of me but I never realized how common it was.

A basic evolved response to things that are dangerous or can be dangerous, like the fear of the dark.

I’m too old to be scared of the dark, but when i’m running from the kitchen back to another room in my house, at night, i always get worried something’s going to come out of the dark rooms i forgot to close the door on, i’m just imagining having arachnophobia too…


dude what


Am I the only person to find this a little awkward? I don’t really think there should be a option to completely block out all spiders since it’s a key component to Zombie Massacre.

They are refering to the monster potion you can earn as a milestone achievement, they don’t seem to mention disabling the spider queen boss fight in zombie massacre.

I’m kinda talking about people that responded in the thread, but I didn’t mean to state all of spiders. Just because you are scared of something in-game doesn’t mean there should always be an option for it. You could be scared of fire, but should the flamethrower milestone be able to be disabled?

I mean with ZM you don’t have to play that gameworld nobody is forcing you to go into that gameworld. But in the lobby anyone can walk up to you with that potion on and scare the shit out of you (I don’t have aracnaphobia so it’s fine for me but I know people who do) and it would be nice to have an option for the people that do, so they don’t have to completely block the player or retreat back to the main menu.

It’s best to block them out completely if they are willing to scare you with it walking right up to you.
(The person I mean, I still stand by my point.)

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It’s a serious phobia that ruins people’s enjoyment of the game. I honestly don’t see a reason why not to add an option to disable the models and allow the game’s aracnophobiacs to enjoy all of it freely and without fear.

Also, I don’t think spiders are a key element of Zombie Massacre. You could replace them with literally any monster and it would make just as much sense.

Blocking people is also not an answer, as… well, that doesn’t help the aracnophobiacs with seeing the thing they’re utterly terrified of everywhere.


They’d have to consider all common phobias then, leaving the options menu a weird mess and even more so for the people trying to program options to rid themselves of these things.

I’ll agree with you on the fact that spiders are not that important to Zombie Massacre and can be easily replaced with any ol’ scary monster. In fact, the new map, Village, will have a new boss which I’m pretty excited for. I’m not in love with spiders, I just think the change is a little drastic.

People with arachnophobia are not “utterly terrified of everywhere”, but blocking offending individuals is a good solution. Even the original poster found a good solution to spider-like workshop models, so I am more than certain that this approach can be taken without any change to the game.

That’s what dropdown menus are for. Also, while I’m no expert on phobias and I have almost no idea how they work, I’ve seen several games offer the option to disable spider models, which leads me to believe that arachnophobia might be either more common, or worse to deal with than other phobias, at least when it comes to videogames. I’m not sure, though. Still, an option to change certain models to something harmless certainly wouldn’t be that hard to create and it would help those affected trendemously.

They aren’t, but I still think I put the sentence together corretly, as the subject of it is “the thing”. I’m not sure, though.
Also, I’ll once again disagree. First of all, the monster potion is an official item, so you can expect a lot of people to use it without even being aware of its effects on certain folk. And on top of that, the option to block people doesn’t help with running into the spider models (it only helps after it happens), or the constant tension people suffering from arachnophobia must feel playing the game.

EDIT: I’m dumb. “the thing” isn’t the subject. What I’ve meant to say is that it’s the thing they’re terrified of.

You shouldn’t really just assume that it’s more common because certain games have a feature around it. Most games do not have this feature because it would be a burden on the developers to make with little to no result. There are other phobias that people consider common.

You can still run into spider-like workshop models, but as long as you block them you shouldn’t have a constant problem with the person/model. Not to mention that the item is a milestone (600k or 700k ZM XP if I am correct), most people won’t even have it if they don’t try to grind for it.

Sounds like you’ve got a fear of the unknown. I keep doors closed for the same reason

Well, it was a very rough assumption, I agree. What I have to disagree with is that it would be a burden and that there would be little to no result. It would really increase the enjoyment a (yes, relatively small) group of people gets from the game and all it would take would be replacing few models with different ones. The replacement models wouldn’t even have to be that complex (I’m sure something like an angry slime monster would be fine) or made specifically for this purpose. I personally think we shouldn’t leave a group of players behind just because they suffer from a condition most don’t. Especially if they were able to enjoy the game for a long time before the update hit.

Well, you can’t block the potion, can you? Also, the fact that not everyone is able to obtain is doesn’t fix the issue. If it did, OP wouldn’t have to suggest this change. I’m sure seeing even one or two spiders each time a person with arachnophobia goes to the plaza is enough to ruin their experience. Plus, even if we ignore the potion, there still are the Zombie Massacre spiders.

If you think having spiders replaced for some other monster in Zombie Massacre is best fit, then suggest that. If you are concerned about spiders in Zombie Massacre being bad for players then that should be a good approach.

just to clarify , I have no problem with the spiders in Zombie Massacre, at least I can shoot them.