2020 Year in Review

Hello once again, everyone!

To keep up the tradition of Year in Review posts, we wanted to compile an overview of everything we accomplished at Pixeltail Games in 2020.

2020 was a long year for all of us, and we’re very grateful for all of the support everyone has given us throughout it. We wish you all the best in 2021, and we will continue work on getting Tower Unite polished, finished, and out of early access.

The post itself is very long, but it includes a timeline, a section for comparison pictures, and a bulleted list of major updates and the 676 bug fixes throughout 2020.

Our 2020 Timeline of Major Updates

January-March: Engine Upgrade, New Maps, and Merch

Developments from the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020 were greatly impacted by our efforts to upgrade our version of the Unreal Engine to allow for increased player counts and improved networking.

This was a difficult process because the upgrade involved reworking tons of code and testing it, particularly Workshop changes. All of the changes that were necessary can be read here.

While work was being done on the upgrade, in January, we released the Kingdom of Advanced Editing and Little Crusaders: Knightsend-by-sea updates, which also included hot fixes.

In February, our major project was preparing for and hosting the 4.19 Public Beta in which we tested the capabilities of the engine upgrade for handling increased player counts in servers. We also started our merch store around this time, which was long-demanded, all the while making progress on the Arcade, among other developments.

By March, we were able to successfully complete the engine upgrade which was pushed out alongside Minigolf: Island and a polishing pass for Minigolf: Waterfall, and some subsequent hot fixes.

April: The Arcade

With the Engine upgrade out of the way, in April of 2020 we were able to release Phase One of the Warp Zone Arcade for the Plaza.

Arcade had been a main focus of development since June of 2019, after the Fishing Update had finally been released. Phase One of Arcade added a large, two story structure to the Plaza, 22 new arcade games, each with themed cabinet art and music, and 180 new items to win as prizes, including appearance items, plushies, and vehicles to use in the Condos and Plaza.

This update required a lot of care after release, with 4 hot fixes to address bugs that were brought to our attention, along with adjustments to server hosting.

May-August: Accelerate, Continuous Game World Play, and Support

In May of 2020, after Arcade released, along with starting development on Accelerate, we set up some ways for people to help support development of Tower Unite through donation services. The value of the game was increased from $14.99 to $19.99 at this time. We also held a survey on the community’s interest in future developments.

In the meantime, we worked on the Nightyard & Nightshift update, which included the Zombie Massacre map, Nightyard, polishing passes to Virus: Hospital and Virus: Overtime, and bug fixes all throughout the game.

Accelerate was released in June of 2020 with one map, Pine Valley, and the second map, Bedzoom, released shortly after, in July. The Accelerate Workshop update came out a few weeks later in July, as well, which allows players to create and upload their own custom karts to the game through Steam. That update also included Bedzoom: Track 2.

The third Accelerate map, Sunrise Isles, released in August, bringing with it another long-awaited feature, Continuous Play, which allows players to continue playing a Game World by selecting another map at the end of the game.

September: Workshop Condos & Co-Op Condos

In September, we got to work on updates to allow for more community interaction with the Condo system. We released the Workshop Condos update in the beginning of the month, to allow players to upload their Condos to the Steam Workshop for others to explore and enjoy. The Co-Op Condos update came out later in the month, allowing players to use a Condo host’s inventory to decorate the host’s Condo together.

October: Halloween 2020 Update

October included the Hotfix for the Co-Op Condos update and work on the Halloween 2020 Update, which introduced new Halloween-themed quests and items in addition to the ones from last Halloween.

A major update to the Plaza was included in this update, the improved Lighthouse and By the Sea Shore store, as well as polishing passes for Zombie Massacre: Compound and Gasoline.

Another survey was held in October, to better judge the community’s priorities for new features. You can read the results here.

November: Nightclub, Mystic Grove, and Billiards

In November, the Nightclub was released, adding another new area to the plaza. Players can use the Nightclub to play music from YouTube and Soundcloud for everyone to listen to. Soundcloud tracks utilize our Visualizer system, which makes the lighting effects around the club sync to the music.

The Nightclub includes a room for players to enjoy virtual Billiards, and emotes were given some new speed settings, along with new emote animations being added to the game. The update also included an additional Little Crusaders map, Mystic Grove, which utilizes darkness and fog effects, along with a new mechanic of a sword in a stone.

December: Karaoke and Winter Holiday 2020

After the Nightclub update came out, we added the Karaoke feature. This allows players to sing along to videos with whoever they want to let into their Karaoke room. These private karaoke rooms were introduced in the Winter Holiday update, the holiday event which included an updated snowball battle arena, new holiday items, and an additional Plaza minigame.

Another addition this month was our thread for accessibility related suggestions, which can be found here.

Polish Throughout the Year

One part of development that occurred all throughout the year was our polishing passes.

Whether it was improved lighting, modeling, layouts, or other design elements, a lot was changed in the look of Tower Unite in 2020.

Check out the work that was done to improve the game’s visuals below in these before/after shots:

Zombie Massacre: Gasoline

Zombie Massacre: Gasoline

Minigolf: Forest

Minigolf: Garden

Minigolf: Waterhole

Virus: Desertion

Virus: Overtime

Condo: Resort

Condo: House

Plaza: Seasons

Plaza: The Toy Stop

Plaza: Central Circuit

Plaza: Suite Suites and Horizon Condos

Plaza: Songbirds

Plaza: Casino

Plaza: The Great Outdoors

Plaza: The Great Outdoors

Plaza: By The Sea Shore

Plaza: Oasis

Plaza: The Stray

Plaza: Lighthouse

Plaza: Tower Lobby

Plaza: Central Fountain

Plaza: Central Fountain

Plaza: Game World Ports Exterior

Plaza: Game World Ports Interior

UI: Inventory Menu
image image

UI: Appearance Menu


A lot was done in Tower Unite throughout the year that hasn’t even been mentioned yet. Below you will find the major updates, content additions, bug fixes, and projects begun in 2020.


  • Co-op Condos - with permission, players can decorate alongside a Condo host.
  • Workshop Condos - players can upload their Condo to Steam Workshop for others to explore
  • Condo Item Snapping - Certain building items now snap together using drag slots.
  • Condo Undo/Redo - players can now undo and redo their edits in Condos
  • Condo Animated Canvases - Players display animations on Canvases now.
  • Condo Item Finder 2.0 - The tool players can use to locate items in their Condo had a complete overhaul.
  • Condo Advanced Edit mode - A no-clip building mode was added to the Condo system.


  • Arcade - a new Plaza location, 22 games, and 180 items were added
  • Halloween 2020 - improved Holiday system, added 2 new quests and 57 new items
  • Nightclub - a new Plaza location intended for players to hang out and enjoy music with synchronized lighting effects
  • Karaoke - private rooms in the Nightclub, intended for players to use for singing along with videos
  • Billiards - a game type added to the the Nightclub and Arcade
  • Snowball Battle Arena Update - a new map for the minigame Snowball battle, which also included improvements to the minigame’s gameplay
  • Anti-Harassment Player Fade System - a setting to prevent players from blocking each other’s vision when using large or unwieldy playermodels
  • Streamer Quick Settings - A button with easy access to settings that streamers might find useful
  • Players now have name tags above their models
  • NPC Models - Progress was made on adding custom NPC models to the game. Daisy, She, Chilly Billy, Virgil T. Chad, and Vox now all have custom models as opposed to Fuse models


  • Accelerate - a kart-racer game world. At the end of 2020, Accelerate had three maps, two of which had a first and second tracks. Progress was made on an additional track for Sunrise Isles, along with the map Wishy Washy, which came out in January of 2021. Concept art and early passes were done for other maps as well
  • Continuous Game World Play - players can now continue playing the same Game World without returning to the menu
  • Workshop Accelerate Karts - players can upload models to use as their Accelerate kart


  • Donation Services - We created some options for supporters of Tower Unite to help fund development
  • Merch Store - We are now selling merch, for the first time
  • Price Increase - The price was raised from $14.99 to $19.99
  • Updated Press Kit - Our press kit had a much-needed update
  • New Dedicated Servers - Increased player counts, networking stability, and capabilities for simulations
  • Crash Reporter - Players are now prompted to submit crash reports when their game crashes


  • Minigolf Map: Island - a tropical themed map, a remaster of an old map from GMod Tower
  • Little Crusaders: Mystic Grove - a LC map that played with new elements such as fog, darkness, and a rank-based sword item
  • Accelerate Map: Pine Valley Track 1 - a fast paced, national park themed track
  • Accelerate Map: Pine Valley Track 2 - a longer national park themed track, with more obstacles and increased difficulty
  • Accelerate Map: Sunrise Isles Track 1 - a fast paced, tropical island themed track with a resort and volcano
  • Accelerate Map: Bedzoom Track 1 - a toy themed race track set in a cluttered, colorful bedroom
  • Accelerate Map: Bedzoom Track 2 - a more complex toy themed race track, set in a cluttered, colorful hallway
  • Little Crusaders Map: Knightsend-By-Sea - a harbor town themed map
  • ZM Map: Nightyard - a darker version of the map Trainyard, with increased difficulty and reliance on flashlights
  • Accelerate Leaderboards, Achievements, and Stats
  • Arcade: 22 Arcade games with 180 prizes
  • 113 new achievements added


  • Engine Upgrade for performance improvements
  • Raising Plaza server from 32 players to 64
  • Updated Main Menu UI
  • Virus Map: Overtime artpass
  • Virus Map: Desertion artpass
  • Virus Map: Hospital artpass
  • ZM Map: Gasoline artpass
  • ZM Map: Compound artpass
  • Virus weapon VFX artpass
  • Plaza Jungle area artpass
  • Plaza Lighthouse area artpass
  • Plaza Kaillera Shop artpass
  • Plaza By-The-Sea-Store artpass
  • Plaza Typing Derby artpass
  • Plaza Gameworld Ports & Upgrade Store artpass
  • Plaza Oasis Store artpass
  • Plaza Tower Lobby artpass
  • Condo Map: House artpass
  • Condo Map: Underwater artpass
  • Condo Map: Resort artpass
  • Minigolf Map: Waterhole artpass
  • Minigolf Map: Forest artpass
  • Minigolf Map: Kingdom QOL pass
  • Virus Weapon FX Polishing Pass
  • ZM Polishing Pass


  • SDNL - Weapon and movement prototyping (around 20 weapons prototyped)
  • Progress on Moon City for Accelerate, initial concept and track layout prototyped
  • Shooting Gallery artwork for Arcade Phase 2
  • Several Arcade cabinet artworks for Arcade Phase 2
  • Progress on Level, Character, and Effects artwork for the 2D Arcade game Galaxy Time
  • Progress on Acrophobia for Zombie Massacre (Alpha phase)
  • Progress on Archenemypelago for Accelerate, initial concept and track layout
  • Progress on Mutator system (internal code and UI mostly finished)
  • Progress on several backend systems to prepare for Condo Lobby connection and better Plaza and Game World matchmaking
  • Planet Panic - Weapon prediction, movement prototyping
  • Bumper Cars - Level concept and gameplay discussion
  • Controller support - Getting controller support for most Game Worlds completed, adding rumble support and better settings
  • Global Chat moderation improvements and stability
  • Cooking - Additional models were completed
  • Condo I/O - Various I/O systems prototyped and wiring visuals completed
  • Horror Hill - Initial concept brainstorming and gameplay mechanics designed, very early beginnings of gameplay code
  • Progress on Theme Park, a new map for Virus
  • Progress on Dark, a new map for Minigolf
  • Progress on some unannounced maps.
  • Progress on Shooting Gallery Ride (one of the biggest new Plaza attractions!)
  • Progress on Steam Trading Cards
  • Progress on Community Condos programming and design
  • Progress on Playable Guitar
  • Progress on Player Grouping system


  • Accelerate - Bedzoom: Added a missing death volume
  • Accelerate - Bedzoom: Fixed some spots where players could get stuck
  • Accelerate - Pine Valley: Fixed bridge collision issues
  • Accelerate - Pine Valley: Fixed various spots where players could get stuck out of bounds
  • Accelerate - Pine Valley: Fixed various spots where players could glitch out of the map
  • Accelerate - Pine Valley: Homing weapons will now properly travel along shortcuts and side tracks
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed backleg for skateboard animations being weirdly rotated
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed bike leg adjustment metadata resetting when editing it
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed driving wheel displaying in bike mode
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed player scale metadata resetting when editing the player scale
  • Accelerate Workshop: Fixed vehicle first person offset being offset by workshop player model scales
  • Accelerate: Fixed “hidden player” workshop metadata feature not hiding wearables
  • Accelerate: Fixed “hidden player” workshop metadata feature toggling player back on when going first person to third person
  • Accelerate: Fixed “ready set go” sound playing during track 2 intro
  • Accelerate: Fixed a bug in sunrise isles that would incorrectly mark the players as out of bounds when near a track railing
  • Accelerate: Fixed boost not applying when you are not moving forward
  • Accelerate: Fixed bowling ball travel speed issues
  • Accelerate: Fixed bumper desync
  • Accelerate: Fixed Dragon powerup not using the correct player animations if the vehicle overrides the default animation pose
  • Accelerate: Fixed drift effects not stopping after start boost
  • Accelerate: Fixed drifting and boost pads causing the drift smoke effects to end (but you are still drifting)
  • Accelerate: Fixed drifting not starting when going downhill
  • Accelerate: Fixed empty items in your inventory after finishing a race
  • Accelerate: Fixed homing item indicator not removing after a homing item hits the player
  • Accelerate: Fixed issue where All Powerful Sun was never given to last place
  • Accelerate: Fixed items being invisible when late joining
  • Accelerate: Fixed kart customize rotation animation be tied to FPS, thus being faster on some machines than others
  • Accelerate: Fixed kart customize showing low resolution textures
  • Accelerate: Fixed late join issues (getting stuck without a kart and having boost effects constantly)
  • Accelerate: Fixed oversteering while drifting over boost pads
  • Accelerate: Fixed player offset rotation workshop metadata being incorrectly displayed in-game
  • Accelerate: Fixed player scale workshop metadata resetting and not applying in-game
  • Accelerate: Fixed ready camera not working on track 2 for clients
  • Accelerate: Fixed removing workshop kart causing preview cart to have old metadata applied
  • Accelerate: Fixed respawn system not respawning you properly to the right location of the track
  • Accelerate: Fixed respawning system causing karts to be respawned into the ground in certain places in the levels
  • Accelerate: Fixed reversing not working properly
  • Accelerate: Fixed skateboard animation pose causing workshop player models to be offset/in the air if they have any scale set on them (i.e. smaller workshop models)
  • Accelerate: Fixed some workshop models blinking/derendering weirdly
  • Accelerate: Fixed some workshop models causing collision issues with boosts and items
  • Accelerate: Fixed speed effects displaying after finishing a race
  • Accelerate: Fixed spinning out not ending drifting
  • Accelerate: Fixed Sun and Homing Bowling ball items disappearing way too soon
  • Accelerate: Fixed sun item hitting the same player multiple times within a second, thus spamming the kill feed
  • Accelerate: Fixed Sun item showing on minimap even if the Sun wasn’t fired
  • Accelerate: Fixed timer, position, speedometer showing while you are finished & spectating
  • Accelerate: Fixed Triple Melon Boost item using all boosts at once when using the scroll wheel
  • Accelerate: Fixed turning being digital instead of analog for controllers
  • Accelerate: Fixed wall bounce network desync
  • Accelerate: Fixed workshop vehicle metadata sometimes not being applied
  • Accelerate: Fixed/improved jump network desync
  • Accelerate: Improved bowling ball bounce logic
  • Accelerate: Netcode rewrite/optimizations for item throwing
  • Accelerate: Reduced boost sounds on game start
  • Added more accurate collision for some of the pine tree models
  • Added various GPU optimizations to the arcade
  • Additional crash fixes
  • Adjusted Ball Race/Minigolf platform synchronization rate to reduce jitters
  • Adjusted scaling of create map list to fit for 4:3 resolutions
  • Admin player name tag no longer overrides backer tag (separated the two tags)
  • All building block panels/walls no longer have their X/Y scales mixed up
  • Amphitheatre: Fixed some dragon camping spots
  • Anti-Harassment Player Fade System
  • Arcade: Fixed a known exploit
  • Arcade: Fixed Bug Bytes achievements overlapping with Whack-a-mole ones
  • Arcade: Fixed Bug Bytes hammer going to the center if you look in the top right/left corners
  • Arcade: Fixed Bug Bytes setting Avalanche score due to a typo
  • Arcade: Fixed Little Birde Feeders LED attract animations not ending properly during gameplay
  • Arcade: Fixed Lonely Gun ammo issues (ammo was being reset every round, which broke Total Efficiency achievement)
  • Arcade: Fixed Lonely Gun weapon animations not playing
  • Arcade: Fixed some machines taking double tokens
  • Arcade: Improved Little Birde Feeders ball return system by disabling ball physics - fixing issues where the balls would fall out of the return slot
  • Arcade: Meteoroid Mania fixed meteoroid being flamed up when not dropped
  • Arcade: Possible Whack-a-mole game not starting fix
  • Arcade: Salmon Says leaderboard now uploads the number of repeats the player reached, instead of their ticket earn amount
  • Arcade: Whirl-a-Fish now ends sooner, when all the balls available have been scored
  • Ball Race: Fixed “Your best” HUD element not removing after you disable the scoreboard HUD feature
  • Ball Race: Fixed additional net desync issues
  • Ball Race: Fixed Ball Race new best UI element displaying the time as Accelerate time style
  • Ball Race: Fixed mega melon pickups being reset to single melons when the level gets started/reset, fixing issues with melon achievements not awarding the proper values upon melon pickup
  • Ball Race: Fixed Prism missing its platforms
  • Ball Race: Fixed pumpkin clock wearable items colliding with camera
  • Ball Race: Fixed the ending of Khromidro course 5 being needlessly frustrating and difficult
  • Ball Race: Fixed weird lighting in Khromidro
  • Billiards: Fixed a bug where the cue would hit if you have chat open or pause menu
  • Billiards: Fixed an exploit
  • Billiards: Fixed an exploit
  • Billiards: Fixed balls sometimes going off the table
  • Billiards: Fixed balls sometimes not pocketing properly
  • Billiards: Fixed first ball pocketed not giving you points
  • Billiards: Fixed issues where billiards would end immediately in singleplayer mode
  • Billiards: Sometimes the wrong person is awarded the win
  • Bowling memory leak fix
  • Bowling: Adjusting spin no longer increases faster if you have a higher framerate
  • Bowling: Recoded Bowling player animation system to resolve issues with workshop models being respawned, player colors not being set properly, and player hats floating on the lanes or in the seats, and various other major bugs. Recode also fixes name tags and stutters when a player goes to roll
  • Canvas statue image is upside down
  • Chat crash fix
  • Chat doesn’t work after server travel
  • Cleaned up pause menu inventory a bit (still needs more work). Fixed tags not all loading properly. Fixed large inventory causing massive lag. Fixed search bar not having a clear button like other search bars in the game
  • Condo - House: Improved collisions and resolved some bad collisions
  • Condo - Underwater: Fixed being buoyant after using the airlocks, now you’ll be put in the proper swimming state
  • Condo - Underwater: Fixed underwater states occurring at the wrong times
  • Condo Items: Fixed ceiling fan item missing a connector to one of the fan blades
  • Condo Items: Fixed piano top keys not highlighting properly
  • Condo Items: Fixed Ram plushy not spawning properly
  • Condo Items: Fixed ship wheel not be spinnable
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Fixed clicking on other condos while downloading a condo causing the download bar/install UI buttons staying inactive
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Fixed tag filtering not initiating a search
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Fixed tags overflowing in the UI
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Fixed tool tip on condos not removing after you click on a condo for more info
  • Condo Workshop Browser: Resolved issues where the browser would time out during searches
  • Condo Workshop: Fixed a bug with special characters and saving a condo for upload
  • Condo Workshops: Fixed being able to rehost a condo workshop as a different condo map through the pause menu
  • Condo Workshops: Fixed intro description text going past the background container
  • Condo: Fixed an issue where if you have the gizmo scale lock set on an item, then click on another item it would lock that second item’s scale. Now by default, the lock scale feature is disabled when you click on an item
  • Condo: Fixed canvas scaling not saving properly
  • Condo: Fixed canvas surfaces not saving
  • Condo: Fixed locked items highlighting
  • Condo: Fixed missing screen space reflections in the outside areas
  • Condo: Fixed not being able to interact with tool settings HUDs
  • Condo: Fixed placing down items not saving properly when you first spawn an item
  • Condo: Fixed skylight issues
  • Condo: Fixed some input issues with sliders
  • Condo: Fixed spinning light items not always spinning
  • Condo: Fixed the active item slot index not being copied by the copycat tool
  • Condo: Fixed tool weapons being usable even if you aren’t the condo owner
  • Condo: Fixed tree colors not networking to other players
  • Condo: Fixed undoing changing the item alignment slot on an item not working
  • Condo: Fixed weather settings not applying in certain condos (default condo, house, highrise, suite)
  • Condo: While editing items the inventory will now hide, fixing a bug where the inventory could pop up while editing items
  • Crash fix for accessing banned user list while in a condo
  • Crash fix: Canvas crash
  • Crash fix: Crash on exit
  • Crash fix: Fixed Turret milestone causing crashes
  • Crash fix: Misc crash
  • Crash fix: Rich presence crash
  • Crash fix: When viewing player workshop model information from scoreboard
  • Crash fix: Workshop character
  • Crash fix: Workshop crash
  • Crash fix: Workshop crash #2
  • Crash fix: Workshop crash #3
  • Crash fix: Workshop crash #4
  • Default canvas mesh is no longer off-center
  • Emission: Made various changes across the map to -try- and fix some inconsistencies when putting
  • Finished Arcade milestone icons
  • Fix for workshop model downloads being halted for static mesh workshop models
  • Fixed “Cold Killer” achievement not incrementing
  • Fixed “killed player” UI element in Chainsaw Battle not displaying the player who was killed
  • Fixed “waiting for players” UI colors being grey
  • Fixed 2020 Glasses, Christmas Bowtie, and Reindeer Antlers not being correctly positioned on Minigolf balls
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from clicking on the fishing result UI
  • Fixed a bug where if you drag an item into the world (without placing it down) and back into the inventory to stash it, it would still place down the item (now it doesn’t place down the item)
  • Fixed a bug where items that are locked could still be dragged under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where opening the collection book in the pause menu would end the tab you are currently on until you switch back to that tab again
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players could enter the Laser Tag arena even if they aren’t playing Laser Tag
  • Fixed a bug with Bowling and vehicles
  • Fixed a bunch of light items that did not have their default parameters reflected in the light components, including candles and chandeliers
  • Fixed a camping spot in Desertion
  • Fixed a camping spot in Knightsend
  • Fixed a console message from popping up that said, “EVENT: HANDLED IN THE HANDLER”
  • Fixed a controller input bug where the bottom face button (A button) would move the player forward
  • Fixed a crash related to workshop thumbnails
  • Fixed a crash with canvas downloading
  • Fixed a crash with condos where visitors joining a condo would crash constantly due to a canvas bug
  • Fixed a few item icons on Steam
  • Fixed a serious hole where players could get stuck in sunrise isles track 1. Specifically, the middle of the fork where the path splits into two bridges.
  • Fixed a server crash
  • Fixed a spelling mistake in Trainyard’s description
  • Fixed a typo with Holdable Beer item
  • Fixed achievements that rely on friend look ups: It’s a Party, Get Together, Movie Night
  • Fixed achievements that rely on visiting other Condos
  • Fixed additional incorrect hat offsets
  • Fixed additional underwater condo water issues
  • Fixed Alpaca Plush awarding the wrong plush in Pluck-a-Pal
  • Fixed an exploit
  • Fixed an exploit in Ball Race
  • Fixed an exploit in Little Crusaders
  • Fixed an exploit with Laser Tag
  • Fixed an issue where chat would remain open when entering a piano (with high ping)
  • Fixed an issue where if you right click to view yourself then enter first person, your movement can be reversed
  • Fixed an issue where the flying dragon pet would roar while using a piano
  • Fixed an issue with achievements and unit payouts
  • Fixed an issue with seats and arcade games
  • Fixed an issue with slot machines being stuck
  • Fixed an issue with the hot bar category filters not updating, preventing new items from showing up (unless you switched categories back and forth)
  • Fixed audio driver issue for AMD users hopefully resolving long standing issue where voice chat being on would cause stutters/audio failures
  • Fixed awful lag when viewing Condo server listings
  • Fixed Ball Race melon reset code removing gold melons
  • Fixed beach lounger collision
  • Fixed being unable to bind mouse input buttons such as right click when pressing the rebind feature
  • Fixed being unable to bind mouse inputs to certain inputs such as move forward, etc.
  • Fixed being unable to bind mouse wheel inputs
  • Fixed Big Bucks achievement
  • Fixed blood/vomit decals not showing up due to a bad setting parameter
  • Fixed bowling customize NPC not having dialogue due to engine migration
  • Fixed bug report going to the wrong URL
  • Fixed bug with Disco Duck item where it plays the music (even if it’s turned off) everytime you load up your Condo
  • Fixed bumper cars exterior having the wrong collision
  • Fixed Bushes not coloring properly
  • Fixed button highlight effects not always unhighling in most UI
  • Fixed button item replication issues
  • Fixed Candy Cane weapon having a shadow even when not equipped
  • Fixed canvas pyramid collision
  • Fixed Canvas Sphere collision not stretching properly again
  • Fixed canvas surface colors not saving properly
  • Fixed canvas surface crash
  • Fixed canvas surface editor icons not loading
  • Fixed Canvas surface scales being extremely small for clients
  • Fixed canvas surface tiling not saving properly
  • Fixed Canvas Wall not having drag slots
  • Fixed certain sounds from the Wowozela not adhering to volume settings
  • Fixed chat being blurred while playing Poker
  • Fixed christmas lights being shifted off of the fishing pier
  • Fixed christmas tree item model being incorrect
  • Fixed chrome trashcan not having proper collision
  • Fixed Cigar and Red Nose wearables being too large in Minigolf
  • Fixed clients not being able to set canvas data on condo surfaces, even if they have permission
  • Fixed collection book leaderboard avatars not always loading in
  • Fixed Collection Book not restoring the scroll bar position (now you can toggle it off and on without losing where you were)
  • Fixed Collection Book pixelation on EXP and progress percentages UI elements
  • Fixed Collection Book showing multiple percentages on the left page
  • Fixed computer item not being colorable properly
  • Fixed condo maps you own sometimes not being able to be selected in the condo menu
  • Fixed condo permission for allowing edibles not working properly
  • Fixed condo permission for allowing laser pointer not working properly
  • Fixed condo permission for allowing potions not working properly
  • Fixed Condo shower door glass missing its material
  • Fixed content menu causing hitching when loading data for it
  • Fixed copy cat tool copying scale of 0 when copying from surfaces to items
  • Fixed crash in menu
  • Fixed crash in menu
  • Fixed crash related to loading workshop items in the workshop editor
  • Fixed day night override resetting upon death in minigames like Snowball Battle
  • Fixed default canvas items not always shifting to correct for item origin change
  • Fixed disco balls resetting their light function materials upon condo reload
  • Fixed Dizzy leaderboard
  • Fixed dizzy not landing on the same spot for spectators as the player who is playing
  • Fixed dolphin jumping out of water being really laggy
  • Fixed door in Theater condo
  • Fixed door items not scaling properly
  • Fixed dropdown scroll bar lists scrolling down lists behind it
  • Fixed easter egg event eggs not spawning if you are in the arcade when the event begins
  • Fixed emote camera offsets not colliding with the floors, which allowed the camera to clip through the ground
  • Fixed event teleporters not networking properly sometimes and causing desyncs which would cause players to fall into them and be teleported to the minigame area
  • Fixed first person legs not appearing (even if setting was on)
  • Fixed fish getting stuck moving at the bottom or top of aquariums
  • Fixed fish moving up and down in the Condo pool
  • Fixed fish sticking their noses out of aquariums
  • Fixed Flamethrower flame effects only displaying on the host of a Condo, now it only shows for the user of the flame thrower
  • Fixed flashlight being offset in third person
  • Fixed flashlight rotating while viewing yourself
  • Fixed floating chat messages from the past showing up when you view another player after being far away from them or in a place that hides chat messages like the theater
  • Fixed footstep sounds not working in first person (which also fixes long walk achievement)
  • Fixed Forest leaderboard not loading its icon in the collection book
  • Fixed fruit launcher weapon icon not being really useful to what the item is
  • Fixed Game Port hosting issues with Zombie Massacre and Ball Race
  • Fixed game world menu for 4:3 resolution. Now when it’s in that aspect mode, it’ll automatically hide the server list on the right and add a find server button so everything can fit
  • Fixed glass frame items having its X/Y scale erroneously swapped
  • Fixed globe item rotating off its axis
  • Fixed golf ball milestone placement issues
  • Fixed grammar and wording in Game World menu descriptions
  • Fixed group UI popping up under the scoreboard (and duplicating)
  • Fixed halloween ambience music not adhering to Plaza Music Volume setting
  • Fixed honeycomb shelf not having its colors be editable
  • Fixed hot bar item inventory not displaying every item if you have a lot of items
  • Fixed Ice Cave bonus score not being included in highscore leaderboard submission
  • Fixed Ice Cave hit registration issues when throwing multiple balls
  • Fixed ice movement issues for clients in Condos
  • Fixed Ice Rink not doing ice effects
  • Fixed incorrect warning text when prompted to leave a minigame
  • Fixed instruments being able to be used while someone else is already in it
  • Fixed inventory hot bar not clearing out holdable items (such as beer and hot dogs) after using them
  • Fixed inventory hot bar not updating after making a purchase
  • Fixed inventory not showing up while in Plaza
  • Fixed inventory titles breaking mouse hover events
  • Fixed inventory tooltip sometimes disappearing
  • Fixed Island achievements
  • Fixed issue where you’d have to double click to host a game server
  • Fixed issues with Cat Protector achievement
  • Fixed issues with purchases failing often in the Ghoulcery store
  • Fixed issues with Turret milestone
  • Fixed item drag slot index not being remembered when dragging an item and then placing a new identical one
  • Fixed item rotation resetting when dragging already placed items
  • Fixed item snapping slots stretching on stretched items
  • Fixed jellybean cat plushy colorable being broken
  • Fixed jetpack/wing items showing up in “Other” hotbar category
  • Fixed key prompt on Electronic Keyboard
  • Fixed key UI prompts visually colliding with chat. Now when chat is opened, all key prompts are hidden
  • Fixed keyboard focus being lost when performing a search or clearing the search. Now when you search it’ll keep the keyboard focused on the search so you can quickly make changes to your last search. This is for all search bars in the game (inventory, workshop, stores, etc.)
  • Fixed kick/ban prompts in condo drawing under the player profile UI
  • Fixed Kingdom Mastered achievement being an incorrect par value
  • Fixed Knight milestone not being able to do taunts
  • Fixed Ladder not showing up in the Stairs inventory category
  • Fixed Ladder top still allowing instant climb even if instant climb is disabled
  • Fixed Ladders not replicating/networking to clients
  • Fixed laser projector beams being flickery and made the beam opacity not affect the projected dots.
  • Fixed Laser Tag player models being invisible
  • Fixed latest news image on the pause menu being completely broken for various reasons
  • Fixed LC dragon plushy colorable materials not working properly
  • Fixed leaderboard listings not displaying player avatars
  • Fixed leaderboard listings showing a loading icon that does nothing
  • Fixed leaderboard UI showing invalid score if you have no score yet logged
  • Fixed leaderboards showing Steam IDs instead of player names
  • Fixed leaving Songbirds or Toy Stop leading to a soft lock
  • Fixed location on HUD displaying after ragdolling/dying
  • Fixed Lonely Gun “nice shot” sound not adhering to SFX volume settings
  • Fixed long server and map titles overlapping on the server browser elements
  • Fixed media player vote skip not working properly
  • Fixed memory leak issue related to media volume slider on the bottom left of the HUD, and thus the media volume slider is now back
  • Fixed menu appearance cameras being offset
  • Fixed Midway Mania achievement description being the wrong value
  • Fixed minigame event teleporters not showing the correct name of the active event
  • Fixed minigame HUD not removing sometimes
  • Fixed minigame kills not counting correctly in the achievements for all minigames that have those
  • Fixed minigame weapon traces being blockable by players (now the weapon traces go right through players)
  • Fixed Minigolf - Island not having an “introduced in” label
  • Fixed Minigolf - Island: Hole 14 having a weird OOB collision issue
  • Fixed morph items (including dolphin) being wrongly scaled by potions, causing issues with their movement
  • Fixed mouse scrolling in media queue sometimes not working
  • Fixed Movie Theater Seat item being off center
  • Fixed moving objects being desynced in Minigolf and Ball Race
  • Fixed name tags not showing up with Q held when “Always Display Name Tags” is disabled
  • Fixed name tags not showing when you hold Q, if you have “always show name tags” disabled
  • Fixed new christmas particles being a bit too small
  • Fixed new Halloween items not showing in Halloween category in Celebrations
  • Fixed news UI hot fix buttons clipping
  • Fixed nightclub post-process volume being disabled
  • Fixed not being able to drag and drop fish into aquariums due to changes to inventory in previous update
  • Fixed not being able to edit the surface of the Condo shower tiles
  • Fixed not being able to join minigames with the notification prompt
  • Fixed not being able to sell items while in Lobby (due to a Co-op Condo permission bug)
  • Fixed opening Condo from pause menu going to the default Condo always
  • Fixed pause menu not always closing with the escape key after clicking on the menu items. Now it’ll always close with escape if it’s open
  • Fixed pets being visible in first person
  • Fixed pets showing up in first person
  • Fixed Pine Valley Track 2 leaderboards in collection book still showing as “coming soon”
  • Fixed player action UI (the C menu) always recreating itself, which would cause bandwidth usage as it reloaded the workshop information each key press
  • Fixed player fade setting not disabling fade feature properly
  • Fixed player horizontal head rotations not occurring while the player is in a seat. Now you can see full player head movement while players are in seats!
  • Fixed player rotation issues in Plaza
  • Fixed players being small scales in minigames and Laser Tag
  • Fixed Plaza 2D map location banners being blurred
  • Fixed Plaza 2D map player avatar scales
  • Fixed Plaza maps in the transit station not being interactable
  • Fixed Plaza scoreboard not sorting players by their name
  • Fixed Pluck-a-pal being empty sometimes
  • Fixed Pluck-a-pal leaderboard
  • Fixed pluck-a-pal plushy stat displaying internal name on collection book
  • Fixed plushy items not all being colorable
  • Fixed poker HUD drawing under name tags
  • Fixed poker HUD not showing your current unit amount
  • Fixed pool tube animations breaking when equipping weapons
  • Fixed pool tubes not keeping you buoyant as they should
  • Fixed Projector not rendering media unless the projector item was in view
  • Fixed propeller hat icons being switched
  • Fixed quests not auto saving progress (prevents loss of quest progress if you crash or disconnect improperly)
  • Fixed ragdoll being invisible if you die while in first person
  • Fixed ram plush issues
  • Fixed Rambo achievement
  • Fixed RC car turning being different due to physics changes
  • Fixed RC dragon animation speeds being too slow, causing it to look like its sliding all over the place.
  • Fixed RC dragon bug when roaring and leaving the RC dragon, causing a soft lock.
  • Fixed ready up not working for game pads
  • Fixed rocket jumping not applying the force when you jump first then fire
  • Fixed Salmon Says kicking you off wrongly
  • Fixed scope weapons having a weird fade box issue
  • Fixed scoreboard and pause menu for game pads
  • Fixed several issues with geometry in default Condo map (mainly roof)
  • Fixed several issues with Undo/Redo
  • Fixed shadows not showing up on billiards balls in certain areas (nightclub) and under certain settings
  • Fixed shamrock Glasses being offset in Minigolf
  • Fixed shift+1 and shift+2 not selecting hot bar items 1 and 2
  • Fixed Skull Mask, Fishbowl Hat, and Umbrella Hat offsets
  • Fixed smooth rotation not always occurring on local client
  • Fixed Soda Machine item not networking to other players properly
  • Fixed soft lock when pressing escape while having the chat open
  • Fixed solid collision on doorframe building panels
  • Fixed some big flat fish from getting stuk inside small pools
  • Fixed some checkbox UI not toggling properly when you click on the text label
  • Fixed some issues with swimming
  • Fixed some map select icons displaying blurry
  • Fixed some Plaza weapons doing effects/being usable in weapon not allowed areas
  • Fixed Sonic Shotgun tracer effects being offset (Lobby/Condo only)
  • Fixed spectating camera in Minigolf resetting rotation when switching between players
  • Fixed spectating camera in Plaza and Virus clipping with ragdoll
  • Fixed spectator/ragdoll camera not having underwater support
  • Fixed sprint and use combined input being blocked
  • Fixed stars not displaying in the skyboxes
  • Fixed Stealth Box dequip not removing hidden state
  • Fixed stealth box item not hiding players properly
  • Fixed Stealthbox showing up twice in first person
  • Fixed store music (music store) not stopping when closing the store UI with the escape key
  • Fixed store pedestals not automatically rotating
  • Fixed store UI opening the pause menu when closing it with the escape key
  • Fixed string lights not always reaching their destination
  • Fixed string lights turning lights back on when you edit any property
  • Fixed text hat displaying in first person for yourself
  • Fixed the ambient nightclub sound coming from the nightclub doors in the casino from doubling up
  • Fixed the color editable being maladjusted for the Computer Desk, Small Walnut Table, Room Table, Office Shelf, Short Table, Modern Reception Desk, Wood Glass Table, Victorian Table, waiting room chair, and Wooden Stool
  • Fixed the colors not being properly editable on the Dining Table, Coffee Table, Office Table Short, Office Table, Office Table Long, OfficeShelfWithDoor, Modern Entertainment Cabinet, LongModernCoffeeTable, Large Flourescent Table
  • Fixed the Doorframe Small Wood item not having a colour element for the wall section.
  • Fixed the emergency light beacon item turning into a bright point light upon changing any editable parameter
  • Fixed the extremely dark transitions during sunrise and sunset
  • Fixed the fish drag slot in the Highrise pool not working
  • Fixed the front of the tower in the plaza having a glowing circle of light on it
  • Fixed the garage door in the House condo from disappearing at different angles
  • Fixed the missing hole in hole #3 of Altitude
  • Fixed the moon warping
  • Fixed the neon bar item not resizing its light source length based on the item scale
  • Fixed the odd concentric rings/banding effect in bright lights (especially the sun)
  • Fixed The Stray not having animation
  • Fixed the texture on Wheely Rigged having the incorrect number of tokens
  • Fixed the token amount on Wheely Rigged artwork
  • Fixed the TV Stand item having the wrong wood texture applied to it
  • Fixed Theater (and other media players) not allowing players to queue up videos in Plaza
  • Fixed Theater Seat color not working properly, also added the ability to color the plastic separately from the cushion
  • Fixed theater seat cups floating in the Theater Condo
  • Fixed theater seats being flipped
  • Fixed throwable fuzzy die texture being corrupted
  • Fixed toilet item not flushing
  • Fixed Total Efficiency acheivement
  • Fixed Tower Addiction achievement not unlocking
  • Fixed treasure items spawning in bad places sometimes
  • Fixed Trick or Treat candy spawning underground sometimes
  • Fixed Typing Derby not giving units properly
  • Fixed typo in Arcade milestones
  • Fixed underwater condo being filled with water
  • Fixed undo/redo notifications showing up even if there was nothing to undo/redo
  • Fixed undo/redo notifications showing up if a client pressed CTRL+Z
  • Fixed up Boomerang view model
  • Fixed various hat offsets
  • Fixed various load hard references which should help load times a bit
  • Fixed various sounds not adhering to volume settings
  • Fixed various typos
  • Fixed vehicles scaling with potions
  • Fixed view model offsets for confetti gun, potato gun, and spooky gun
  • Fixed walking animations being too slow
  • Fixed Wearable Units Sign not appearing
  • Fixed weiner dog plush missing collision
  • Fixed workshop animation bug with speed shoes and crouching not ending properly
  • Fixed workshop browser not showing subscribed tab
  • Fixed workshop editor not loading your own uploads
  • Fixed workshop editor player model error “Model null for upload”
  • Fixed workshop models being translucent when they shouldn’t be
  • Fixed workshop player models having weird lighting / shader issues!
  • Fixed workshop tooltip info drawing under the player profile
  • Fixed wreath tube size being too small
  • Fixed zombies getting stuck in Nightyard and in general. AI that cannot path correctly or is stuck will be automatically removed
  • Game states aren’t clearing properly
  • HUD doesn’t clear after travel
  • Improved Bowling physics/netcode
  • Improved collision reliability on throwable weapons in Plaza (mainly the eggs)
  • Improved Minigolf and Ball Race physics
  • Improved visibility of death markers in ZM and Plaza minigames
  • Improved visual alignment of server browser elements and fixed avatar resolutions
  • Improved Whirl-a-Fish, Meteoroid Mania netlag
  • Improved workshop items that use translucency
  • Inventory: Fixed a bug that required double clicking to edit any of the settings when first editing an item
  • Inventory: Fixed a bug when clicking on edit item requiring two clicks to click on edit settings due to focus issue
  • Inventory: Fixed advance edit mode right click camera not working while gizmos or editing items are active
  • Inventory: Fixed being able to accidentally sit in seats while in advanced build mode
  • Inventory: Fixed canvas URL stretching with long URLs on surface edit
  • Inventory: Fixed hovering over advanced edit button causing the inventory to slide open
  • Inventory: Fixed issues with canvas input slider setting the wrong values when you manually enter a number
  • Inventory: Fixed media player queue opening up & staying up forever while in advanced editor mode
  • Inventory: Fixed not being able to press C again to close tool weapon settings that were just enabled with C
  • Inventory: Fixed tool settings (when you use C) stopping your movement
  • Knightsend-by-sea: Fixed some dragon camping spots
  • Laser Tag: Fixed an exploit
  • Laser Tag: Fixed player colors disappearing after being tagged out
  • Little Crusaders - Knightsend-by-sea: Fixed several camping spots for dragon
  • Little Crusaders - Knightsend-by-sea: Fixed some annoying collisions
  • Little Crusaders - Knightsend-by-sea: Fixed some camping spots
  • Little Crusaders - Knightsend-by-sea: Fixed some visual holes in the map
  • Little Crusaders - Market: Fixed some annoying collisions
  • Little Crusaders - Market: Fixed some camping spots
  • Little Crusaders - Market: Fixed some visual bugs
  • Little Crusaders - Throne Room: Fixed an annoying collision spot
  • Little Crusaders - Throne Room: Fixed some camping spots
  • Little Crusaders - Toy Room: Fixed some lighting issues
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed an exploit
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed bird not showing up when picked up
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed dragon head rotation being desynced
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed Knight taunt camera not adhering to mouse invert settings
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed taunting not letting you rotate the camera during the taunt
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed the host not being able to press the dragon’s button sometimes
  • Little Crusaders: It can get into a state where dragon doesn’t exist for the first round
  • Little Crusaders: While the names work on the scoreboard, it shows people as dead
  • Lonely Gun exploit fix
  • Made lots of little spacing adjustments for 4:3 resolutions
  • Many network optimizations - improved network stability across the board
  • Market: Fixed some annoying collisions resulting in players getting stuck on certain geometry
  • Market: Fixed various dragon camping spots
  • Menu: Fixed back button being always active/hovered state after returning back to main menu
  • Meteoroid Mania: Fixed bug where the ball would not drop if the droppers were opened after the ball is rotating around
  • Migrated patch notes to new host
  • Migrated server listing to new host
  • Minigolf - Alpine: Balls should no longer be incorrectly marked as out of bounds when hitting a side wall on course 4
  • Minigolf - Altitude: (Hopefully) Fixed weird issue where you went out of bounds near the end of Hole 18
  • Minigolf - Altitude: Fixed issue where you’d fail to get into the hole on Hole 1
  • Minigolf - Cove: Balls will no longer get stuck on the triangles at the beginning of hole 17
  • Minigolf - Cove: Balls, if landed on the large white dividers at the beginning of hole 13, should no longer get stuck.
  • Minigolf - Forest: Balls should no longet be incorrectly marked as a water hazard despite being on the course in hole 5
  • Minigolf - Forest: Balls will no longer get stuck on the piece that moves back and forth on hole 18
  • Minigolf - Forest: Balls will no longer get stuck when next to the spinning circle part of hole 18
  • Minigolf - Forest: Fixed balls getting stuck on the edge of holes
  • Minigolf - Island: Fixed Island Completed achievement not registering
  • Minigolf - Kingdom: Fixed a collision issue that would sometimes cause players to fall out of the map
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Hole 11 curved section after the first cannon is now done with splines, which fixes major issues with the hole
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Hole 13 HIO is more reliable
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Hole 2 rocks now have collision
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Hole 8 cannon now has collision
  • Minigolf: Clients crash when traveling
  • Minigolf: Fixed network desync issues with tubes (no longer do clients sit in the tubes for 5 seconds)
  • Minigolf: Fixed players who late join a game during customization not able to see customization menu or the overview camera
  • Minigolf: Fixed spectating camera in Minigolf not clipping with the world
  • Minigolf: Game doesn’t end after all players are finished
  • Minigolf: Reduced delays in network related events which improve delays when hitting the ball and pocketing the ball
  • More LODs for furniture items
  • Moving platforms/object fix for Ball Race and Minigolf
  • Mystic Grove: Better night vision for Dragon
  • Mystic Grove: Fixed the sword sometimes not restoring
  • New Crash Handler
  • Nightclub: Doubled stream buffer size to help with visualizer not loading songs or stopping halfway for some users
  • Nightclub: Fixed missing collision
  • Nightclub: Fixed missing collision on entrance stairwell ceiling
  • Nightclub: Fixed some Soundcloud songs not having any audio due to a privacy setting set by the artist
  • Nightclub: Fixed the nightclub media player sometimes not starting, specifically when you teleport to it using the in-game map fast travel
  • Optimized nearly every particle system in the game
  • Optimized networking of Plaza games
  • Optimized Planetary Piano networking, which should help with players disconnecting due to packet overflows
  • Optimized wearable display logic
  • Other misc workshop crash fixes
  • Overtime: Fixed an invalid spawn point
  • Overtime: Fixed some collision issues
  • Pine Valley - Track 2: Fixed gap between boxes in tunnels
  • Pine Valley - Track 2: Fixed start line screen
  • Pine Valley - Track 2: Fixed the ramp out of the waterfall section not giving enough boost
  • Pine Valley - Track 2: Fixed tunnel railing collision
  • Player list on scoreboard no longer replicate (only shows yourself)
  • Player models need to be reinitialized (workshop models don’t set again)
  • Player names no longer replicate after travel (works in chat though?)
  • Plaza optimizations
  • Plaza optimizations and misc collision fixes
  • Plaza: Added collision to an archway at the entrance of the gameports building that did not have collision
  • Plaza: Added path lights to the jungle-side of the plaza island, and added night lights to the lazy river
  • Plaza: Fixed a bug that caused a visual square appearance underneath the ocean
  • Plaza: Fixed a bug that caused the fog to not render over the ocean
  • Plaza: Fixed a section of path floating
  • Plaza: Fixed an issue in the plaza that caused the skylight to not properly toggle.
  • Plaza: Fixed condo NPC not letting you select which condo you’d like to host
  • Plaza: Fixed greenhouse lacking collisions
  • Plaza: Fixed interior atmospheric fog enabling when streaming from one interior to another interior
  • Plaza: Fixed Lighthouse lamp not always being on at night
  • Plaza: Fixed rocks going into the train station
  • Plaza: Fixed several instances of grass clipping through objects
  • Plaza: Fixed some bad LODs in the tower lobby
  • Plaza: Fixed some flags on game world ports building being the wrong size or mirrored
  • Plaza: Fixed some instances of grass being black or otherwise miscolored
  • Plaza: Fixed some instances of grass being black or otherwise miscolored
  • Plaza: Fixed some wall ivy leaves from using the old texture
  • Plaza: Fixed some windows on the tower rooftop from having no collision
  • Plaza: Fixed the archways at the back of the tower rooftop from having no collision
  • Plaza: Fixed the skylights in one side of the condo lobby from incorrectly not covering up the ceiling holes completely
  • Plaza: Fixed the trees on the upper level of the stores area glowing blue at night
  • Plaza: Fixed theater now playing thumbnail not updating
  • Plaza: Fixed theater ticker material being missing
  • Plaza: Fixed theater ticker not updating
  • Plaza: Optimized animal life (dolphins, whales, birds, etc.)
  • Plaza: Optimized event teleporters
  • Plaza: Optimized expensive character ticks and player rotations
  • Plaza: Optimized exterior Plaza signage (bowling ball that rotates)
  • Plaza: Optimized ferris wheel
  • Plaza: Optimized firework particles
  • Plaza: Optimized flashlights
  • Plaza: Optimized game screens
  • Plaza: Optimized many particle effects
  • Plaza: Optimized moving meshes such as the fishing store wheel and boats
  • Plaza: Optimized plaza fountains
  • Plaza: Optimized seats
  • Plaza: Optimized slot machines
  • Plaza: Optimized store NPCs
  • Plaza: Optimized theater media player
  • Plaza: Optimized toy store pet/planes
  • Plaza: Optimized various UI elements for Plaza
  • Plaza: Optimized weapons
  • Plaza: Optimized wearables
  • Plaza: Removed a hole in the terrain underneath the boardwalk
  • Plaza: The gameport building’s planetary rings no longer have collision
  • Plaza: Updated Accelerate’s mural in the Game World Ports
  • Pluck-a-pal: Crane grabbing is more reliable
  • Pluck-a-pal: Fixed an exploit
  • Pluck-a-pal: Fixed an issue where sometimes a plushy farther away from the center of the crane would be grabbed, swapping with a plushy that is right at the center of the crane
  • Pluck-a-pal: Fixed Friendship achievement
  • Pluck-a-pal: Fixed VIP achievement
  • Pluck-a-pal: Made it a little more difficult to grab plushies, you need to be lined up a lot more now
  • Pluck-a-pal: Stabilized physics of pals just a bit
  • Possible Crash fix for canvas cache crash
  • Possible Crash fix for canvas loading crash
  • Possible Crash fix for workshop icon crash
  • Possible Crash fix for Workshop manager crash
  • Possible Crash fix for workshop material crash
  • Potential crash fix for Workshop NPCs
  • Reduced instances of grass clipping into the lazy river in Plaza
  • Reduced toy train sound volume
  • Reduced Workshop load-in hitches for player models (items being worked on)
  • Refactored workshop player model loading to prevent crashes
  • Regression fix: Fixed canvas surface data not saving properly when set
  • Resolve issue with player states not being initialized properly when server traveling
  • Resolved issues relating to game timers being desynced
  • Resolved more workshop crashes
  • Resort: Fixed aquarium not being backlit
  • Resort: Fixed fish getting out of the aquarium
  • Resort: Fixed lack of rain/wind sounds
  • Resort: Fixed water shader
  • Sectional couches no longer have their X/Y scales mixed up
  • Several crash fixes for Workshop
  • Sky settings get overriden (sunset occurs in Midori after traveling from a different map)
  • Spectating camera now has smooth movement when zooming in
  • Throne Room fixes
  • Throne Room: Fixed some Z Fighting issues
  • Trivia: Fixed the trivia buttons not being properly clickable
  • Various crash fixes for workshop
  • Virus Muzzle Flashes: Improved the muzzle flashes on all weapons, and the color of the muzzle flashes now matches the weapon’s projectile type.
  • Virus Projectile End Effects: The effects of projectiles and beams hitting walls has been vastly improved in visual quality.
  • Virus Weapon Tracers: Fixed the weapon tracer effects so they will no longer clip through the player’s view, and have softer and more subtle beginnings and ends.
  • Virus: Fixed a bug with the weapon system that caused the weapon traces to fail in certain cases
  • Virus: Fixed Crossbow tracer effects not showing up
  • Virus: Fixed hit effects/damage notes not showing up if you headshot virus
  • Virus: Fixed host being able to walk around during waiting for players
  • Virus: Fixed infected being able to kill survivors before they have ignited (also fixes the white box in the kill feed)
  • Virus: Fixed infected health bar drawing through world and being really offset
  • Virus: Fixed infected model not always being set on infected players
  • Virus: Fixed late joining issues
  • Virus: Fixed Plasma Autorifle not playing its fire sound on first fire
  • Virus: Fixed player emote/mic icon being offset
  • Virus: Fixed players becoming infected if they late join during pre-round state
  • Virus: Fixed reloading animations still playing after reloading, switching to a weapon, and back again to the weapon that was just reloaded
  • Virus: Fixed subway lighting being broken
  • Virus: Fixed TNT being able to kill survivors in some cases
  • Virus: Fixed TNT respawning infected as survivor under a certain circumstance
  • Virus: Fixed waiting for players camera showing other players
  • Virus: Fixed weapon slots not always filling up for players who late join
  • Virus: Fixed weapons not always being given to players who late join
  • Virus: Smoothed view bob tilting
  • Virus: Sometimes players don’t spawn
  • Virus: You can now see when other players are charging the Plasma Auto Rifle
  • Waiting for players list doesn’t show sometimes
  • Waiting for players list doesn’t update properly
  • We are still working on resolving more workshop player model crashes
  • Wearables: Fixed Death Cloak and Police Hat offsets
  • Wearables: Fixed scorelight placement on skeleton
  • When you view yourself, the camera now remembers where it was before and interps back to that position instead of rotating the player into a new rotation after finishing viewself
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed metadata and item list scroll bars causing the editor camera to zoom out on mouse wheel
  • Workshop Editor: Resolved player models not loading in the editor properly
  • Workshop Editor: Resolved static models not loading in the editor
  • Workshop Editor: Resolved uploaded player models not being downloadable and previewable
  • Workshop memory now clears when you clear workshop cache, resolving a bug that causes workshop models to be extremely large after clearing workshop cache
  • Workshop NPC crash fix
  • Workshop thumbnail crash fixes
  • Workshop: Resolved issues with static workshop models not loading properly in condos
  • Zombie Massacre - Village: Fixed boss getting stuck on the car
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed “I’ve Covered Wars” achievement not incrementing for players who aren’t the host
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed boss disappearing or ragdolling during boss battle (shipped in build PAK: 5093898, non PAK: 5094374)
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed camera falling through floor after being killed if you are a zombie player
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed collision issues in Gasoline
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed ghosts not awarding points
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed Gold Melon item being really bright
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed melee range indicator sometimes not displaying
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed spawn effect sticking around
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed spider boss acid not always following the spider properly, leading to the acid not spawning in correct places, making the acid not really a challenge. Now it’s a challenge
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed spider boss acid stacking vertically
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed Tesla Zap and Transplant particles glowing really bright in Compound
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed weapons on back not attaching to players’ backs properly
  • Zombie Massacre: Fixed zombies falling through floors in Village
  • Zombie Massacre: When boss starts, some players don’t get spawned in the boss arena

That concludes our Year in Review for 2020.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and looking back on all that was done for Tower Unite over the course of 2020. Again, thank you all so much for your support, and we wish you all a happy and safe 2021!

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Thanks for all the great work!

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Awesome devs! :heart:



I just realize, In the co-op condo video, one of the players used the same appearance as I do in game and on my profile pic, I feel dumb.

Excellent work!

Keep up the great work!

Fantastic year! Great work :slight_smile: Excited for 2021 in Tower Unite

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Really great work! Excited to see what are you planning for 2021!

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Holy moly, it’s hard to imagine a whole year flew by like that. Tower Unite really helped during this year, and it was fun. Let’s see what 2021 holds :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the best games on Steam


I’m stuggeling with, if I should congratulate the devs or us players.

You guys are doing amazing work, thanks PT!

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PTG stay winning


I just wanted to leave a thank you for the year of updates (especially during COVID). Tower Unite has really filled the social void. I appreciate everything you and the team have done with the game.

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