Old Tower Unite Frequently Asked Questions (during Indiegogo)


Prior to and during the release of GMod Tower’s Lobby 2, we’ve been quietly slaving away at the standalone version of GMod Tower.

Why Standalone?

We want to expand past the boundaries of Source and Garry’s Mod. We want to provide a game that completely stands upon itself and allow us to directly access our community.

During development of Lobby 2, we quickly realized that the Source engine was limiting our vision for Tower. We actively investigated other engines and decided that we should launch our dream game - a stand alone GMod Tower. Tower Unite is exactly that game.

Built in Unreal Engine 4, Tower Unite will feature all of the same things you loved in GMod Tower but re-imagined and refined.

We’ve decided on the Unreal Engine 4 because it gives us the flexibility and the network stability that we need to deliver a solid standalone Tower experience. We love Source, but we need something more and something we can modify extensively. Unreal Engine 4 provides us with what we need.

We’re going to rebuild Tower from the ground up in a next-gen engine!

How will Tower improve when going standalone?

By going to a standalone game we can:

  • Fix condos not always saving properly
  • Solve networking issues (such as lag)
  • Let players and the community host servers all around the world
  • End excessive server connection failures
  • Improve and personally handle content distribution
  • Fix internal engine bugs
  • Exceed past graphical constraints
  • And add many, many, more features.

Tower Unite will let us make the GMod Tower experience that you love so much.

Are you just porting GMod Tower?

Absolutely not. We will expand on what made GMod Tower great. The new engine will allow us to develop a larger universe with many more activities and fun!

We’ll be recreating the current gamemodes as Game Worlds with new artwork, levels, and refined gameplay.

Tower Unite will also have:

  • More games!
  • Steam Inventory support
  • Extended condo customization
  • Controller support
  • VR support! (Sit down only, no room VR yet)
  • Ability to host your own Tower servers
  • Full mod support through Steam Workshop
  • Steamworks integration
  • Extensive player model customization including clothing, facial features, and more
  • Persistent saving
  • Custom animations!
  • MIDI support for instruments
  • Better graphics
  • Lots and lots of new items
  • Return of original GMTower items with incredible improvements
  • And much, much more!

What does this mean for GMod Tower?

We’ll continue to run GMod Tower until April 8th 2016.

As Tower Unite will be our main focus, we will no longer be adding any additional features to GMod Tower. We will still provide bug fixes and keep the servers running.

We know you love GMTower, we love it just as much! That’s why we’re going to keep the servers up until Tower Unite is released.

Our community comes first. We’re going to make sure the transition is seamless. Trust us, you’ll love the new Tower.

Once Tower Unite is released, we plan to host an enormous party in GMTower celebrating the new Tower.

Can I still donate to support GMod Tower?

Not anymore, sorry.

I donated to GMod Tower in the past. What will happen?

First off, you’re awesome. Thank you so much for keeping us thriving.

Because you donated, we have your account information recorded. When Tower Unite is complete you will be given a 10% off discount coupon towards Tower Unite Please read: Attention GMT Donors - POLL CLOSING APRIL 4TH, 2016, and 5 exclusive in-game items.

These are special rewards given just to those who donated before the start of the crowd-funding campaign. These rewards are never going to be available to backers or anyone else in the future.

We’ll always remember you. You kept us going all this time.

Where will my items and GMC go?

Tower Unite will boast a completely new set of items and a redesigned currency system.

Tower Unite will look up your GMod Tower account and will attempt to transfer your items (into GMC) and GMC.

For donors or players who played GMTower for over 100 hours, you’ll also get starter currency of 5,000 Units (our new virtual currency) to spend instantly when you first play Tower Unite. Units are worth more than GMC.

Worried about leader boards? Don’t. We will keep GMTower.org up and still maintain hosting of leader boards.

What will happen to my condo?

Unfortunately, your GMod Tower condo will be incompatible and you’ll have to redecorate.
Tower Unite’s condos will be vastly different from GMod Tower’s.

That’s because Tower Unite will have:

  • Wallpaper and carpet adjustment
  • Tons of new furniture
  • Advanced customization tools

The things you can create in Tower Unite would be impossible to create in GMod Tower. It’ll be worth it. Trust us. We wouldn’t have made them incompatible for no good reason.

Will Tower Unite have the same player models?

No, but it will have an extensive editor and Steam Workshop support.

We can not use the models from GMod Tower in Tower Unite as most of them
contain content that is subject to copyright infringement.

Don’t fret - Tower Unite will have fully customizable player models that you can use to express yourself in truly unique ways.

We know GMod Tower is crazy because sometimes you can walk in and see a dinosaur and a midget get drunk. We’re not taking that away. Our tools will let you create the character model you want to be.

You’ll be able to customize yourself by:

  • Changing clothing
  • Altering height and weight
  • Adjusting facial features
  • Selecting eye color (and lashes)
  • Altering hair color and style
  • Adjusting skin tone
  • Wearing tons of different accessories like hats, glasses, necklaces, wrist bands, watches, rings, backpacks, belt items, particles.

And that’s just the first set of modifications you can make. We’ll offer standard human male/female models as well as wackier models like a dinosaur, skeleton, and many more to come!

And on top of that we’ll be providing Steam Workshop to let you import whatever you want as well.

How will hosting work?

We will be hosting a couple official servers of our own, but you’ll be able to host Tower Unite servers yourself!

That’s right, host your own Tower server!

There’s two types of servers:

  • Ranked: Saves progress across all Ranked servers and distributes Units (our in-game currency).
  • Unranked: Saves progress on its own server, doesn’t distribute Units, but allows for complete customization of the gameplay.

You’ll also have a slew of moderation tools built in to handle players to enforce your own rules. With your own servers you can even create your own items and accessories, ranked or unranked!

What is the difference between ranked and unranked servers?


  • Steam Inventory support: Yes
  • Player data is stored: On Steam Inventory, available across all Ranked servers
  • VAC: Required
  • Items earned are tagged as: Genuine


  • You can mod it and add custom items
  • Steam Inventory support: No
  • Player data is stored: On unranked server’s file system, not available on other servers
  • VAC: Optional
  • Items earned are tagged as: Non-genuine

Both ranked and unranked will allow players to earn currency.

However, keep in mind this:

Your Condo…

  • can have both ranked and unranked items. Players will know the difference based on the items’ genuine status.
  • is completely separate from ranked and unranked servers and will be part of your Steam account no matter what Lobby you join.

What are the minimum requirements?

OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 10
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 12 GB available space

These aren’t super-strict, we’ve gotten it to run on some older hardware, so your mileage may vary.
Windows XP and Vista is not supported though.

We’re working to add options for some of the more intense features in the game to make it more friendly for older hardware.

We will be adding support for Mac + Linux some time after initial release.

How much will Tower Unite cost?

Just $14.99.
There will be absolutely no micro-transactions, no premium currency, and no subscriptions.
Pay once and never again! Enjoy all that Tower Unite has to offer for just $14.99.

How do I upgrade my perk on Indiegogo?

Since the campaign has ended, it’s too late to upgrade your perk.

Does my alpha progress transfer to the real game?

Because it is an alpha and thus could contain game breaking bugs, your progress will not transfer over.


Just a super quick curiosity question: What programming language is Tower Unite coded in? Just Lua, or another language?

Tower Unite is using the Unreal Engine 4, which allows for Visual Coding
via Unreal Blueprints, or C++. So the answer to your question is C++.

What will be the delay between the closing of gmtower and the release of unite?

There will be a week delay. We will have a celebration in GMod Tower before shutdown.


We will miss GMTower a lot <3


Here’s a question regarding the games inside the game:

Before time, a now-retired dev was working on a NES/SNES simulator in GMOD, that would work with the TV - you would be able to play all sorts of games - and people could join you also!

Would the project be re-made in some way in TU?

I’m pretty sure it will be, because it is simply a neat feature which is not very likely to be missing in Tower Unite, as the devs are obviously aiming for it to be as great (with many features for example) as possible :P.

Will the Indiegogo campaign have different backer rewards than the Kickstarter?

Yes it will. To get an idea of what they will be, check out our new survey.


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im going to miss Tower Unite if this doesnt work… and i havent even played the game! it looks that awesome! but either way i will also miss GMTower alot… when i first got gmod the first game i wanted to play was ttt (then it was GMTower) i wish i was there when the tower first came out

If you have an eight core processor will TU be able to use all the cores?

Depends heavily on what the game requires, although I would highly doubt that. Modern games don’t really ever use more than 4, and even those that do would use 6.

Just because you have the cores, doesn’t mean the game needs/can take advantage of them.

I will say however, based on what I’ve seen with Unreal Engine 4, Tower Unite will run WAY better than GMOD.

Here`s version in Polish:



Updated link:


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Will “Legacy Donors” have access to say, VIP shops or something of the sort?

Donors will get:

  • 10% discount for Tower Unite
  • 5 exsclusive items
  • exsclusive room layout

Well will there be any special in game donor things like shops or something and will Legacy Donors get access to them I know they will have that stuff, but thanks :relaxed:

Nobody knows. Interesting idea. 3 hours left to donate old tower.

Hmmm interesting, and if you are a backer and a Legacy Donor will you get both tags?