"Available: 9 April"


“Available: 9 April
This game will unlock in approximately 1 month, 2 weeks, 3 days and 7 hours”
that’s 1 day after my bday
wish it was cheaper than $12.50 for donors though


$12.50 is pretty cheap.


yeah but i donated $15.00 not $2.50


Well, it’s going to be a standalone now, you can’t expect them to give copies out for free to all donators. They need money :wink:


When Tower Unite comes out, you will get a 10% off coupon on Tower Unite, so it would bring the total you need to pay to $13.50, as explained in the FAQ here.

Also, there are the exclsuive items that you get for being a legacy donor, which is also explained in the FAQ.


Donating is not giving money and expecting something in return. Donating is giving money to something because you want to help it.


oh, so it’s $13.50 not $12.50?


For donors it will be, using the one time 10% off coupon that will be given to you when Tower Unite launches on April 9th. (April 8th in America).

Although, I don’t know whether the coupon will be given to you before launch, at launch or after launch.


Donations were for GMod Tower. Tower Unite is a separate entity. We can’t legally accept GMod Tower donations as sells for Tower Unite. That’s not how tax works. We would be hit hard by the IRS if we decided that those donations from years ago suddenly are retail sales.

On top of that, they were donations, not purchases. The donations were spent for the upkeep of GMod Tower.


[quote=“JamesDaGames, post:8, topic:4512”]
Tower Unite launches on April 9th. (April 8th in America)
[/quote] So is it April 9th for Canada or is it the 8th like America?


Canada is also the 8th, both in the same region.


Easiest way to check for your own region is to simply open the store page. For instance, I can see it’ll be the 9th in the UK.


guess i’ll have to deal with it then


Thx m8