The Indiegogo and Steam Greenlight are LIVE!


The new campaign is LIVE! We’re excited to see how you guys react to the new content, and we hope you support us again this time around!



With your help, we can develop Tower Unite into the definitive GMod Tower successor that everyone can enjoy and feel right at home.

For one last time, we ask for your help in funding Tower Unite. The campaign will be our final chance at getting funding for Tower Unite, so we really need your help. We can’t make a game this large without funding.

We’ll be having new rewards, returning rewards, giveaways, parties and all sorts of fun activities during the 30 day campaign!

If you truly believe in this project and want it to thrive, then we ask for your help. Even a small amount will help us.

We’ll be showing off all the work we’ve been doing on Tower Unite since after the Kickstarter and it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss out on. Want a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on? We’re live streaming when we can.

Excited? So are we.
Got questions? Head over to our frequently answered questions or post on our questions section.

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What an amazing campaign. Way better than the kickstarter. Great job, guys! I have already dontated, although I’d like to give you much more. It’s everything I can do. Good luck with this! You deserve it


Great campaign! Got my donation in and now I’m ready to see it explode. Good luck!


Holy crap! We’re doin’ good!


It has been exactly 1 hour. 5.04K in. AKA 10%.


This is CRAZY good


Sorta disappointing there was no T-Shirt option. Would kill for an official Tower Unite T-Shirt. Also, I think there should be some more live streams, even if it was just someone working on the game and people just silently watch with some music in the background.


Can’t really give much as I don’t have a proper income, but I hope it helps, can’t wait till I can play it.


There needs to be tiers between $90 and $200. I would gladly give up to $100, or even $150 if there were tiers for it. But for now, I am giving $90. GO TOWER UNITE!


I believe you can add a gift donation as well to your original donation before you pay.


I donated $30…and voted on Steam.

I’ll be real sore if this doesn’t work. $30 is a lot for me right now :frowning:


Backed with $10 and voted on Greenlight. Excited for the game and VIP perks!

Hopefully the momentum on the donations keep up; this is going to hit hard if the goal isn’t reached. :disappointed_relieved:


I completed my donation of $30 if thats any help at all and voted for Tower Unite on Steam Greenlight. Now all I gotta do is wait for Tower Unite and my paycheck so I can finally Build my new rig which will replace the old one I’ve had for years.

Motherboard: MSI 970 Gaming
CPU: AMD FX 8350
GPU: Zotac GTX 970
RAM: (2x8gb) 16GB 1333MHz
HDD: 2TB 7200 RPM
SSD: Maybe one of these. Friends say it dominates boot times :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna crush Tower Unite at ultra settings at 60FPS! CANNOT WAIT!


I donated $10 and voted on Steam Greenlight! I really hope this gets funded and greenlit!




5 hours…


Just backed $30! Hopefully more, but, it’s what I can do at this current stage :smiley: Hope this gets greenlit and funded successfully!


dayum son, this campaign is doing really good so far!


Funding is at 20%. Substantial effort guys!