Tower Unite: Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 11/26/2018. This will be updated over time.

General Questions

Official gameplay guide:

Someone is being rude or toxic in the plaza, what can I do about it?

You can report players in-game by clicking on their profile (avatar or name) in the chat or scoreboard and clicking on the “Report” button.

Alternatively, you can block the player which will mute their voice and hide their chat messages permanently.

How do I customize my character?

In the main menu, select Appearance. From there you can change your player model, colors, and wearables (hats, etc.).
You can also change your appearance in the pause menu, provided you are not actively in a game.

You can also select Workshop models by clicking on the browse button next to the workshop logo in the appearance editor.

How do I leave a plaza game mid-round?

At any time, you can open the scoreboard (tab by default) and click the leave game button. This will take you out of any activity you are currently in.

Project Questions

How often does the game update?

We tend to do monthly updates, but also try to do bi-monthly updates with smaller features. Game Worlds can take us about 3-4 months of development time (they’re really large!).

When is feature [x] coming out?

We rarely give estimates, as often times development takes longer than expected and we don’t like to give out information that is inaccurate. We basically don’t like hyping something up until it’s 95% done and able to get into your hands quickly.

Feature [x] is very important to me, why isn’t it being worked on?

Our game consists of multiple game genres and vastly different gamplay aspects. Because of this, we try to pick features that were rated the most by our community on our Trello Roadmap (

However, ultimately, we pick the features that work out best for us to develop in a timely manner.

We work on a feature ahead of time to prepare for a bigger feature. For example, working on a new map would lead into polish/bug fixes for the game that may have not been on the roadmap.

What’s being worked on right now?

We update what we’re doing on our Trello Roadmap: Trello Roadmap

On top of that, we post weekly developer logs that detail what we did for the week:

It doesn’t seem like the Trello Roadmap is changing that often? Are you just slow?

We have our own internal roadmap that is not visible to the public. About once a week we’ll migrate what happened there to the Trello or the weekly developer logs.

We also don’t check off Trello tasks until they are fully finished, tested, and part of the game. Some bullet points can be very complex internally and take longer than others.

Generally, Trello is updated at the end of each week.

Who are the developers?

We have a list of our developers available here: Meet PixelTail Games


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