Attention GMT Donors - POLL CLOSING APRIL 4TH, 2016


I was merely over-exaggerating. Though I’m not going to deny making it big enough to a point where what I said is possible would be amazing.


It’s a mini version of the map. Not a plate.


I mean I was pointing out a poor choice of words. But I’m not going to complain considering how much work these guys are doing!


Praying for this classic text hat :pray:


I voted for the hat. It’s fun to write dumb stuff on GMTower and have it above my head, I want to do so again.


What’s with the people that played Tower for atleast 100 hours though? I remember they were also gonna get the 10% off coupon, not just donors.

I am not even a donor, should I vote anyway? Because I voted for text hat :smiley:

EDIT: Nevermind, I was mistaken, people that played over 100 hours will get 5000 starter units.


Seems like the text hat will win, so much for lobby 1 memories ;-;

And since there is workshop support, wont somebody easily be able to make a text hat anyway without the vote?


I want the Lobby 1 trophy, because I was never a fan of the text hat.
But that’s just my opinion.


And you still have the Steam ID’s Database from that date of before August 2015 ?
Because, i should be in. :o


They have all the data since August 2012.


Okay, so i will be in.


I think before I vote I would like to see pictures. This is a very emotional choice. Can we get to see some of them?


no, it applies to gmod tower donors before august 12, 2015 and tower unite backers.


Kills the point of the spin wheel though :smirk:


Pretty sure the new spin-to-win’s not going to have the shrine, since it’s a donor-exclusive item.


XD Same


We’re gonna close this poll on APRIL 4TH, 2016. Make sure you link this to other donors you may know so they can get their voice in!


April 4th


@macdguy if the Minature Lobby 1 item becomes a thing, will there still be a lobby 1/2 plate?


IIRC, the model’s already in the game (same goes for the donor wine), so there’s probably going to be a plate. Besides, the mini Lobby 1’s only for donors/backers, so it would be unfair for non-donors who didn’t back if the plate didn’t exist.