What changes are there going to be from gmt to tower?


Is tower unite just a clone of gmt but with better graphics? What big/serious changes besides design and camera angles, what else is going to be added/changed.


Just off the top of my head: Everything.

This is from the stickied FAQ thread:

But to go into detail about what wasn’t covered here, we’ll see things like better performance, Workshop, ideas that didn’t make it to GMT (Arcade), and an overhaul of just about everything.


There are several thing that going to change (as well as be added). For started, what you said is correct and the biggest challenge of all will obviously be the polish of the game, however, Tower is more a sequel than just an upgrade. For starters, what @DrDoctor posted is pretty much the base of changes, some more specific ones also include:

  • The add of various GMTower plans that never made it, such as the Arcade and the Monorail system, although various other things will also be added to the plaza.
  • Condos will now be made through a floor plan editor rather than just a fixed layout (if I am not mistaken).
  • HL and GMod Playermodels will be removed, however, workshop modding will allow them to be added back in if you want.
  • Game Worlds will be reworked, most will be polished, others built from the ground up entirely. New Game Worlds are also in discussion but we know close to nothing about those since they aren’t a priority (and won’t be for a good while).

Basically, Tower Unite is basically a enormous expansion of what the original GMT scope was.