Someone explain the servers

I skimmed over this topic, so sorry if I repeat anything someone has said about this.

  1. People from around the world can host. This makes it possible to always play Tower, even if we’re no longer supporting it. There’s a couple things at play here for the decision behind this:
  • Unlike other virtual world-esque games, we want to do something different. We want players to be able to be the host. We want people to mod, share, and enjoy the game in different ways and languages.
  • This completely removes our burden to host a massive amount of servers around the world.
  • If you have terrible ping with the official servers, you can create/join one that won’t.
  • People can manage their Tower servers the way they want.
  • Friends will always be able to find friends, division is not the goal. We are still going to host our own dedicated servers, but I am willing to bet that other servers will become more popular than ours. However, all the ranked servers will share your profile and progress.
  • I suggest you read our FAQs and our item provisional to understand what the difference is in ranked servers.
  1. We don’t have any public announcement about this yet.

  2. Right now, because we’re in alpha stage, you can list and join a minigolf game from the main menu. That is not going to be in the final game. In the final game, you will go to the Game Worlds section in the Lobby map, start a queue and ask players in the Lobby to join. From that point on, we’re still discussing the possibility of letting players host the Game World instance. You won’t have to wait for the server to empty up, it’ll just create a new server and host a Game World. However, Game World servers will not be available to join from the menu (unless you got disconnected from it).

This is our basic gameplay flow: