Donator status transferred to Tower Unite


Will donator status transfer to Tower unite?
Like a copy of the game, or the wine baskets, VIP shop, and all the other VIP bonuses.


You can find the answer to this question in the official FAQ.

You will not get any donator perks if you donated after the Indiegogo started. You also don’t get a copy of the game (unless you backed the Indiegogo) however you get a 10% discount.


Baking an indiegogo sounds exciting, and fun. Can you show me how to do that? I wanna try it out :grinning:


you get the wine and lobby 1 plate tho


wait now i’m confused. What happens if you Donated, and Backed the Indiegogo enough to get Tower Unite? I also donated way before the Indiegogo started, like in 2012. So do I get Donator rewards and Indiegogo rewards or just Indiegogo, or neither?


Both, assuming like you said, you paid enough to get said rewards.


I paid $30 twards Tower Unite and $15 twards Gmod Tower Donator (back in 2012), so i assume i should get both, at least i hope…


Then you will get both your Donator Rewards and your Backer Rewards.


i was a former donator for gmod tower and only got the throphies that it


@SPEEL The 10% off coupon couldn’t happen as stated by the devs, so you got the Lobby 1 trophy instead. The condo layout tweak has not been released yet.


And will not be released soon, it will be in the far future, when the advanced condo layout editor will be released, which is way after EA I’d say.