Items and Playermodels?

These are some questions that’d been burning in my mind recently that weren’t clearly covered on the official FAQ. Hopefully I’m not the only one wanting to know these, and I’m so sorry if they’ve been asked/answered already!

  1. Will there be some items that WON’T be brought over to Tower Unite? If so, will we receive their Unit value instead?
    For example; The VIP beauty cone effect.

  2. Playermodels. Will these be making a return, or will be be constrained to the humans? Will playermodels that don’t get brought over be turned into Units for those who own them?


  1. Achievements and Milestone items, will achievements/milestone be reset on the move to Unite, or will we keep that progress/items?

  2. Condo Upgrades. Will upgrades we’ve bought be brought over too, or will we need to rebuy them?

Yes, there will be some items that can’t be ported to Tower Unite for many different reasons. You will receive units for these items. Also, your existing GMC will also be converted to units.

I’m sure there will be clothing items that can be worn together to resemble a player model, but, I don’t think there will be any player models. Also, a lot of the other player models are copyrighted, so porting them to Tower can’t be done. Again, any items that can’t be ported over will give you units.

Achievements will be carried over. Achievements that can’t be carried over will turn into units.

The condo system will be very different in Tower Unite than GMT. You will most likely buy wall pieces and place them to form you house. Upgrades will be exchanged for units.

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Ehh, don’t know about that one.

Also, if you need a better idea of what won’t be in Tower Unite from GMT, think of anything that could possibly be considered intellectual property not owned by Pixel Tail Games.
That’s pretty much every player model lol

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There will, but the community will create them

Three out of four of your questions are clearly written in the faq

What will happen to my condo?
Unfortunately, your GMod Tower condo will be incompatible and you’ll have to redecorate.
Tower Unite’s condos will be vastly different from GMod Tower’s.

That’s because Tower Unite will have:

Customizable floor plans
Wallpaper and carpet adjustment
Tons of new furniture
Advanced customization tools
The things you can create in Tower Unite would be impossible to create in GMod Tower. It’ll be worth it. Trust us. We wouldn’t have made them incompatible for no good reason.

Will Tower Unite have the same player models?
No, but it will have an extensive editor and Steam Workshop support.

We can not use the models from GMod Tower in Tower Unite as most of them
contain content that is subject to copyright infringement.

Don’t fret - Tower Unite will have fully customizable player models that you can use to express yourself in truly unique ways.

We know GMod Tower is crazy because sometimes you can walk in and see a dinosaur and a midget get drunk. We’re not taking that away. Our tools will let you create the character model you want to be.

You’ll be able to customize yourself by:

Changing clothing
Altering height and weight
Adjusting facial features
Selecting eye color
Altering hair color and style
Adjusting skin tone
Wearing tons of different accessories like hats, glasses, earrings, necklaces, wrist bands, watches, rings, backpacks, belt items, particles.
And that’s just the first set of modifications you can make. We’ll offer standard human male/female models as well as wackier models like a dinosaur, skeleton, and many more to come!

And on top of that we’ll be providing Steam Workshop to let you import whatever you want as well.