Ability to create your own lobby


There should be an option to create your own lobby for yourself or your friends. I saw this back in the alpha stages where there was an option to do this from right in the game.



Yeah, I would like this to be in game since the dedicated server and my language dont work well together. (even though my language is english)


This has been suggested a bunch of times. Please search before posting a suggestion to prevent repetition. But I still do like this suggestion.


I know the dedicated server software should eventually be available on Steam. For now, just try to follow these instructions. I think the reason you can’t create a P2P lobby server anymore is that there is a higher chance of having lots of people on a lobby server, and (based on general ping of P2P gameworld servers) this probably wouldn’t turn out very well, especially as more things become available in the lobby. Maybe a P2P friends-only server would work, but I think joining a server already up works fine.


Oh sorry. I couldn’t find another post similar when I made this.


Its totally OK, but a lot of people either dont know or forget to do this so just a friendly reminder.


I think one of the main reason P2P lobbies aren’t in is because the host cannot join any gameworlds, but…

What if players could host a P2P lobby that acts as a “party lobby”, as in every player (invited by the host) would join a “party”, where whenever the host selects a gamemode, all players join it instantly and then after the game reconnect back to the host after the host automatically starts the “party lobby” back up again?

Basically, one person hosts a “party” in the form of a private lobby, while making the gameworlds function. The P2P lobby and gameworlds servers would be private, aka whitelisted. This could make playing with only your friends a simple thing to do.




wait, that wasn’t relevant.

I don’t know how Workshop will handle P2P lobbies. Hopefully the Workshop allows us to do things other than just add items and stuff.


When you click on a lobby server it shows what map its running and I am pretty sure there will at least be one more official map (Lobby 1) so it seems like you can use multiple maps but the workshop will have to make the rest.


@MacDGuy said that this was going to be a option in this post


What’s the point?

If you want to play games together, just create a game and invite your friends.

If you want to watch videos, do it on a public server or in your condo.

If you want to create a private server for your friends despite all of that, just set up a dedicated server.


I hate to be cynical about it, but I agree with this.

All this stuff is all ready in the game in one form or another, and I’d rather the time wasted making this, however small, be used to make more substantial features than a “I hate people” mode.