Ball Race modding?


so i found a way to disable the fading walls when i host a game is this cheating or is it allowed (not only fading walls)


Ummmmmmmmmm I don’t know if there’s a precedent for this one, wait for a dev to comment.


I also found out how to change my gravity settings, but it affects all gamemodes and comes into play when I’m hosting a game. I don’t have it changed right now because it kept making me the host of minigolf with very low gravity


This is cheating. We will have a post about this soon.


With the gravity setting, would it be fine if you were to host a room just for friends with low gravity, since it doesn’t affect anyone who’s expecting a normal game? (Or is this one of the planned modifiers for the future?)


Would it also be cheating for the unranked servers or no? Just wondering since it says you can’t and can earn currency on them. Either I’m misreading it (which is like me sometimes), or it means within lobby you wouldn’t make money for things such as events, but within gamemodes you still can.

Unranked: Saves progress on its own server, doesn’t distribute Units, but allows for complete customization of the gameplay.

Both ranked and unranked will allow players to earn currency.

Both from here: Old Tower Unite Frequently Asked Questions (during Indiegogo)