Bug Report

Crash Dumps When the game crashes, most times it’ll generate a <strong>minidump</strong>.<br> These <strong>minidumps</strong> allow us to dive into the stack trace to determine when and how your game crashed.<br> This allows us to fix bugs, and fixing bugs is good! Workshop Support & Bugs Need help with workshop tools? This is the place to go. Linux Beta Post bugs related to the Linux beta.
Bug Report Guidelines [Bug Report] (2)
[] Media players broken again in Project 12 [Bug Report] (1)
[] Hitmarkers are broken in laser tag [Bug Report] (1)
[ Patch] Santa Hat Blocks First Person View in RC Sleigh [Bug Report] (2)
[] Glass, Glass frames, and red flowers not scaled right for visitors [Bug Report] (2)
[] Workshop editor keep resetting to a default setting [Bug Report] (2)
Stocking inaccurate placing [Bug Report] (2)
[] Fatal Error when Spawning into Plaza [Crash Dumps] (1)
[] Pergola is not enterable [Bug Report] (2)
[] Ice Rink decals not visible on top of ice [Bug Report] (2)
[] Using RC Sleigh while noclipping makes you fall through the ground upon exiting [Bug Report] (1)
[] random FRenderResource deletion crash? [Bug Report] (1)
[] Various fall/summer vegetation still in plaza [Bug Report] (2)
[] Cosmic Catsacks Weird Color [Bug Report] (3)
[] NPCs refusing to load workshop models [Bug Report] (3)
[] Crash when loading into snowball fight [Crash Dumps] (1)
Boardwalk Sign sides no collision [Bug Report] (3)
[] Crash when loaded into the plaza [Crash Dumps] (2)
[] Crashing when entering plaza [Crash Dumps] (2)
[] Crashing randomly in plaza [Crash Dumps] (2)
[] Fatal Error crash when entering the Plaza [Bug Report] (1)
[] Laser pointer points backwards in third person [Bug Report] (3)
[] Hockey rink z-fights with ground when placed [Bug Report] (2)
[]Wall's Broken [Bug Report] (2)
[] Achievements are obtainable, but cause fatal errors [Bug Report] (2)
[] Snowball battle arena visible in the sky [Bug Report] (1)
[] Boardwalk floor has no texture under it [Bug Report] (3)
[] Highrise hallway's large dividers have no collision [Bug Report] (1)
[] Plaza boardwalk sign has no collision on the top [Bug Report] (3)
[] Physics items broken and desynced for new visitors [Bug Report] (4)