CopyCat & Undo Bug Megathread

Hello, I am planning on working on the upcoming Tool Glove and combining all the tools into one easy to use tool.

I am aware of several bugs, and this Tool Glove will see a complete rework of the entire tool code.

However, copying properties from one item to another has always had some weirdness and obscure bugs that still need resolving.

This thread is for creators to post bugs they’ve received that’s related to the CopyCat and Undo features of Condo building.

When posting, please provide a detailed step by step way to produce the bug, or if you have time provide a video.

Thank you!


Copying a laser projector won’t carry any of the properties over aside from the color of the lasers.

On the left is the original projector, and on the right is a copied version of it:

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whenever you undo a stashed canvas primitive (i’m unsure if it does this with other items since i havent tested), it does not keep the url texture or size

spawn a canvas primitive, apply a url texture & change the size, stash it, and undo. the size and url texture will be reset . the rotation, location, color, and any ingame textures applied will stay . i’m not sure of any other properties that get reset

the size of other, non canvas prim items do not get reset when they are stashed and undid

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upon duplicating (copycat, shift+drag) a canvas primitive with “texture world align” ticked, it does not copy that property and defaults it back to “off” which could make building with tiling custom url textures extremely tedious

spawn a canvas primitive (except for canvas walls, as they are always set to on . i used canvas cubes, i haven’t tested the other ones) and tick “texture world align”, apply a custom url texture and duplicate it with either the shift drag or copycat . the toggle will default back to off on the duplicated item

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If your last action was dragging an item, you have to actually undo twice for it to revert.

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I believe this also happens with normal canvases as well.

Also, the copycat (and dragging, I believe) doesn’t take collision into account, so duplicating an item with collision disabled makes the duplicated object have collision enabled.


Doors do not copy any property other than color. Auto close on/off, duration, locked status, and open on spawn are not copied when using CopyCat. Tested with Metal doors and club doors, so I assume this is the case for every door.


Canvas shapes with multiple “modes” such as Cylinders and tubes will copy the mode number when applying the material from one object to another. E.g. Using CopyCat on a cylinder with Variation 2 and copying onto a canvas tube will overwrite the canvas tube’s variation to 2 as well.

Not sure if it’s intended but it is a little annoying.

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Steps to Reproduce

Apply any texture that can be colored to stairs or any canvas object, and give it a color that is not 255/255/255. Set that as the object to be copied with the copycat and paste to a separate set of stairs.

Note: This also works with copying stairs via Alt dragging. I found this shortly after making the post.

What I expected to happen

The color given should be copied over with the texture.

What happened

The texture copies over, but when pasting, the color will always be set to 255/255/255. This overwrites any color on the stairs receiving the texture.

Not shown in the video, but if you copy and paste to the same set of stairs, the color still resets.

Notes / Media


Rotations on items you’ve copied using the gizmos can very rarely get corrupted. This is an entire house that I selected and copied from:

For comparison, it’s supposed to look like this:

The actual copied house is fine since it’s technically just the original house, but I guess the rotations get flipped around when trying to re-place items in their old positions sometimes.


Are these canvas walls?

They’re canvas cubes

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World align defaults to on when copying a canvas with a custom texture on it, even if world align is off on the original item.

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idk if anyone said this yet but copying and pasting surface options does not set texture scaling

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Copying the Floating Text item does not copy it’s glow and undoing a copy of the text doesn’t get rid of the new text item that was placed, it only removed the font/what it said, so after undoing you’ll be left with no-glow, Boogaloo text. Undoing after duplicating with the gizmos doesn’t get rid of the new version either, but it does keep the text.

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I’m currently rewriting the tools, so I’ll be going through these bugs.

As a co-op builder the Copycat duplicate and Transform tools don’t seem to work, at least every time I’ve tried them.

If you copy a material from one canvas item to another canvas item (via the Copycat) that doesn’t have a material set and then undo the copy, the copied material appears to stay on the previously blank canvas. However, upon editing the canvas, the canvas says no material is set, and upon reloading the condo, the canvas properly returns to the “canvas not set” material.

Steps to Reproduce

Use the Copycat condo tool to copy a material to a blank canvas item, and then undo the copy.

What I expected to happen

Upon pressing undo, the blank canvas reverts to the “canvas not set” texture.

What happened

Upon pressing undo, the blank canvas still visually has the copied material, but does not actually “have” that material.

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