Bug Report Guidelines

Please report bugs with Tower Unite here. Please read the guidelines before making a bug report!

How To Report

Simply make a new thread and detail the bug, how to reproduce it, and any other helpful ways to help us fix it.


  • Check to see if the bug hasn’t been reported before
    Search before you make a post!

  • The topic title should describe what the bug is.
    Ex. “Bug with collision in Clothing Store”.
    Avoid titling the bug something like “Map bug”.

  • Keep each thread about a single bug.
    If you find multiple bugs at once, make multiple threads about them please!

  • Use pictures or videos if it’s hard to explain in text

Please prefix your bug report title with the version number! (ex. [] Broken Feature)

You can find the version number (ex. in the top right in the pause menu (or main menu) of the game.

Prefixing helps us weed out bugs and sort them by each update so we know when that bug started.

Tracking Bugs

When a bug has a solution selected (denoted by a check mark), that bug has been resolved and will be fixed in an upcoming patch (or has been fixed in the current version of the game). Certain times we will mark bugs as solved for internal tracking purposes.

If a previously reported bug has not been resolved in awhile and it still effects you, please DO NOT make a new thread. Please bump the existing bug report with relevant/recent information. Thank you! However, if the bug report is locked, please make a new post!

We internally keep track of submitted bugs

Often times we don’t reply to bug reports, that’s because we internally track all bug reports and we organize and prioritize bugs internally. If a bug wasn’t replied to, it does not mean that the bug was ignored.

Thank you!