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About the Workshop Feature Suggestions category (1)
Make toon shading a selectable option outside of the workshop editor (1)
Option to Move Shoulders Forward/Backward (4)
Individual hat placement (3)
Settable "Types" for Workshop Items (3)
Option to Turn Off Workshop in Specific Gameworlds (5)
Increasing the max size of hat/glasses/accessories/etc (1)
Optional Extra Appendages for Playermodels (5)
A TFA-VOX Player Callouts like with workshop costumization (3)
Super late down the line (Post Early Access) -- GMod type addon system? (5)
Real height indication on the scale ruler (2)
Sound for Workshop Models (4)
Custom Animations/Emotes for Workshop Models (18)
Little Crusader rig for Workshop models (2)
Adjustable animation playback in workshop editor (1)
Transparency Slider for Workshop Materials (1)
Game Info for Workshop Editor (1)
Workshop Maps for Minigames / Why is the game gets boring? (4)
Make a map editor/model editor for players to share into minigames and more (5)
Workshop Game World Upgrades (4)
Private models/ sellable models (11)
Friends' Uploads Tab For Steam Workshop (5)
Workshop Playermodel Preloading For Game Worlds (2)
Animated Items Supported by Steam Workshop (4)
Hand Model Support (3)
Allow us to blacklist models per GameWorld while we're playing (9)