Please add color option to workshop items

Greetings; this problem seems to be small but I think it is a big problem, assigning more than one color option to the workshop item. when you make a workshop item with more than one color option we have to upload the same item more than once and its takes more time, very annoying, and people can’t find what they want in the workshop or even if they find it, they can’t notice the color options, please bring the color options on edit for workshop items , people should be able to add and share multiple textures on a single mesh. I have more than 1k workshop items, most of which are color options. We need able to change in the game itself, I suggest that support for this should come to the workshop.

As in the example you see above, I had to load a sofa to the workshop 5 more times due to color reasons.

There are many more examples like this in my workshop:

I think Mac has noted this issue before but the basic jist of the problem is that currently there’s no way to implement a color system on workshop items due to the nature of how workshop handles materials and everything.

To explain, colorable items, as well as all others with extra functions, are programmed using C++ Blueprints that basically attach properties like colorability, light emission, sounds, and more in simple nodes.

Workshop items, however, have to have basic image textures, as the system can’t process complex materials that normally would be easily colorable, nor can they simply have these code modules slapped on easy as it’s not part of the model itself, and even if it was, it would clash with whatever base color the model already is, unless it’s white by default.

It could be possible in the future to add the ability, but for right now, it’s limited.

what I’m trying to say is not that the game itself assigns a color from scratch, what I’m trying to say is that I want to switch between my own textures, so there should be a place like a mesh 5 texture or a screen where they can choose the same item, because people like several colors of an item, including me, but people can’t find a different color of the item I share.


As far as people in TU encoutered this issue (while making UGC or customize their condo), the color white became a default color for not only furnishing/workshop items, but user created characters/player model itself.

Personally for the user created characters, the color white was been used in multiple layers for the character base (like tattoos, markings, fur/scale, etc.) that users are creating from the simplified character creator.

Now for this issue from the example you uploaded, making multiple workshop items with one color per upload can be irritating. It’s really difficult for users to create an item that can be programmed to make them colorable.

Heck, the pipe frame kart from the mario kart franchise has multiple colors per character/driver, not counting the patty wagon which cannot be colorable.

I think this might shorten our time. I believe it should be.

I’m not remembering this exactly, but adding color support to workshop items you upload isn’t that difficult. Workshop uses the same material system as every other item. The complex part would be adding the other features such as lights and such because I have to create an editor for offsetting the light position and other settings you may want on your upload.

We have color support built into the material. We would need to expose the color setting in the item properties and then inform workshop creators to upload grayscale versions of their models.

Cool idea :person_juggling:

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pro tip: don’t use workshop : )

Huh. I figured the system wouldn’t take currently to adding colorability given how I thought it was done with in-game items.

It may be a texture choice rather than a color option. Because some models come with color palettes. It is easier to choose between the items already uploaded in the workshop by attaching them to each other.


I certainly hope this ends up added if you guys could somehow deal with issues you listed.

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