Friends only Workshop models

I usually have workshop models turned off because people use dumb models, but it would be nice to allow models for friends, who I know wouldn’t use models like that. Or maybe a whitelist that I can put people onto?

I’d love a friends only option.


I suggested this once back on the steam forums, reckon its gone now with the shift to the site.
I need this for hardware reasons.

I have to keep workshop playermodels off because my weak AT&T internet can’t handle connection to the plaza AND be downloading 300mb worth of playermodels in the background, it sends my ping sky high;
I get stuttering and hanging each time a player joins as the game loads and caches models in on the fly.

When I keep workshop playermodels off, I get near flawless performance on max settings. I just wish I could use my own PM without having to load in every Tom Dick or Harry that pops in for 11 seconds.


I find this to be a pretty dang useful feature myself. We’ll take a look at how we can approach making this.


I was about to make a suggestion of “Privated Workshop Playermodels” wich what you upload, you can only wear that playermodel but everyone can still see it.

I wanted to open a post for that because, i’ve made myself a Toontown Deer model from Toontown Rewritten and i’d like to have it for Tower Unite, but only for myself and no one else, tho, still everyone will be able to see it.

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