Flat 2D NPC Character Models

I guess the Canvas Statue and the NPC Workshop Models don’t really mix together.

It’s a real pain in the neck If I turned the NPC character model to off and then add the Canvas Statue in the middle of it…

Can we mix both together?

As long as my canvas statues are not costing 10k I don’t see too big a problem with this lol

A Paper Mario-like player model? I’m not very good at showcasing what the 2D player model looks like If I recall.

As a 2x2 animated sprites ratio, you can see the 2D player model walking in the perspective from the north-west, north-east, south-west, and south-east, as well as the jumping sprites, but never used the crouching sprites like how Paper Mario plants a fire flower to defeat his enemies. But when you get killed (PvP Damage on) or die, the 2D player model just explodes (poof!)

I also wanted for a 2D dying sprite animation as well, instead of just exploding, and making the 2D player models disappear when they died.