Make the *NEW* tab the default

One of the latest updates replaced the Workshop browser’s cumbersome dropdown with tabs, but the default tab is “Trending”, instead of “New.”


I would really prefer if there was a priority to show players brand new user generated content. Wasn’t it this way before too?

Checking for new UGC is one of my favorites things about booting up this game. I also feel like this gives a fairer spotlight to new items as well.

Perhaps it’s an algorithm problem, but ‘Trending’ seems to regularly default to showing a bunch of All-time voted items of a category too.

What ya’ll think?

Pretty good idea, it will definitely help the people out and keep making models for the community, definitely the trending tab should take the place of new so that when people are done looking at the new tab they can see what the trending models from new are

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Ouch, I didn’t mean to vote. That was a thing, if I’m wrong?