More Workshop Player Model Tags

As a sequel to More Workshop Condo Tags, I added several tags for the Workshop Player Model. I have a hard time making this suggestion as a Workshop Feature.

I may not be smart If my suggestion was not well received or feels so uncomfortable for users and developers.

So here are my tags for the Workshop Player Models.

Player Model Sizes

  • Tiny/Xtra Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Xtra Large
  • Tall
  • Short

Player Model Genders

  • Male
  • Female

Player Model Types

  • Vehicle
  • Inanimate Object
  • Third Party
  • Original Characters

Also, a drop down menu would be nice instead of just flooding with tags.

Great ideas. Especially the Player Model Sizes.
May I suggest “Neutral” for gender to the suggestion? I’m sure others would appreciate it.