Animated Items Supported by Steam Workshop

Hey, just wanted to bring up something that may be on a lot of people’s minds and be a great addition if not already implemented… animated items. Animated items wouldn’t be limited to Steam Workshop furniture and objects but would also be extended to later supported Steam Workshop clothing, accessories, animated map creation, (some day when they add vehicles into the game) and last but not least, pet creation. Side note: Also, wanted to have more options than just having my pet fly and roll. How about old-fashioned walking/running? And a levitation/floating animation? <Not sure if the flying animation can mimic the requested animations.

Anyways, what are your thoughts community?

Came up with this topic introduction with the help of Skully.

this is a game changer. still to moving objects! currently making a levitating heart that has really nice particles emitting from it to follow you around but i’m pretty sure it’s not supported, at least hopefully… not yet. would like to see things like accessories being able to sparkle/shimmer, dresses animated to constantly flow in a particular manner, even the option to animate hair to do the same, all being possible with the ability to animate anything and everything.

this would definitely go with the topic of also adding custom emotes and animations if we can add custom animations to our items and pets and such.


Wanna make stuff like this.animated


Maybe this could be our medium to add gif images into the game as portraits on our walls, masks for our objects and scenery! I DON’T KNOW?

Also, for my condo… I want to make this!


are there any news on the topic from developers or maybe there was discussion inside Tower Unite’s Discord server about it? people seem to have forgot about the idea and I didn’t see anyone talking about it more these days.


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I’m guessing a dancing kettle from Garry’s Mod, am I?

That please. That being said, I’m not sure if we will see anything sadly. There hasn’t been an official response to the thread and neither have I seen anything related on Steam forums or Trello which is sad, unless I missed something.

Animated item support is a complex addition to the game. Our SDK is custom made, so we’d have to figure out how to add animations at run time.

I have been thinking of how to best do this for Condo items with our own timeline animation system, but it’s a huge task. I would absolutely love it though.

Custom pets and items are still planned, though. We’ve been neglecting these planned features because we’ve been busy with Game Worlds.