Bug Report

Christmas Fences needs fixing with gizmos [Bug Report] (3)
[] Some Items Can't Be Colored [Bug Report] (6)
[] Apple is now white [Bug Report] (2)
[] Hula dolls don't color properly [Bug Report] (2)
[] Gramophones Lost Texture On Store Display [Bug Report] (3)
[] Dizzy Arcade Machine Glass is Broken [Bug Report] (2)
[] Crashing when switching between snapshots on Suite [Crash Dumps] (2)
[] Weird Camera Placement in Toy Stop [Bug Report] (1)
[] New Out-Of-Bounds access point in Plaza [Bug Report] (7)
[] Twin Cabinet and Display Cabinet sounds [Bug Report] (1)
[] Workshop models becoming large when sitting [Bug Report] (1)
[] Snow pile materials are broken [Bug Report] (1)
[] BR : Big accessories (Hats, etc.) [Bug Report] (4)
[] Typo in Condo snapshot menu tooltip [Bug Report] (1)
[] Various items move position when scaling [Bug Report] (3)
[] BR : Prism : Level 11 : Stuck in between pipes [Bug Report] (1)
[] Projector Screen Item does not occlude light from the Projector item [Bug Report] (2)
[] Light Box Circle incorrect description [Bug Report] (4)
A Bunch of Irritating light bugs [Bug Report] (8)
[] Crashing when throwing snowballs at others while on top of the gem item [Crash Dumps] (2)
[] Tiny White Blob in Suite [Bug Report] (4)
The workshop skeleton does not mirror correctly [Workshop Support & Bugs] (3)
Crashes in condo [Crash Dumps] (3)
[] "Top Voted" model browser mirrors the page [Workshop Support & Bugs] (1)
Private playermodels [Workshop Support & Bugs] (13)
Tower crashes on startup [Crash Dumps] (3)
[] Bowling queue notification blocks chat [Bug Report] (3)
Tower Unite thinks my playermodel has over 4x the amount of vertices it actually has [Workshop Support & Bugs] (3)
[] Crashing when entering condo [Crash Dumps] (5)
[] Seasons store butterfly clips through pillar [Bug Report] (5)