Bug Report

[] RC Sleigh - Host Preview Bug [Bug Report] (1)
[] Game crashes immediately after launching [Crash Dumps] (7)
Casino need more Collision. [Bug Report] (1)
[] Crash in smooth dirt (once more!) [Crash Dumps] (2)
Somethin interesting about the rounding bug [Bug Report] (2)
Random Frame Drops [Bug Report] (3)
[] Crash in smooth dirt [Crash Dumps] (4)
[] A block on hole 17 of Waterhole is at a weird angle [Bug Report] (3)
[] Unable to type in typing derpy [Solved] [Bug Report] (2)
[] Resort's arcade staircase texture is not editable [Bug Report] (2)
[] Certain third-person camera angles will give your first-person perspective reversed controls [Bug Report] (2)
[] Helicopter creates dev textures in ZM [Bug Report] (6)
[6.6.3] First person animations for swords shields etc. In little crusaders are broken [Bug Report] (2)
Next page button on Workshop disappears after page 1 [Bug Report] (5)
I crashed while trying to load into my Resort Condo [Bug Report] (3)
[] The grill outside the Party House doesn't work [Bug Report] (2)
[] Toy Room Camping Spot [Bug Report] (2)
[] Bug with the "Gasoline" map from Zombie Massacre [Bug Report] (2)
[] Holding a gun while emoting rotates arm positions [Bug Report] (2)
[] Typing Derby sometimes starts several words ahead, completely breaking everything [Bug Report] (3)
[] Black and Grey tiles inside Laser Tag building don't have footstep sounds [Bug Report] (3)
[] ball race kill icon dis positioned in the middle [Bug Report] (4)
[] Global Chat just doesn't work sometimes [Bug Report] (7)
[] Plaza: Lighting changes if you cross certain spots [Bug Report] (6)
[] Game crashes with "HUNG" fatal [Crash Dumps] (3)
[] Character switched to the female model even after fix [Bug Report] (2)
[] The orange highlight for the selected inventory slot disappears sometimes [Bug Report] (2)
Crusaders moved to the dragon's back when in the mouth of dragon who is jumping [Bug Report] (2)
[] Horizontal Head Turning Isn't Smooth While Sitting [Bug Report] (5)
[] You Die if You Jump Into the Dragon from Above [Bug Report] (3)