[] Can't interact with servers from Main Menu

Seemingly every time I trigger Canvas not loading since recent update [], it also prevents me loading into my own condo unless I check in using the hub attendant.

Edit: This also disables me being able to see plaza and condo servers from the main menu as well.

Steps to Reproduce

Play the game for a while, I always activate it sometime after the AMD canvas bug takes hold.
Try and open Condo from Main Menu only.
Look at various server lists.

What I expected to happen

My condo server to start hosting when I click on a privacy level and the server lists to be populated.

What happened

Process halts at the condo name & privacy screen only allows me to cancel.

Additionally, every time this happens I am unable to see the current condo or plaza list from main menu.

Notes / Media

(I’m clicking on public)

So, amans condo doesn’t show on the condo board, joining him gives this error:
Also someone else ik has the exact same problem

Edit: trying to join for a second time seemed to work, still not on the board however.

I’m having this same issue.