[] Floating Chat stops functioning on a Mover

If you connect a floating chat to a mover, the floating chat will no longer display its text when you’re within its range, even before you actually set the mover to move.

Steps to Reproduce

Connect a mover (simple or path) to a floating chat, walk in and out of its range to see that the text doesn’t display.

What I expected to happen

The floating chat to display its text when within its range, even when moved by a mover.

What happened

The floating chat doesn’t display its text.

Notes / Media


Did you see if activating the mover displayed the text? It may be set so that it works as if its on pause till you start the mover.

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Starting, stopping, pausing, etc has no effect, unfortunately. I also tried leaving and rejoining the condo. The floating chat seems to break as soon as you connect it to a mover.


Sorry for the delay. The reason this is happening is the mover needs to have “Trigger Events” enabled for these items to function properly.

Next update it will not require this, but for now you will have to enable it.

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