October 2020 Condo Contest (Halloween)

Hey all!

It’s October, so it’s time for a spooky, Halloween-themed Condo Contest! :bat:

:fireworks:CONTEST RESULTS:fireworks:

To fit the theme, make a condo that represents the Halloween spirit! This could be an ominous maze, a spooky hangout, a trick-or-treating haven, a haunted house- or whatever else you feel captures the mood.

If you need help, you can find specifically Halloween themed items at Celebrations, which (in addition to the regular store) includes The Ghoulcery and King Arthritis’ store, where you can use Halloween currency from previous events.

Since this is a special Holiday contest, participants will have the whole month to build.

EDIT: The contest ends at 11:59 PM on November 3rd.


  • 1st Place - 1,000,000 Units
  • 2nd Place - 500,000 Units
  • 3rd Place - 250,000 Units

Participation prizes (75k) may be rewarded to participants when we are pleased with the entries.


  • Must fit within the theme!
  • Must be appropriate content (no nudity, hate speech, etc.)
  • Must post at least 3 pictures of your condo.
  • Must be something new - you can’t submit something you started before this post was made.
  • If you make something in a pre-existing Condo build, make sure to focus your pictures on the area you’re submitting for the contest.

How To Submit:

  • Post at least 3 screenshots of your Condo as a reply to this thread as your entry to the contest. If you can’t upload images here, use an external image hosting service such as Imgur to embed the images here.

  • Include your Steam ID in the submission, so we can award you the Units if you win!


How to Submit:

Tower Unite now allows for Co-Op building in condos, and, since that is the case, we have some rules for submitting a Condo built with others.

You can go about submitting builds from Co-Op condos in two ways:

1. Everyone who participated in the build gets credit

An Example: Person A opens their condo for Person B and C to help them build a Haunted House. Person A builds the structure, and Person B and C help them decorate it. They all like how it came out as a whole, and want to submit it to the contest together.

  • If you submit this way, the owner of the Condo should make a post with pictures of the whole build.
  • Include the usernames and Steam IDS of everyone who participated.
  • If the entry wins, the prize will be divided equally amongst the participants.
  • The participation prize (75k) will also be divided equally amongst participants, if applicable.

2. One person takes credit for their part of a larger build

An Example: Person A opens their Condo for Person B to help build a Haunted House in. Person A builds a cool maze next to the house, while Person B decorates a bunch of rooms on their own. Both want to submit their parts of the build separately.

  • If you submit this way, post pictures of the part of the Condo that you built.
  • Include your Steam ID.
  • If the entry wins, you will get the full prize.

Have fun! We can’t wait to see what you come up with. :jack_o_lantern:

If you have any questions about the contest in general, prizes, or submitting an entry, leave a message in the thread or message me privately.


Woo, Halloween contest!

Quick question though: Now that Co-op Condos is out, can people work together for their submissions?

If you check the bottom of the post, there is a section about Co-op condo participation.


Oh my bad, I was looking at the Rules section and totally skimmed past that part. Thanks!

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That’s a long time. Sweet.

Yes, we wanted to give people enough time to also participate in the Halloween events when they start, so more players can use special event items to build.

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thats great, i got a great idea and i hope it gives me enough time for that.

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Sorry never participated in these before, am I able to submit a video instead of pictures?

You can submit a video in addition to the pictures, but the 3 pictures must be included.

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Well, It’s only been a day and I might be crazy for uploading so early, but I feel like there’s very little I can add to this :smiley:

Welcome to my little witches cabin in the woods! Highly decorated inside and out (Spent more hours than I dare admit on this).

Here is a video walkthrough - Ignore the lag, I built my pc about 5 years ago .-.

And below are a few snapshots of the condo!

SteamID - STEAM_0:0:98466822
SteamID64 - 76561198157199372


Are workshop models allowed?

Yes. You can use workshop models :slight_smile:

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Yeah, like JesusFreak said, using workshop models in the contest is fine.


So, I (Sashi)(76561198018348095) decided to decorate an entire house for halloween, and luckily I had a good friend help me. Brandi-ttv/sachiku2310(76561198080877226). It took us about 3 days to do and I’m quite happy with it, Hope you enjoy the experience! :smiley: (Sorry about my voice volume in the video, my mic didn’t pick up well.)

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t see the notification till today! Here are some included images!


I have more than 10 images, so check out the full image set here: https://imgur.com/gallery/vwbkW1A


I have created a House of Horrors

Anyone who has visited an amusement park or theme park would be familiar with something similar, where the experience involves walking through a labyrinth of twisting or twisted corridors in dark or otherwise disorienting conditions while costumed actors are hired to jump scare you in the process. Thorough theming and set dressing is employed to help ramp up the scare factor.

In my approach, I have full on focussed on psychological horror, the paranormal, the occult, Lovecraftian elements and outright creepiness as the theme, with ample nods to creepy pastas, pop culture references, and general horror fiction, along with the obligatory memes of course. I wanted it to feel as atmospheric as possible.

To restrain myself, I confined it all within the walls of the House condo. I blocked off some doorways with fake walls and boarded up the windows so that there was a single path to follow with only one way in and one way out. Some of the rooms have been assigned dedicated themes. To this end, I have made ample use of Workshop models, NPCs, canvasses, along with props from Rob’s Imports and Celebrations.

Notable rooms include:-

• The Hitchcock bathroom

• ‘The Backrooms’ maze

• The Hell/Purgatory room, where all of the cursed things of the Internet are imprisoned to await their punishment

• The Padded Cell

• ‘The Void’ hallway, where the floor, ceiling and walls are all completely black

• The ‘Bone Zone’, a refuge for skeletons and skeleton memes.

I will be publicly hosting this condo for guests/visitors over the Halloween weekend, under the House of Horrors name, and I will be publishing it as a workshop condo at a later date.

• You are not meant to get inside the Sad Boy Closet, this is part of the theming
• Some of the unsettling, disturbing imagery is by Trevor Henderson

(Steam64ID: 76561197997808191)


Hey guys, great entries so far! I’m extending the contest a few days for the Halloween events, so get your entries in by 11/3/2020.


WELCOME MORTALS TO YOUR DOOM! This year I’ve opened my house to the public, and have created a walkthrough haunted house. Each room is themed to a different Halloween Cliche.

Workshop download: Steam Workshop::DIY Haunted House

Steam64ID: 76561198117236624


This is my condo, it looks just like the Great City of Xelum (A Building of it in the “New Tokio” District) Capital City of the New Pangean Workers Union from my Dreams. (Dispite its name its technicaly a Democracy ruled over by an AI called Neural Simulative Executive Interface or Nesai … so basicaly an AI regulated Democracy.) Anyways I think it is somewhat scary.


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Hey @Sashi, @Cayla , @Yikesss, could you all please edit your posts to directly include the images (at least 3 of them) you’re submitting for the contest, rather than linking to an outside source? In the future, we aren’t going to be accepting entries which don’t have the images included in the post itself.

You can upload images using the upload button: image
If that doesn’t work, you can use an external image hosting service such as Imgur and embed the images here by means of direct links to the images.

Thank you!

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