Game Type Suggestion Thread

Hey everyone! We’re interested in getting some ideas for different game types for each Game World, so I’ve made this thread for everyone to share their ideas!

A game type is something that changes the game rules of an existing Game World.

When making a game type suggestion, please try to explain how the rules would work in context with the game such as…

Minigolf Race Mode: Be the first to get into the golf hole, strokes don’t matter!

Work has already begun on game types, as Virus will soon be getting a new game type called Horde Mode, which is a game type that is co-op/singleplayer vs NPC zombies.

And that’s about it! Please use this thread and suggest some cool new game types!

Chaos mode for sdnl

Every 30 seconds will happen random event.
For example, every weapon shoots with kalleira grenades now. Or “The floor is lava” suddenly, etc.

Basically like in HL2 Chaos mod.


It feels obvious - I’d love to see Battle Mode come back for Accelerate! It’s a classic Kart game alternative mode that I’m sure would be plenty fun without needing much more than a different map and lives counter. Either some lives-based last-kart-standing where players use items to attack each other, or a score chase where someone has to hold an objective item (like a crown) to accrue points without getting hit?


Something for Little Crusaders that gives an actual gameplay function to the weapons scattered around the maps could be cool. Like a mode where the dragon has a health bar rather than a button, so the knights have to pick up swords/spears/bows/etc. to attack it with (and you’d use them like actual weapons instead of just, like, throwing them).

For maps without any weapons (ex. every workshop map) knights could just spawn with some of them already equipped.


(sorry if this is too much, i had a few ideas i wanted to get down lol)

Player Physics Mode for Ball Race and Minigolf :
Where you and everyone else has a hitbox that can collide with each other and bump everywhere.
might kinda suck especially in the ball race maps where you start in a tube, but i think it’d be really fun adding a kind of PvP aspect, like, situations where you would try to push people off platforms to sabotage their run or something. sacrificing a stroke from your golf game to kind of like, bounce off of them and get a better angle.

Endless Mode for Zombie Massacre :
basically what it says on the name, making the rounds after 5 just keep on going, with maybe every 6th level being a boss encounter? the drawback would be no option to retry if everyone dies, and that you’d max out your upgrades probably around the second loop while things just keep getting harder and harder.

and i have two ways i can imagine this last one going so i’ll split them up into separate ideas

SDNL Player Boss Mode :
One or Two Players are given Boss Status and everyone else has to kill them.
The boss is a bigger playermodel with a few Super Weapons (or maybe just a couple of dinos that are way stronger lol). It could either be a Last Man Remaining type of deal like saxton hale, or maybe something closer to Halo 1’s skull/oddball mode, where the person who killed the boss gets turned into the boss, and so on.

SDNL VS CPU Boss Mode :
Everyone truces at the beginning of the round to take out a boss. Could either be a super strong normal playermodel/dino, or maybe a hoard of either. It’d basically be PvE, until the boss is killed. Then it becomes a last man remaining type deal, where everyone who’re already weakened from fighting to boss has to Betray everyone else to claim the Ultimate Victory. Or maybe just whoever gets the last shot on the boss wins, who knows. :3c



  • Battle Mode (Make the game more active again) also a lot of fun

Mini Golf

  • Target Practice (where you have to shoot your ball off a ramp and hit target sack are either moving or static to get points)

Zombie Massacre

  • First person mode (A little bit like call of duty but giving zombie massacre an exploration like game mode) I really don’t know how you would go around making the maps for these though it’ll take a lot of work

Some sidenote for outside game modes
Bowling - split mayhem (Have to make a series of splits in progress onto each split every time you make one you have three misses in total, clear all of them and bigger cash reward at the end.


Tried to brain storm two for every mode :brown_heart:


Force Only
All players are equipped with Laser Sabers.
Weapon pickups are removed.

Griffonball (probably can’t get away with this haha):
Modified Oddball mode.
Players gain no points while holding the oddball
Must carry oddball to the opposite team’s flag point to score. (Hides flag, just leaves the base).
Players are equipped with telepunchers.
Weapon pickups are removed.


Grand Prix Race Mode:
A spin on Mac’s Race Mode.
Reaching the hole merely starts you immediately at the next hole.
Points are rewarded based on top 3 players who reach the very last hole.
Par is based on all hole pars added together. So for example; Garden’s par would be 66.
Units are rewarded based on how close you are to lowest possible par.

Deadly Trails
Golf balls are given the ability to leave behind a physical light trail by tapping swing again mid travel. (Like Tron’s light walls).
This ability goes on cooldown for 10 seconds after coming to a stop.
The light trail gently bounces golf balls away from it.
Light barriers fizzle out when their golf ball stops moving, enters a spline track (pipe), or lands in the hole.
Points are based on a 1st, 2nd and 3rd position.
Par penalties are removed in this mode.

Ball Race:

I can Jump!?
Spacebar now lets the player do a short hop.

Hungry Race
There is no bonus for reaching exit quickest.
1st, 2nd, 3rd bonuses are based on most melons collected at the end of the round.


Airborne Virus
Survivors must remain close to a randomly moving drone that provides clean air. (Large safe zone).
Remaining away from the drone for too long will infect the survivor. (Vignette on screen gets progressively worse).
Possibly could have several drones that exist on the map.

Last Man Standing
One survivor that is ‘mostly’ immune to the virus, and must be hit multiple times to be infected.
Rest of server is infected.
Survivor is slightly faster than usual, larger ammo reserves and regens mines and adrenaline over time.

Little Crusaders:

Tougher Dragon
Dragon now has a healthbar and their button must be pushed several times. (Each push takes away a bar).
Dragon healthbar is based on (total_players) ÷ (1.5), then round it.
8 players would have a dragon with 5 bars.
4 players would have a dragon with 3 bars.

Dungeons & Dragons
Dragon has one large healthbar visible on UI, health is based on total players, button is removed.
All players now have healthbars which are visible above their head.
Players are assigned classes on spawn, their ‘class icon’ is above their healthbar.
Knights are equipped with a sword and shield, can block ‘some’ damage and slash with the sword. Large health pool.
Druids are equipped with a staff and can cast area of affect healing around them, can also ‘bonk’ with the staff for small damage. Medium health pool.
Rogues are equipped with throwing knives, can double jump and sprint for longer than the others. Small health pool.
Dragon can now spew a fireball that detonates on impact, dealing signifcant damage. Can be used in midair.

Zombie Massacre:

No Rescue
Days go on forever.
Every additional 5 days zombies and the boss get stronger.
You will eventually die.
Lives still work, but a team wipe will result in the game ending entirely.
Greater units are rewarded based on days survived.

Midnight Rider
Somewhere on each map, a jury-rigged firework launcher will be stationed. Empty.
Zombies will spawn infinitely, rescue will not arrive.
Players must collect a number of fireworks from defeating specific enemies that run away from players. And return them to the firework launcher.
Once maxed, the launcher will fire fireworks into the sky. And rescue will arrive shortly.
Boss is similar, rescue will not arrive till the launcher is filled.


The last player in the lead will be eliminated every minute. Try to stay out of last!!
Last player remaining wins!

Tag Team Racing
Players will be assigned teams.
Items that home in will ignore players on your own team.
Points are added at the end of a round, based on a team’s placements.
1st, 2nd and 3rd rewarding the most for your team.
Winning team is the one with the most points at the end of a race.

Sorry for the lengthy af post, but I really wanted to throw out as much as I possibly could before bed :brown_heart:


ZM’s default gameplay is kind of half-cooperative and half-competitive since everyone’s working together to kill the zombies, but points aren’t shared (and there’s a bonus for getting the most points), but I think it’d be interesting to have a couple game types that go all the way in either direction.

A full co-op mode would have every player earn the same amount of points (ie. if someone kills a zombie, everyone earns the points from that) so the main focus is just on teaming up. Maybe there could be accolades (most assists, most healing, most revives, etc) to encourage helping the team more or something.

For competitive mode the goal would just be to make the most points possible. Everyone’s current points would be displayed on-screen at all times and the top 3 players every round get a bonus payout.

To avoid people falling behind, everyone’s points reset after each round and everyone gets a set amount of points just for buying upgrades (separate from the points earned during rounds).

During rounds zombies could drop items that can help yourself or sabotage your enemies (bait that spawns more zombies near you, smoke bombs that make zombies avoid an area, EMP grenades that disable other players’ special items, etc.).


I can provide two game types per game worlds, and here are my game types.


Mano a Mano
Two players are chosen by all players in a one-on-one gun fight.
A selected player fights with another selected player, ignoring the other players.
If you shoot at another player who is already fighting someone else, it has no effect.
You must fight another selected player (indicated by the target indicator on screen).
If the number of players is odd, a player must wait their turn.
I recommend playing with an even number of players.

Collecting an oddball now becomes a weapon.
You are allowed to kill players with an oddball.
1st, 2nd, 3rd bonuses are based on most oddball kills at the end of the round.


Follow the Leader
The server host is now the leader, everyone has to follow the leader.
The leader has a medium radius from all followers.
Not following the leader when you are far away, triggers a “Hurry Up!” countdown.
All players must follow the leader to stay alive.
Staying closer in the leader’s radius reset the “Hurry Up!” countdown.

Get out of bound, and you’re out.
All players must reach the hole in one life.
Dead players can putt their golf ball again if one player reach the hole.
If all players gets out of bound, all players must redo the same hole.

Ball Race:

All melons are turned off, except for the bonus level.
Everyone must race to the finish the fastest.
1st, 2nd, 3rd bonuses are based on how fast you can reach the finish at the end of the round.

If you fall off the course, you’re out.
Race to the finish in one life.
Dead players can hop back in the game when a player reach the finish.
If all players died, they’ll go back where they left off. Not from the very beginning of the map.


Cure an infected by killing them.
Killing an infected player (expect for one) bring back to their survivor team.

Mental Illness
All infected players are inraged.
Kill off an infected once bring them inraged.

Little Crusaders:

Birb McNuggets
Knights must defeat the dragon while saving their Birbs.
If all Birbs are eaten, the Dragon won.
All players have their own colored Birb right next to them from the start.

Your Sword is Enough
Pushing the big button on the dragon’s back does not work.
Only the sword can kill the dragon.
One random player will automatically obtain a sword from themselves.
It doesn’t matter if you have to become the Count to get it.
Players of all ranks can now obtain a sword from the start.

Zombie Massacre:

Team Versus
Survivors vs. Zombies. One-on-one team battle.
Survivors can survive the hoard, when the Zombies tries to kill the survivors.

  • Ghosts Invisible from survivors. Appeared when you throw stuff at them.
  • Exploding Pumpkin Heads Instant Jihad bomb while making contact to survivors.
  • Werewolves Tougher attack, but large HP.
  • Devils RUN …faster in the blink of an eye.

Lose all your lives, and you’re dead.
Players cannot revive you.
The one key to victory is to survive the hoard.

Accelerate Kart Racing:

Balloon Survival:
Five balloons from the start.
Get hit once, and you lose a balloon.
If lose all your balloons, you’ll be out for five seconds, until you spawn in the same spot.
Steal other player’s balloon will gain you an extra balloon while using speed boosts.

You’ll be racing in a time limit.
Powerup items are turned off.
Reach the checkpoint to earn time.
When your timer reaches zero, the race is over.

This is all for the game worlds. I hope you guys can proved my game type mutators. :crossed_fingers:


Little Crusaders:
Double Trouble (Two Dragons)
The Dragon invited his girlfriend to come play! Though she’s not as scary (no roar), she’s sure to shake up those extra experienced knight players.

Role Reversal
Having defeated countless dragons, some noble knights are bound to ascend. In this mode, a single winged knight tries to clear out a pack of adolescent (no flying and long roar cooldown) dragons.

Zombie Massacre:
Hard Mode
In this mode, survivors would earn 0.75x the amount of points. Additionally all non special zombies have 1.5x the health. To offset the increase in difficulty, this mode would pay out twice the units of a normal match. This could also be incorporated with perma-death/hardcore ideas.

The logic behind the payouts come from the “difficulty multipliers” I used:
1.5x health * 1.25 kills needed for points = 1.875x difficulty
From this number I think there should still be a small increase (I used 12.5%) to provide this mode with an advantage.

Freeze Tag
All the survivors are restricted from doing ranged damage and the infected cannot become enraged, additionally each team’s playercount is balanced upon round start. Whenever a survivor is killed, they instead become frozen in place until another survivor tags them with a melee weapon. The survivors in this mode cannot kill the infected, only unfreeze their team mates and must survive until the round timer runs out.


Hide n Seek for virus.

Survivors without weapons at all, zombie spawns immediately but blind for first 30 seconds. First seeker zombie is enraged, other zombies will be default zombies.

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Ball Race: Ball and Chain
Two players, separated into teams, are connected via a rope and must work together to complete the race before another pair can. If one player dies, then the other does as well.

Accelerate: Mirror Mode
The track is mirrored / you play the track in reverse.

Accelerate: Ring Mode
Players must also go through rings set through the map like other racing games. Missing a ring will mean the lap cannot be completed.

Accelerate: Victory Lap
At the beginning of the race in front of the starting line, there is a trophy which players can pick up and knock off other players to collect for themselves. The race is focused on being both first AND holding the trophy at the end, no matter the cost. Go backwards to sneak up on them, ram into the trophy bearer, or whatever else to get it and be first.


I think this might be planned, but

Accelerate: Cup mode
The host can pick or maybe randomly pick 4 courses and the person with the best score at the ends wins.


Are you sure you want us to race backwards (If I hit me from wrong)?

He means to race over the track going from the finish line to the start instead of the typical direction.


I’m still very hopeful that this returns, and being able to choose your own tracks for cups would greatly improve the old system that Accelerate already had in place at one point in the past - You know, back when Accelerate cups/tournaments had tracks that were already chosen for you based on the theme of the cup and back when, for example, the two toy/kids room themed tracks couldn’t be played separately?

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I’m guessing the game type mutators has been in active development.

Our game types are been selected by the devs?