Mutator Suggestions Megathread

Post your mutator suggestions here!

Here’s a bunch of mutator suggestions I had:

Zombie Massacre:

One Hit Kill: You die in one hit.

Oops! All Vampires: Only vampires spawn.

Explosive Personality: All zombies explode when they die. Don’t get too close.

Leg Day: Special items can walk around.

Sticky Situation: Webs randomly spawn around the map.

HONK: Honking, constantly.

Jump!: You can jump.

Drunk: Everyone is extremely drunk, including the zombies.

Ball Race

Drunk: Everyone is extremely drunk.

Melons, Melons Everywhere: There are melons, everywhere.

Jump!: You can jump now.

Low Gravity: There’s low gravity now.

Upside Down: The screen is upside down.

Little Crusaders

Spiked Tail: The dragon’s tail whip kills knights.

I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream: You can’t bite or roar. You can only kill knights by pancaking them and you can use tail whip.

Double Dragon: There’s two dragons now.

This Isn’t Right: The knights look like dragons and the dragon looks like a knight.

Giant: The dragon is huge, watch out!

Fire: When right clicking, the dragon breathes fire instead of roaring. If a knight gets caught in the flame they’re toast.

Pew Pew: The dragon has a gun. You can pick which gun you want.

Sonic Speed: Everyone moves twice as fast.

Ice: The ground is slippery.

Long Tail: The dragon’s tail is really long.

No Buttons: The dragon has no button, only Birb can kill him.

Tweet!: Every Knight is Birb.

Birdemic: There are so many Birbs. Oh, no.

Drunk: Everyone is extremely drunk.


Jump!: You can jump now.

Drunk: Everyone is drunk (can’t choose putt power).

Random Courses: Courses are chosen randomly.

Fog: A thick layer of fog covers the course.


Drunk: Everyone is drunk.

Stretch Armstrong: The infected can infect from really far away.

Infinite Ammo: You have infinite ammo.

Sonic Speed: Everyone is 2x fast.

Zombies Can Use Guns Too!: The Infected have guns.

Attack From All Angles: Infected can spawn anywhere.

We need giant golf balls.

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“Pigmasks” strike back: All knights wear a circus-style pig mask. What you expected something else?

Everyone is drunk. Got it :+1:

some are way too “wacky”
some could also belong to others
such as fog in virus
icy floor in virus
there’s lots of cases for this
i understand it’s a megathread however i wouldn’t want most of these added


the pizza is aggressive and the ground is slippery

For Golf
FECK: you can only go full power

I’ll add more if I think of any.


Scavengers: Instead or spawning with their weapons and ammo, the survivors have to search the map for them instead. They spawn in random locations each time and are unique for each player, so that they can’t steal each other’s.

Hotspot: If the survivors stand at one place for too long, the traces of the infection in their bodies start to form a green cloud at that location. After it fully appears, it changes colour to a more vibrant shade, starts emitting a pulsing light and infecting whoever steps into it. Better keep moving! The cloud appears more quickly the more survivors stand at a particular location and disappears after a set time.

No Radar: The survivors get no radar.

Little crusaders:

Territory Overlap: There are two dragons of two different colours, who compete not only with the crusaders, but also with each other. They can stun each other by biting their buttons and as they intimidate each other, they can’t roar. The dragon with the most kills wins, unless the crusaders manage to deactivate both.

Offspring: The server capacity gets increased. Depending on the number of players, multiple dragons can spawn. These are the same colour as the original dragon, but slightly smaller and they all work together. I’m not sure if the parent dragon should be able to roar or not. The baby dragons are too young to know how to do so.

For the king!: One of the crusaders randomly becomes the king. His age grants him massive courage and wisdom, but it also takes a toll in the form of deteriorated strength. He can’t be scared, but also can’t disable the dragon. Instead, he has to reach an exit placed somewhere on the map. If he manages to do so, the crusaders win. If he dies, the dragon wins.

Zombie Massacre:

Hotspot: similiar to Virus, but hurts players instead of infecting them

The Last Stand: The survivors get a small fortification with a crate that constantly generates high-tier weapons, but the difficulty is vastly increased and the zombies can destroy said fortification. As the apocalypse has been going on for a while, special items have been upgraded to be placeable from a distance at any point of the map, but their radius can’t overlap with the fort to insure its stability. (Putting all of them in the fort would be pretty broken) Not sure if it should play as one long round, or comprise of waves as usual.

Generators: Instead of just surviving, the survivors also have to protect multiple generators, which the zombies target. Only one generator is active (and attacked by the zombies) at a time. If one gets destroyed, the others also receive a bit of damage. If all fall, the survivors lose. Special items can’t be placed in the vicinity of the generators, in order to not interfere with the electricity production (so that the survivors have a harder time protecting them).


All Modes

  • Teletransportation: 2 random players are swapped positions, maintaining momentum, every n seconds. Approx times: Minigolf/Ballrace/LC knights - 5 seconds, Virus/ZM - 10 seconds.

  • Melons?: BR melons spawn around the map randomly that you can collect, whoever collects most gets bonus units at the end.


  • Mini-me: Everyone is tiny, but running speed isn’t changed.

  • Temporal Anomaly: Time only moves when the infected prime moves. Meaning if it stops, everyone else can’t move, likewise shooting is slowed massively when stopped.

  • Tag! You’re IT!: You can now press E on other survivors, tagging them. A random survivor is “it”, they will glow brightly and be very visible to infected. The infected that kills the tagged player gets bonuses, the survivor who was “it” and killed gets nothing. (I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH)

  • Inverted: Controls are inverted, up is down, left is right.


  • Have an Ice time: Every platform is turned to ice.

  • Egg: Your balls are now eggs. (egg shaped)

  • Collider: All balls collide.

Zombie Massacre

  • Melee Only: Spawn with random melee weapon, only melee drops.

  • Megaboss: Boss now has 10x more HP, credit rewards are also 10x to max out skills. (alos extra time given to complete)

  • Superhuman: Credits are x10, and all levels now go up to level 10 giving ridiculous stats.

  • Bloated Zombies: Zombies are bloated and explode when killed, dealing AoE to players.

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I’d like to see a Mini Golf : Race Mutator where the first to the hole wins. I think it’d be really hectic and really mix up the pace of the game world.


Friendly fire/collision for all games. meaning minigolf, ball race, ZM, Virus… that would be awful and i love it


  • Everyone is actually dragons. There is only one knight. survive for as long as you can!
  • Double trouble, all effects last twice as long but take twice as long to recharge. (sprint, stuns, ect)

Ball race:

  • Bouncy floor
  • Sticky floor
  • Melons are all big melons!


  • The zombies are all cute cuddly creatures! But equally as dangerous
  • Gas leak. All the zombies are now on fire.
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Alternate name: SUPERHOT
(Which to be honest you could probably ask them if you could use that as the name and they’d probably agree but that’s amibitious so)
Alternate alternate name: ULTRAWARM


We need mutators in our lives.


LC: Wind-up mode (like the original LC concept art). Instead of pressing the button, knights would have to hold down the wind-up key to slowly unwind the dragon. Could be paired with a higher player count, or have the dragon get weaker as it gets more unwound.

2-year old bonmp


Yes please

It’s also going to be a netcode nightmare for games like Ball Race and Minigolf.