Mutator Ideas Megathread


Post ideas for gameworld mutators here. (For the uninitiated, mutators will be special gameworld “modes” that enable or disable certain parts of a game, or ways of playing them. For example, there could be a Zombie Massacre mutator that only allowed you to use melee weapons.)


Golf ball collisions. inverted ball race controls. the list can go on


Well when it comes we should have some form of Instagib for Slaughterday Night Live. Also a low gravity mode for that gamemode could be fun as well.


Chatted about this with @theuhie @MaskedKatz and @ZOX on the Discord:

Minigolf: Time Race
Every time somebody scores, the timer speeds up. Basically this means that the more people there are in a lobby, the faster you’ll have to play to score. This also means that people can’t just mess around and waste time for a minute and stall the game.

@nmi5 mentioned this below but just putting it here:

Ball Race: Time Race
Literally the same thing as the Minigolf version but it would probably be really fun in BR too.


Minigolf / Ballrace: Mirror mode
It’s like Mario Kart 8, the stage is reversed.


What if there was a fart mutator so the player has to fart every 5 minutes and it makes them jump randomly, so you have to time your movements right?


That would be… interesting??


Keep thoughts like that to yourself, young man.


I feel this would work even better for ball race


Zombie massacre: Every time someone gets in the helicopter they are rescued and the amount of zombies increases by the desired multiplier, giving the game a more competitive aspect.


Minigolf: WHEEL OF… GOLF
After every shot you take, a random effect will be applied to your golf ball, changing the color of your ball and indicating at the bottom of the screen what the current effect is. The order of effects should be determined before the round starts, so it is fair for everyone. So basically everyone gets the same effect on their first shot, second shot and so on.

Effects could be things like:
-Strength (Orange): Your shots are way stronger than usual, requiring you to be more careful

-Ice (Light blue): Your ball slides across the floor as if you are on ice.

-Explosions (Yellow): Your golf ball jumps with the next shot you take.

-Slime (Green): Your golf ball sticks to walls.

-Jumpy (Dark blue): Your golf ball starts jumping around randomly.

-Moonball (Grey): Low gravity.

-Drunk (Purple): Your golf ball starts wobbling around.

-Aimbot (Red): The ball will go towards the hole if you are close to it, as if it is getting sucked into the hole.

-Inverted (Black): The controls are inverted. If you shoot to the left, you shoot to the right. If you shoot forwards, you shoot backwards, if you shoot strong, you shoot weak.

-Rainbow (Switching every few milliseconds): The effects will quickly change every few milliseconds, causing you to be unable to be sure which effect you are going to get. The moment you take the shot, the last effect that was shown on the ball applies.

Minigolf: Race
A race to the finish, just like in Ball Race.

Minigolf: Race Collisions
The golf balls can now collide, while the scoring system functions like Ball Race.
This makes it somewhat more competetive, as you can kick each other around.

Minigolf: Sudden Death
You only get as many shots as you would need to get a par. If you run out of shots, you will have to wait until the next level.

Minigolf: Realistic
You get a wind meter in the UI, showing you the direction and strength of the wind. You will have to calculate by how much your shot will be affected.

Ball Race: Low Gravity
Significantly lower gravity in Ball Race, enabling you to find new routes and ways to play the game.

Ball Race: Banana Rush
A lot of bananas spawn randomly across the levels.
Rankings as in: 1st, 2nd, 3rd are not determined by time but by the amount of bananas you have collected in the level.
The person with the most bananas is placed 1st basically.