Add Minigolf powerups as a mutator

I was rewatching Achievement Hunter’s 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventure Let’s Plays and I saw how neat the powerups are. They can completely change the game and even inadvertently help other players.

I’d like to see this added in Minigolf as a mutator to allow some more variety to be had in Minigolf. It’s still fun on its own, but I think these would be a lot of fun.


I think this would be a very fun Idea, if it Doesn’t make it into the full game, I’d love to see someone make it an addon

I would love to see a more arcadey-style minigolf. But how would the power-ups be rewarded? Maybe if you get a par or under, you get a slot machine where you get a random power-up, and the better your score, the better power-up you get?

Here are some power-up ideas:

-Trajectory: Shows the path the ball will take, even when it bounces off walls
-Safety Net: Negates one out-of-bounds
-Mulligan: Re-do one shot
-Invisible ball: Passes through all obstacles (except for required ones like the taiko drum) for one shot

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These are good, but I was imagining more like they’re laying about on the course like the powerups in Mario Kart.

My entire idea for this came from this game:

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That’s a good idea in theory… But think about it this way: wouldn’t players just be fighting over the power-ups? I think power-ups should be given to all decent-performing players, as I stated before.