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Item Suggestions Megathread

Suggest your item ideas here.

1467 February 18, 2020
About the Suggestions category 1 June 4, 2015
Suggestion for Merch! 10 February 20, 2020
Game review and suggestions. 2 February 19, 2020
Condo Feedback Board Item 7 February 18, 2020
Appropriate sizing for miniature furniture? 2 February 18, 2020
Bandcamp Functionality for Media Players in Condos / etc 2 February 17, 2020
Add in coughing and checking your watch from Elevator Source 5 February 16, 2020
Can you enable suicides in BallRace to avoid this? 13 February 16, 2020
Don't go overboard with Workshop content! 61 February 16, 2020
Lets get a pub for the plaza! 9 February 14, 2020
Secret Theater room 5 February 14, 2020
Ballrace Glitched Times 8 February 13, 2020
Coin Flipping 2 February 13, 2020
Increase notepad chara max, or a new item please? 2 February 13, 2020
Custom time of day slider for lobby 7 February 13, 2020
Gmod Tower Suite Outside 2 February 13, 2020
Saveable Outfits 6 February 13, 2020
Skateboarding Minigame 3 February 13, 2020
Display New Top 10 Times in Announcements Tab 2 February 12, 2020
Add selfie mode and filters to the camera item 2 February 12, 2020
Allow Other Players To Build In Your Condo 3 February 11, 2020
Condo Design Suggestions Megathread

Post your design ideas for condos for the developers to implement into the game here. They can be as simple as a concept or a couple basic sketches, to as complex as a full scale floor-plan, detailed drawings or renders…

273 February 10, 2020
Make billboards/ads in the Plaza teleport you to the thing they're advertising 8 February 9, 2020
MiniGolf (Possible Phoenix?) 18 February 9, 2020
Add a way to view payouts in the Collection Book 1 February 9, 2020
Emote Ideas Megathread

I’m currently working on remaking the ghost for LC, there will be a variety of faces you can get to swap between, like a happy face, frowning face, etc. I’d like some more ideas for idle faces that we can use for the gh…

15 February 9, 2020
Keep flashlight on after respawn 1 February 7, 2020
New casino game suggestion tsunami for phase 2 4 February 7, 2020
Basketball respawn 4 February 7, 2020