Additional Condo I/O connections for existing items

Here’s a number of additional events that I think would be helpful to be added to existing items:


  • Input: On Rise - triggers when a player leaves the seat
  • Output: Eject - forces any sitting player out of the seat


  • Input: On Toggle - triggers whenever the door/light is interacted with, rather than every other interaction

All Knowing 8-Ball:

  • Input: On Positive/Negative/Neutral Response - triggers whenever the 8-ball outputs an appropriate response

Billiards Table:

  • Input: On Game Start, On Game End - triggers when a game of billiards starts or ends

Physics Items:

  • Input: On Respawn - triggers when the physics items respawns (manually triggered or automatic)

Christmas Snowball:

  • Input: On Max Size - triggers when the snowball grows to max size
  • Output: Reset Size - shrinks the snowball to its original size

Crystal Ball/Haunted TV:

  • Input: On Reveal X - similar to the “on reveal” but only triggers with a certain image
  • Output: Reveal X - reveals a given image on the item

Emergency Button:

  • Input: On Lid Open - triggers when opening the lid

Nuke Button:

  • Input: On Case Open/Close, On Button Press - similar to the existing button events and suggested Emergency Button input event
  • Input: On Explode - triggers after the button press when the nuke explodes
  • Output: Explode - triggers the nuke explosion effect immediately

Reinforced Wooden Gear:

  • Output: Activate/Deactivate - enables or disables gear movement

Soda Machine:

  • Output: Clear - removes all dispensed sodas from the world
  • Output: Dispense - dispenses a soda

Trivia Podium:

  • Input: On Press A/B/C/D - triggers when the A/B/C/D buttons are pressed

Also, the following items have use events, but don’t have any connections:
All Knowing 8-Ball, All Knowing Pufferfish, Barber Pole, Birb, Body Pillow, Ball Race/Golf Dioramas, Ceiling Fan, Globe, Instruments, (Kalleira) Hula Doll, Ferris Wheel, Fiddlewhirl, Message in a Bottle, Newton’s Cradle, Notebook, Openable Present, Ship Wheel, Snowglobe, Soda Machine, Trivia Podium, Turret

Casket has door events (on open, on close), but not bed events (on rest).
Toilets are missing seat events (on sit).

I also have a few I think would be useful–

Instruments like drums, pianos, bongos and drum machine could could get the OnSit event, and the guitar could get OnPlay or something. Could be used for turning on spotlights facing at that specific instruments position on a stage.

Hockey and football/soccer nets could get an OnGoal input and the Basketball Hoop could get an OnBasket input. Also an input that gets triggered when the number on them is reset with the button.

Trampoline could have an OnBounce event.

Birb could have an OnDamaged event. Maybe also one for when it’s no longer scared/it’s balloons pop.

Toy Robot could have an OnBumped, OnDamagedt, OnKil, and OnFlamethrower.

Screamy Boy could have OnWoken and OnSleep events.

The turret was mentioned in the original post, but different OnSit and OnFire events could be nice.

Laser Tag Vest is one that can be used but doesn’t have the OnUsed event. Could maybe also have different outputs for which of the teams is selected sorta like the dice or dreidel except instead of it being random you just are cycling through.

Useless Box is another one that can be used but lacks the OnUsed event. Could also have an additional event for the secret catsack kick.

The Spikeboard and Iron Maiden could both have OnKill events (maybe also the hurt volumes, idk if something added with Condo IO counts as an existing item).

Vehicles like the Drivable Speedboat and Drivable Helicopters could have OnSit events as well as OnDrive events

The Gumball Machine doesn’t prompt you to use it, but if you do it does a little pop sound, so maybe that could get OnUsed too.

Clock, Wall Clock, Pumpkin Clock, Grandfather Clock, and Glow In The Dark Clock show local time for clients, so I’m not sure they’d be greeat for Condo IO, but maybe you could have them fire off events at selected times. Like at midnight have uhh a werewolf sound. Or hourly music changes like Animal Crossing without having to do bonkers delay times.

Laser Projector could get the regular light outputs of toggling, turning on, turning off, and so on. Hiding works to get rid of the lasers but if you want the actual projector to stay you’re kinda outta luck atm.

The Recharging Station milestone could have OnRechargeStarted and OnRechargeEnded, would be nice to use like a healing station with slow health regen while the cord is attached.

Decorative Remains lack an OnUsed or equivalent OnDisturbed event. That’s something I could see people using in spooky builds.

Potion Bottle could have an output that adjusts it’s “Contents Amount”.

Also the casket not having an OnRest event thing is shared with the Tomb as well.


Thank you for listing all of these. Adding IO events is not too hard and offer a lot of flexibility to builders.


If i may add a suggestion;

Laser Projector and smoke machines to be toggled on/off


I was going to make a bug report for these items specifically, they don’t seems to turn on or off when linked to IO items.

Actions to toggle fans and respawn placeable vehicles would be pretty useful too


Haunted Piano is missing a use event and could probably use Play Random Song and Play Song X outputs.

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Number sign items (Glowing and regular) could have a number changing setting with IO.


For animated canvases:

  • Output: Rate, adjusts play rate
  • Output: Play, plays the canvas animation from the beginning of the spritesheet
  • Input: On end, fires when the animation reaches the end of the spritesheet

Would also be nice if spritesheets had an option to play once and then hold the last frame.


Adding onto this thread a bit more, additional ToggleRainbow and SetFunction actions for lights would be great. SetFunction would especially be useful for something like a power outage sequence, where the lights are set to start flickering for a second before they turn off.

edit: also an OnSpin event for the Spin to Win wheel would be good


God please, this would add so much for custom minigames :pray:

If possible the ability to copy connections across triggers would be lovely

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That’s supposedly coming in the next update

(mac plz don’t shoot me for posting a cropped screenshot from a video from patron-media)

thank Mac! i just spent 5 hours maunally adding connections over and over and over yesterday.

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jesus christ

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Having the abilities to hide/unhide any object would be nice, some self occlusion on larger maps where no one is present.

i just cant wait to see if we get a boolean to tie to players so a better checkpoint system can be made in condo gameworlds at some point in the future

Idk if you’re suggesting this or not, but if you connect an item using the glove you should already be able to do this.

ive been doing it manually since things are wide distances, so ive never actually tried that, ill take a look, but that makes sense to not flood the connections box with non-interactable

In the next update, there’s a toggle for the connection box to show all items so you’ll be able to do it without the tool as well.

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This is in the works.