Some particle emitter suggestions

Having a particle emitter is awesome, but I have a few grievances with them. Here are some suggestions

  • More color options
    Most of the particles cannot be colored, I’d like to see more of them be colorable. Makes them hard to use

  • Particle Rate/Density
    A slider which defines how many of the particle spawns a second, like the fog machines.

  • Particle Speed
    A slider which defines how quickly the particles head on their predefined path.

  • Repeat Pattern
    A menu which allows you to increase the radius of a particle by repeating it in a grid, can be on the x, y, z axis, or multiple of each axis. This allows you to quickly scale the particles without placing a bunch of them in a grid.

  • Add that cool bubble thing from the tubes in Tower threads and the underwater condo please.
    Please. and also like, a mist particle! :slight_smile:

Good suggestions all of them.

If there could also be a way, with/regarding the repeat (or whichever way can increase the spread of partilces such as rain and snow), to show some visual outline as to the range of the spread, more easily cover large areas, that would be great too.


I would love to see a water drip and a dust or sand falling particle as well please


While I like this idea, it would be cool to see at least a few more options inspired by “Your Only Move is Hustle”, for example potentially including useful settings you missed such as:

  • Random Deviation Scale
  • Gravity Control
  • Lifetime Control
  • Explosiveness Control
  • Velocity and Acceleration Control (Linear, Radial, Tangential, Orbital)
  • Ability to set Start and End values for Color, Opacity, and Scale

came here to suggest exactly this. desperately need the speed options at the absolute minimum

At most I just want to be able scale the size of particle emitters without changing the size of the particle, so I can place snow and rain without need ten thousand emitters.


One thing none of you mentioned is the duration of the shown particle.
Not only when placed but also when youre trying to place it… The particle only plays animation once in order to compare with another or see it again you have to back into the selection area and re select.

Then once you place it it only plays for a split second. Ability to set how long it plays VS just making it play and then repeating the play command to see the animation would be a great touch to the FX item.

You don’t have to back out of the particle to see it go off again. If you right click the particle and go into edit there is a tab call </> IO Debugging and that will let you simulate input/output, so you can play the particle over and over again.

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the last one is best one definitely