Bonus Event Suggestions Megathread

Hi, this is a thread to keep track of any event suggestions for TU.

This thread is specifically for the EXP/Unit/etc. bonus events that show up on the TU Monthly Calendars in the train station in-game. (Not holidays/special events)

Use this thread to give suggestions on what events we should do, and feel free to request events for upcoming months.

a Double Xp weekend for typing derby Would be a GODSEND


A Double Condo EXP weekend would be pretty neat as it encourages partying with friends while at the same time rewards builders for hanging out together. Even though there’s no milestones or rewards for Condos, I think it’s just a pretty neat idea as it encourages condo hangout parties or even community events!


I think it’d be neat if Zombie Massacre had an event during full moons, like how Team Fortress 2 has Halloween mode enabled during them. Not sure how annoying that would be to schedule other events around though. If events beyond exp/units are allowed to be suggested, maybe like increased spawn rate or an increase in the strength of the werewolf enemy. I can’t remember if a werewolf was among the unused bosses, but maybe having a larger one replace the spider could be something to spice it up a little bit however often full moons happen.


“oops all werewolves”


Disco Fever! - Nightclub XP is boosted (that or billiards has double payouts).
Double Feature - A theater one, but that’d have to be XP only since there’s no units. Maybe a discount on private theaters?


I’d love to see stores having a sale on furniture, certain items, some items are pretty pricey :slight_smile:

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I recently ran a survey, and I found that a lot of the ideas that have been posted here were similar to the ones I suggested in my survey. Here’s a link to the results and a bit of some analyzing them as well. Tower Unite Event Survey + Feedback - #2 by Kirbyrocket

I’d love to see an official survey go out to have a larger sample size of responses as well.

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