Level SDK Suggestions

Please use this thread to submit any SDK tools / IO modules that you’d like for the recently released level SDK.

An I/O module that reads the current gamemode being played, and sends an output depending on the mode;

SDNL Capture the Flag
SDNL Oddball
Little Crusaders

These could be expanded upon depending on mutators as well.
This allows for maps to be multi-purpose, allowing creators to add unique systems depending on what mode you play.


I was going to suggest Game World specific events in the World Control Module but it seems like the Game World Module is going to do that instead. I’ll leave this list of events here in case any of them aren’t accounted for though:

  • OnMatchStart (round 1 only)
  • OnRoundStart
  • OnPlayerKilled/Infected
  • OnDragonDefeated
  • OnBirbEaten
  • OnTeamWin

As far as I know, none of the official Virus maps have anything like this, but I’ve thought of some possible use cases for having spawn points that only Infected can respawn onto (particularly spawning on inaccessible cliffs/balconies and dropping from above).

This would be useful for condos also, but settings for the blocking volume to make it one-way or only allow certain team(s) could be helpful.

There should be an ‘open map browser’ button in the server creation screen for game worlds with SDK support.

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Currently Virus doesn’t have specific Infected only spawns, but we can add that with the team system and have TeamB for Infected only spawns.

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Trigger/Damage Volumes should have a filter for team type.

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The Damage/Heal volume should probably also have an Instakill toggle for pits and traps (and a higher damage cap) since you can be above 100HP in SDNL (and I think Virus too, since being enraged grants a health bonus).

I haven’t tested to see if damage volumes can kill Knights, the Dragon, and/or Birb in LC, but if not then having Instakill toggled on should do that too.


I’d like to see one that checks which round you’re on, so you can have something unique happen each and every round.

For example, you could make your map multiple maps, which sends you to a different area for each round, think like how accelerate used to work.

Special Death IO inputs
SDNL: OnPlayerKill, OnPlayerDoubleKill, OnPlayerTripleKill, OnPlayerMultiKill,OnPlayerSuicide


I wouldn’t be surprised if this was planned already, but some way to quickly switch teams while in playtesting mode would be very helpful, as well as noclip so you can get unstuck if something goes wrong.

A way to enter specific gametypes in SDNL would be helpful to see if all of the gametype-specific items and IO events are working.


Yeah I’m working on all of this. Also will be useful for ZM to test zombie spawning. Basically, all the debug tools we have.

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Weapon Pickup should have an option that disables both the baseplate and the vfx.
Leaving just the model / icon.


For a couple of my SDNL maps, I plan on having different team spawn locations for certain modes (CTF in particular) but I’m not sure if this is actually doable right now. It might be possible to do this with the Game World Events item but I’m worried that when initially spawning in people might be sent to the wrong mode’s spawn points or something.

Regardless of if this is something you can do right now, it would be nice and less stressful if you could just skip the IO stuff entirely and instead have filters in the Custom Spawn Point’s properties to only make it work in certain gametypes.

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Weapon Pickup should have an option that allows players to put their items and toys as an option. For example, a Condo Admin that is a backer could place the Unit Bills for someone to use as a weapon pickup and see what the item would do.


You can do this when the pickup is set to Single:

I think they more meant along the lines of co-op condo players should be able to put their items into it too.

Which I hope will be considered with Community Condos.


Oh right. Yea that would be good

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In the upcoming hot fix, I fixed the non-team spawns being used during team games. SDNL should only select team spawns during team matches now.

But, yeah, I can add some filters on the spawn points for game types as well.

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For weapon pickups, a variant of ‘Random’ that doesn’t include super weapons would be useful, as well as an SDNL-specific variant of Single that lets you pick a single SDNL weapon for the pickup to spawn (rather than only being able to pick from your equippable items).


A Custom Spawn Point action for SetTeam would be useful. It would allow making an asymmetric SDNL map where team spawns can swap each round. It might be already possible to fake, but would require having double the spawn points.

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A few extra Map Theme tags would be nice. Some ideas:

  • Nature
  • Urban
  • Abandoned
  • Stadium/Arena
  • Rat Map
  • Weird/Gimmicky

Also, maybe a little nitpicky but I feel like the Horror tag should be renamed to Spooky/Horror. Some of my maps have vague spooky elements but ‘Horror’ feels a bit too extreme of a word to accurately describe them.

Also also, speaking of tags, it would be nice if you could optionally skip updating them when updating a map, like you can with the description and images.


For Little Crusaders, I think it would be cool if the sword from Mystic Grove was added as an SDK item, with a set of options to change how it works:

  • Number of hits required to kill the dragon (with an option to make it always stun, can’t kill)
  • Recharge time / How many rounds until it recharges
    • Toggle to never recharge
    • IO action to recharge it (even if recharging is disabled)
  • Rank filters for Esquire/Knight/Baron/Count
  • Toggle to hide the stone that the sword is embedded in
  • Setting to change the model used for the sword (axe, hammer, shield, maybe workshop?)

Along with this, it might be interesting if there was some way to disable Birb spawning in your maps, maybe as a toggle in the Game World Events item or something.