Condo Surface Suggestions Megathread

edit: here’s an organized list of the materials shown on this thread that haven’t yet been added:


Black Ceiling Tiles

These Tiles on the Casino

Poseidon Entrance Floor

Fresh Counterside

Beach House Floor

Tile Wall (minus black part, maybe)

This Wood

Wavy Part Tiles

Toy Stop Wallpaper



Dirt & Twigs

Beach House Ceiling

Theater Floor (in default condo’s bathroom, but not selectable for other surfaces)

Bowling Carpet


Boardwalk Wood

Dark Wood

Concrete Tiles

Bowling Concrete(?) Floor (Used in Suite’s secret room, but not selectable for other surfaces)

Poker Room Carpet

Stone Tiled Floor

Floor Tiles + Carpet

Brick Wall


Transit Station Floor

Casino Entrance Edge Floor

Sorry for the almost 1-year bump but more textures:

Rock, Grass, Sand and Wet Sand

Yellow Wall, White Wall, Floor Tiles

Tile Grass, Golf Barrier Thing

Grass, Dirt


Sidewalk, Road, House Wall



Dock Wood

Brick Floor

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m o r e

Black Roof Tiles

Sweet Suite Wood Planks

Weathered Brick Wall


Smooth Brick Wall

Marble Tile

Tower Lobby Wave Tile

Tower Lobby Carpet

Laser Tag Lobby Tile

Plaza Grass Floor

Lighthouse Brick TIle (not sure if this is a looping texture or not)

Dirt Floor w/ Rocks

Pool Tiles

Lazy River Wall Tiles

Metal(?) Wall

Peeled Wallpaper (this is used in Condo as of a couple updates ago, but I don’t think it’s in the material select)

Tile Carpet (not-gray version)

Striped Wallpaper


Theater Concessions Tile (without black line if possible)

Fake Room

Boardwalk Wood Tiles

Songbirds Mosaic Floor

Songbirds Stage Floor (also the stage itself would be a cool item)

Little Crusaders Checker Tiles

Putting Greens Grass

Little Crusaders Brick Wall

Hospital Tile Floor

Plaza Tile Floor

I cannot express enough how much I need these textures I am losing power jamie give me the cookies NOw


some more textsa

Theme Park Asphalt

Beige Brick Wall

Island Border Wall

Island Sand

Sunrise Isles Sand

Forest Putting Green Grass


Nightclub Tile Floor

Nightclub Concrete Floor

Nightclub Stage Floor

Nightclub Wood Wall 1

Nightclub Wood Wall 2

Nightclub Fabric Wall

Nightclub Wood Wall 3

Nightclub Gamer Texture



Shooting Gallery Ride Red Wallpaper

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Plaza Fountain Side Brick 1 (not sure if this is a looping texture or not)

Plaza Fountain Side Brick 2 (not sure if this is a looping texture or not)

DIY Wall (also white instead of orange)

Striped Wood Wall (there’s a similar one available rn but this one is different and cool)

Horizon Condos Wall (also white instead of light blue)

White Wood Planks

Gray Floor Bricks

Zombie Massacre Port Shed Wall

Beach Event Teleporter Wood

Beach House Support Beam


Nightclub Cool Geometric Shapes Wall Thing

Nightclub Cool Circles Wall Thing

Nightclub Stairway Wood (not sure if this is a looping texture or not)

Pool Table Fabric

Less Shiny Metal

Casino Gold (not sure if this is a looping texture or not)

Laser Tag Metal Wall

Table Wood (not sure if this is a looping texture or not)

Rob’s Imports Display Case Wall

Conveyor Belt

Rob’s Imports White Ceiling Part

Smooth-ish Rock


Fishing Sign Wood (but like, without the words and images and stuff)

White Glossy Material Thing

Rope (not sure if this is a looping texture or not)

Boat Wood

Rough Rock

Dock Wood

Theater Curtain Fabric

Theater Stairs Wood Trim

Theater Light Line Thing Or Whatever IDK

Pet Pen Grass Thing Or Whatever IDK

Light Wood(?)

Plaza Event Circle Gold

Vertical White Wood Planks

Tower Wall Marble Tiles

Project 12 Support Beam Metal

Tower Roof Building Gray Brick Wall

Table Wood 2

Project 12 Roof Wood Tile

Metal With Tha Ovals In

Wyde Metal With Tha Ovals In

Condo Lobby Stained Gold

Project 12 Bar Table Side Wood

Project 12 Red-ish Tiles

Shooting Gallery Box Planks

Striped Metal Wall

Plaza Planter Trim

Arcade Metal Trim

Arcade Stairs Tile Ceiling


Orange/Black Wall

Planet Panic Blue/Orange Bricks

Central Circuit Black Marble Wall

Beach House Exterior Wood Planks

Slot Machine Metal (both the left and right ones)

Plaza Stairs Wood

Bowling Building Wood

Lighthouse Roof Metal

Lighthouse Stained Glass

Dev HQ Wood Trim

Weathered Rock 4 Texture

Condo Shower Wall
Condo Sliding Door Wood (idk why this doesn’t embed)


Snowball Battle Arena Light Wood

Snowball Battle Arena Stone

Snowball Battle Arena Snowy Bricks [now in the game]

Snowball Battle Arena Fireplace Dark Wood(?)

Snowball Battle Arena Rug (not sure if this is actually a solid color or not but I think it isn’t?) [now in the game]

Snowball Battle Arena Fireplace Bricks [now in the game]

Snowball Battle Arena Cabin Wood [now in the game]

Snowball Battle Arena Bleachers Wood

Karaoke Room Booking Counter Wood

Cool Snow [now in the game]


Casino Wood Wall 1

Casino Wood Wall 2 [now in the game]

Casino White Wall

Casino Striped Carpet [now in the game]

Casino Wood Wall 3 [now in the game]

Casino Red Wallpaper [now in the game]

Casino Stone(?) [now in the game]

Casino Cool Wood Floor [now in the game]

Casino Fireplace Floor [now in the game]

Casino Poker Table Fabric (idk if that’s a looping texture or not)

Casino Fireplace Black Marble

Casino Yellow Tile Floor [now in the game]

Casino Fireplace Black Marble Tile

Casino Table Countertop [now in the game]

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also shameless plug to my old thread that had some, while the topic is getting some attention.

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Woodlands Grass Tiles [now in the game]

Woodlands White/Green Tiles [now in the game]

Woodlands Star Tiles

Woodlands Wavy Tiles

Woodlands Temple Bricks [now in the game]

Woodlands Cave Stone Wall

Oasis Hieroglyphics [now in the game]

Oasis Tile Floor [now in the game]

Oasis Rocks [not in], Oasis Wavy Tiles [now in the game]

Oasis Bricks [now in the game]

Oasis Sand

Oasis Arch Rainbow

Prism Floor [now in the game]

Bloop Blocks

GLXY Floor

Paradise Tiles (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red)

Paradise Wood [now in the game]

Desertion TIle Floor

Desertion Wood

Desertion Fountain Textures (Hexagon, Cool Pattern)

Desertion Brick Wall

Waterhole Cave Stone

Waterhole Cave Floor Stone

Waterhole Wall Wood 1, 2

Waterhole Wall Wood 3

Waterhole Gravel

Waterhole Wood Path

Hologram (can be seen on the blue planet-orb-thing)

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Solar Tile Floor 1

Solar Tile Floor 2

Solar Striped Metal Wall 1

Solar Striped Metal Wall 2

Solar Wires

Subway Tile Floor 1

Subway Tile Floor 2

Subway Wall (Blue and Yellow)

Subway Station Edge Marker

Overtime Tile Floor

Overtime Carpet

Overtime Stairs Wood

Hospital Counter Wood

Hospital Ceiling


Sorry to necro

The cyan tile material from Ball Race: Memories

Screenshot for reference

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I think this thread needs a more condensed list of the most usable / possible materials, it’d probably make things easier for the Devs to focus. I ignored duplicates / extremely similar materials and ones that have since been added.

Here it is in a list written around the material categories.


Fractal Carpet

Checker Carpet

Billiards Fabric

Light Carpet Tiling

Moon Carpet


Smooth Linoleum (not sure what category)

Classic Checker Floors

Linoleum Tiles


Subway Tile Floor 1

Subway Tile Floor 2

Subway Tile Walls

Bonus Tiles


Bumpy Tiles


Worn Herringbone

Large Painted Bricks

Large Smooth Bricks

Worn Bricks

Long Painted Bricks

Highrise Brick Trim


Wood Tiling

Clean Long Planks

Polished Wood

Stained Wood

Vertical Slats
Scuffed Wood


Desert Stone Tiles

Grungy Concrete


Toy Stop Wallpaper


Ebony Marble


Forest Bed

Natural Rock


Rough Rock

Oasis Stone

Waterhole Cave Stone

Sand 2




Metal (New Category)

Worn Metal

Metal Grate Thick

Waffle Iron Tiles

Thin Strips

Thick Strips

Bumpy Metal

If these are added, for the love of god please make them World Align-able. Materials become INFINITELY more usable when World Aligned.


Updoot for GLXY grid

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Nice. This thread definitely was in need of some organization. Also, forgive my stupidity, but what does “world alignable” mean? I’ve seen it mentioned but never knew what it meant.

With World Align

Without World Align



Blue Star except it’s colorable.

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New Materials (or at least ones that have appeared in a condo for the first time) are in Villa.

Long Painted Bricks

Despite looking stretched, these would be very nice to have since the Painted Bricks material is really shiny.

Orange Boards

Similar to the material we have the on the left. Would really love to just have a white boards material so we can recolour them as we please.

Classic Tiles

These come from LC / the Game World ports and look very nice. One issue however, the Normal map is screwed up and the black tiles aren’t raised (while the white tiles are (check the corners under the blood splatter).

Really Nice Wood Grain

really nice wood grain, tintable.

Modern Tiles

Okay these ones are weird. instead of removing the diffuse texture and applying a flat colour to tint, they took the plaza tiles and gave it a really really high brightness level. (that’s the same material on the right)
Personally I’d really like just a flat colour version of these tiles.