The Rules

These rules apply to official Tower Unite Plaza servers, in-game chat features, forums, and our Discord.

General Rules

By using our forums, Discord, and in-game services (voice, chat, etc.), you agree to the following rules:

:warning: We have a zero tolerance ban policy regarding racism, transphobia, homophobia, anti-semitism, and any other forms of discrimination.

Usage of racist slurs will get you permanently banned.

  • Respect others and treat them how you wish to be treated.
  • No discrimination or hate speech. No one should be discriminated against.
  • No sexually explicit behavior.
  • No harassment or trolling.
  • No violating privacy of others.
  • No politics or debates of controversial nature.

These rules apply to all of our users, which include any of our Patrons, backers, and our moderators. Our moderation team reviews reports case-by-case and takes action based on evidence.

These rules exist to ensure our community is a healthy, welcoming, and friendly community.


Full Rules

By using our forums, Discord, and in-game services, you agree to the following rules:

  • No offensive, profane, defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, threatening, obscene, or unlawful material.

  • No harassment or trolling of others, including our developers.

  • No slanderous or libelous comments about other users, PixelTail Games employees or contractors, or other individuals.

  • No personal information or anything that could violate the privacy of any individual (no doxxing)

  • No business solicitation of any type, including advertising a product or service, offering a product or service for sale, or directing readers to a location for more information about a product or service

  • No transmission of viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may adversely affect the operation of PixelTail Game’s systems or a third party’s computer.

  • Do not use any inappropriate avatars or usernames (which includes anything sexual, offensive, or containing hate speech).

  • Spamming chat or voice (including playing music) is forbidden.

  • Ban evasion, the act of setting up alternative accounts to avoid a ban, is strictly forbidden and will only increase the severity of your existing ban.

  • Abusive discussion of a ban that you have received will increase your ban.

  • Discussion/providing links of how to obtain ROMs, warez, illegally obtained software, or hacks is completely forbidden.

    • Discussion of any game exploit is strictly forbidden. Please follow the How To Report Players guide to report exploits. Macroing is considered an exploit!
  • Discussion or promotion of any leak of code, content, or misuse of GMod Tower content is strictly forbidden.

  • Respect our moderators as they will respect you. If you have a question about their decisions, ask politely. If you have additional information that could help their decisions, please feel free to share it with them in a mature way. Moderators are people too and they just want to enjoy the chat just as much as everyone else.

Additional In-Game Special Cases

  • Text Hat follows the same rules as our in-game chat. If your Text Hat breaks any of the above rules, you will get banned from in-game chat and will no longer be able to set a text hat.

  • Usernames & avatars, including Steam, follow the same rules as our in-game chat. If your username or avatar breaks any of the above rules, you will get banned from in-game chat.

  • Condo Titles follow the same rules as our in-game chat. If your Condo Title breaks any of the above rules, you will lose the ability to set your Condo Title and possibly in-game chat.

  • Theater/Media player videos posted from your account that break any of the above rules will get you banned from posting theater videos indefinitely. Reminder once again, no sexually explicit theater content.

  • Cheating leaderboards in our game will get your leaderboard entities removed permanently. This includes buffering and/or botting the game.

  • Workshop models and content have their own set of rules which you can read here: Tower Unite Workshop Manual
    The majority of the workshop rules overlap with these set of rules. Failure to follow the workshop rules will get your workshop content removed.

  • Do not circumvent in-game chat filters.

Additional Discord Rules

  • Use of excessive unicode characters in your username is not allowed.
  • Multiple @ mentions are not allowed.
  • When contacting developers, please do not @ the developers.
  • Use of bots is forbidden. This includes any applications using Discord’s API.

Workshop Rules

Workshop models and content have their own set of rules which you can read here: Tower Unite Workshop Manual

Failure to follow the workshop rules will get your workshop content removed.

To report a Workshop model, please use this form: Report Workshop Form

Condo Rules

:information_source: Condos may contain custom content that may not be suitable for all ages.

You can use the Content controls found in the Settings menu to narrow down what custom content (“Workshop models”) and images (“Canvases”) you feel comfortable downloading.

By default, when you join a Condo, you will be prompted to either trust or not trust the player’s Canvas data. You can quickly untrust condos using the Tab menu and the canvas data will be made hidden and cleared completely.

Condo Moderation

When joining other player condos, it’s important to understand that condos are user hosted, and are not moderated by PixelTail except for extreme cases.

Condos are player hosted servers and may contain content not suitable for all ages.

We may, at our discretion and with no notice, temporarily or permanently take Condos off the condo server list/hub or limit condo permissions if we (based on evidence and user reports) find the condos contain content we find unacceptable. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • underage characters performing sexual acts or is nude/exposed
  • hate speech or racism
  • excessive harassment or doxxing of another user

Reporting Condos

If you feel a condo is a harm to you or others, please report to our email:

Illicit materials should be reported to law enforcement - not to us. We will remove Condos with illegal content or activity.

In cases of hate speech concerns, please provide some evidence when sending the email.

Reporting Canvases

You can follow this page for references on how to best report canvas content here: How To Report Condos

Reporting Players

Please see here to find out how to report players: How To Report Players

Appealing Bans

Please see here to find out how to appeal bans: How To Appeal Bans


PixelTail Games reserves the right to moderate our services at our discretion and have final say on actions taken upon your account.

We may remove postings that contain objectionable material, spam, or otherwise violates the foregoing rules.

Failure to follow these rules may get your access to the forums, Discord, or in-game services disabled with or without notice.

Services that we currently moderate include in-game text chat, voice chat, theater/nightclub videos, condo titles, usernames/avatars, text hat, condo content, Discord, our forums, and Steam discussions.