How To Report Players

We prefer you use the in-game player report system when reporting people for global chat or in-game matters.

You can access this report system by clicking on a player you wish the report and then clicking on the report button in-game.

Each report is read by our staff each day and we take action as quickly as we can.

Bans are handled privately and we respect your privacy when making a report.

If you feel a matter cannot be fully explained through the in-game report system, please follow the instructions below:

When making a ban report, please report to @Caboose700 or @ThisIsntNath directly. If you are unable to report through DMs, please use our email:

You should only report issues related to Tower Unite Official Servers. Except for extreme cases, we do not moderate Condos or Game Worlds as they are player hosted servers.

The subject title should be “Ban Report”

Must include all three of the following:

  • Detailed information
  • The Steam Community of the user (or users) you are reporting
  • Screenshots and/or videos

Failure to follow these rules will have your ban report ignored.