Tower Unite News Directory

This post is a handy way to figure out where you can find current news about Tower Unite’s development!

These are the current information sources:

Steam Announcements

  • A way to see official game update announcements, developer logs, surveys, and in-game event announcements.

Weekly Developer Logs

  • Overviews of what the team worked on throughout the previous week


  • Roadmap and in-depth details of update progress

Official Discord

  • Includes announcements of game updates, dev logs, community events, surveys, and in-game events.

You can also see community events and in-game events on our in-game calendar within the train station in the Plaza!

Non-news related information:

:blue_heart: Supporting Us

:information_source: Support FAQ

:bulb: Suggestions | How to post!

:hammer: Bug Reports | How to post!

:tada: Contests

:spiral_notepad: Rules & Player Reports