Tower Control Center & Vent Maze

Hello everyone! Time for another episode of my condo showcase! This project is a bit different from previous builds, it’s not a residential showcase at all!

This build can be found in my Art Studio condo, and is a complete from-scratch do-over from the previous iteration of my Studio.

Unlike some other threads I don’t have an object count or anything for you on this, because this project is still on-going due to the nature of the vent maze, which technically has no end goal and will continue to expand. More on that later…

This project has taken about 1.5 weeks of work so far, and will continue to be worked on over time and expand further into the void.

The control center was constructed deep within the base of the ‘new’ tower during the construction of Tower Island and its centerpiece, the Tower itself. Embedded deep in concrete and steel, and under the many watchful eyes of its own security apparatus, the control center was easily considered by Tower personnel to be the most secure location on the island. Built to host the control room for the entire island, monitoring systems to watch over it, and the main server room in which these systems and many others operated, its importance to the operation of the island was paramount.

Ok let’s get to the pictures! If you wish to skip the rest of the BS and just see the images themselves please see this album.

After coming down a private staff-only elevator (which requires a special keycard to activate) you’ll find yourself down in the claustrophobic depths of the Tower. (this is the normally inaccessible area behind the ‘door to lobby’ and is one of the secret areas you can gain access to via the vents)

Upon entering the door, you’ll be standing in the lobby of the Control Center. A security checkpoint and small waiting area are located here. You’ll need to sign in with security to continue! Any and all bags must be checked or run through the x-ray to scan for contraband.

The waiting area

Behind the security desk. Seems one of the scanned catsacks has some suspicious items inside…

Once you check in with security you’ll enter the main lobby area, for staff or authorized visitors. From here there are two elevators, one to access the Server Room, and one to access the Monitoring Room.
There’s restrooms on this level, as well as an area in the back with vending machines for snacks.

The restrooms are basic, nothing much to look at in here

Let’s go down the elevator to the Monitoring Room first…

Monitoring Room

The Monitoring Room is the central hub for all operations on the entire island. From here you can see what’s going on all over the place, in every public facility. There’s monitors everywhere!
These large desks act as workstations for security personnel, whom monitor various cameras and maintain control systems throughout the island. Everything from heating & air conditioning to events and even controls for the attractions like the ferris wheel!

Against one side wall are large cabinets for storing records and extra tapes

This corner back here has a copier as well as cabinets with more security tapes.

The big wall! The two big side monitors display relevant and useful information for Tower personnel, such as current events, and more importantly, report queue! As reports get submitted by residents and visitors to the island, they come here for personnel to look over and handle using the various tools and systems available here. Currently shown in this image are graphics used during the Halloween 2018 event. These graphics are updated by me after every major update to keep with current events. Thanks to @Caboose700 for the overhead render of the island (though old) which I used for the central screen as a ‘satellite feed’ of the island. If you look closely you may notice there are cameras pointing at areas you may have never been to before, or can no longer visit!

Hm, who’s that up there?

Ah, it’s a Cosmic catsack! You may not have known this but most of Tower Island’s personnel is made up of cats! A Cosmic like this is pretty high ranking and gets to sit in the central control desk. Those large buttons on the desk are for special, secret purposes. Some may transform the plaza for events, some may trigger security alarms. Who knows?

Let’s head back to the lobby to use the other elevator now…

Server Room
We’re met with a small secure space with another security desk…and a huge door! This place is even more secure, and sealed off for good reason!

After using the retinal scanner we’ve been let in!

The server room houses the Tower central supercomputer whose AI controls all automated systems throughout the island that keeps everything running smooth. There’s also computers and servers here for the whole island’s intranet and all internet access for residents and guests runs through here. You could say this is the home of the island’s internet service provider, if you will. Yep that means even Tower Express is hosted here!

Sure is cold in here, you can even see a bit of fog on the floor but that’s not water vapor! That’s liquid nitrogen! This room is kept supercooled to keep all vital systems going strong and prevents overheating issues. Thanks to powerful cooling systems, massive computers, and hundreds of monitors, this facility consumes more power than any other single area on the whole island.

The main supercomputer itself

The upper deck features many consoles for controlling and monitoring these vital systems.

There’s a door over there! That leads to a simple storage closet, nothing out of the ordinary…

Just some old unused equipment and miscellaneous items…

Tower personnel would like to remind you that the ventilation systems are not open for exploration.

The Vents

You could almost say the control center was the side project compared to this, as the vent system was an idea I had for this condo before the idea of the control center even came to me. Utilizing the nearly infinite size of the void out of bounds, I constructed a series of vents that wrap around the main interior, and have plenty of room for future expansion outward. This project allows me to take random room ideas I have and throw them in here, building them as add-ons to this maze of ventilation shafts. Here you will find various rooms and secrets hidden in the dark. As of this post, the time of writing this, there are 6 rooms you can access or see through these vents. More will come as time goes by, I will feature pictures of them in later replies to this post!

Here’s some pictures of what the vents have in store for you so far…

The Trophy Room
I’ll admit this was just to display my trophies, not too fancy otherwise.

The Storage Room
Who knows what else could be found in here?

The Vehicle Tunnel
Used by personnel these underground vehicle tunnels allow transportation of goods behind-the-scenes out of view of residents and visitors.

Apparently @Drrabbit has a hidden retreat in the vents somewhere. Looks like he has company!

The Pool
You found the Tower public pool! Well, an older one, anyways. Looks pretty dated, likely not used in a long time…

Well it seems a couple cats still use it!

The pool is the largest so far of the vent rooms, and the latest addition. I’ll keep working on adding more rooms over time, with new images in later posts.

That’s it for now! If you see it open, be sure to stop by and see it for yourself!
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Really neat condo, super impressed!


holy heck this is great

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Hidden footage of me with my snaily army talking about “stuff”



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This is awesome, I love it! :smiley:

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You’ve done a fantastic job.


I saw this ingame, really cool concept, i like the drabbit room :rabbit: