Computrix's Highrise Showcase - Summer 2018 Update

Greetings, and happy Summer! Ever since the update I’ve been busy updating my condos to update them with the new items and polish them beyond my old standards. Highrise has been my third update project since the last major update!

See my other previous updates this year:
Default Condo

And see my previous highrise showcase here to compare what’s changed!

I’ve always considered Highrise my best work so far on Tower Unite when it comes to condo decorating, and now it’s more certain than ever before! Let’s get some stats in before we proceed:

Build Time (remodeling): Six Days
Item Count (approx total): 3,656
Total Cost (approx total): 5,137,850 Units

One final last thing before we start, if you want to just see the images and not read through the thread, click here

The Foyer is where you spawn at in Highrise and is the general welcome area. Like all my condos you will find a welcome sign here with a few points of info and rules. This room has a theme, that theme is “haunted mansion”. Thus the wallpaper is the famous ‘haunted mansion’ wallpaper, and canvases in this room feature pictures of haunted mansions/locations with brief descriptions beneath them in notebooks. Some may recognize the grandfather clock has the face similar to that of the haunted mansion as well. Overall not much changed here with the update, save for adjusting the room lights to more suit the feel of the room.

Vault access? We’ll get to that at the end of our tour…

The Parlor
Just off the foyer is the fanciest room in the condo. This room was decked out to look like it came straight out of an old world mansion. While this room too remains mostly the same, it has some very visible changes. The wallpaper is new, and the room now features custom ceiling and floor textures as well. The fireplace recieved some slight shape changes, new textures, more fire & wood, and a new grate covering. The bookshelves were changed, and new ceiling fixtures installed.

Cave “burn your house down with the lemons” Johnson

The Living Room
Outside the other end of the foyer is the heart of the condo, the large living room area. This space is still dominated by the massive custom media cabinet, and much of the furnishings here remain unchanged as well. Some changes to many of the canvases were made in here, though. The kitchen was also redone entirely with more items and detailing this time around. The wallpaper was also changed out with custom textures.

If you look closely you can see the old image of this room in the Tower Unite early access trailer. Three images of my old highrise configuration made it into this video!

Some say you can spot Waluigi in the smash mural on the wall back there if you know where to look

The updated kitchen area

Going up the steps to the private half of the upper floor

The TARDIS remains as it was, but this hall is now lined with nostalgic images

This little nook remains as it was previously, save for the wall texture update

Looking down the 2nd floor hallway

The bathroom received minor updates. The sink cabinets were changed, ceiling & floor textures updated, and the bathtub ‘water’ was reduced to a single canvas thanks to the scaler tool. Note the “mirror” which changed as well.

2F Room (Living Space/Bedroom/Office)
This room was originally just a bedroom, but I reset it entirely and split it up with canvas cubes to take advantage of the high ceilings. This area is a tribute to my best friend’s adorable and amazing art, making up a majority of the canvas art in this room, with a single piece by myself in here as well.

A small kitchenette and eating area

Looking down on the living area from the top of the loft

The bedroom loft. Very cozy space, I love how it turned out

The loft features a desk for art/drawing, a cozy reading corner, and yet another corner for watching TV. There’s also a bed, for…sleeping.

Under the bedroom loft is the gaming room, set up not only for gaming but streaming (thus the greenscreen walls).

There’s also a proper, non-gaming office taking up the other space.

1F Hallway
It’s another hallway wooooo

Those of you who know my old highrise will remember the ‘large room’ was a basic art gallery of fanart, as I had no idea how to use the immense space. I expanded upon the ‘gallery’ idea and made a full fledged museum this time, including finally adding a third floor to this space as I had always wanted to do.
Welcome to the Gmod Tower Museum!

Most items have nameplates, and almost all of them have descriptive notebooks with info on their respective items.

A display cabinet

No more piano, the tower portion of the large room is now dedicated to Lobby One

The second level of the museum

Stairs to the third floor, which houses a Tower Unite exhibit

Until milestone trophies and other interesting items come out, this level will exhibit catsacks, and some of the various rewards you can get from them

…don’t pay too much attention to that cosmic…it’s probably fine

It wouldn’t be a museum without a gift shop, right?

The pool is…well a pool. Not much changed here at all. I updated the surface textures, removed the pointless hot tub, and installed a couple signs and a separate tile floor for the pool showers.

The upper roof is still pretty empty, but I’m not much of an outdoors person. Plus I really don’t see a need for even more items up here to lag you worse, right?

The lower roof is pretty much the same since my spring 2018 update, and features ample plant life. When winter comes once again the plant life will be replaced with snow as it was for last winter.

Basement (The Vault)
For spring 2018 I did the exterior but also the basement vault. I waited for the scaler tool to come out for this section and it remains mostly the same as my previous showcase thread which focused on the vault. I’ve added more signage and some of the newer furniture to the vault shelves.

For those unaware, I made this vault specifically to house the many, many bags of units, gold, and chests I received from opening over 500 catsacks. No, I didn’t get a cosmic yet <_<
This huge door reminds me of the huge door you open in Portal 2. If I could I would definitely add sirens and blinking lights to the opening sequence of this door.

Yes, it’s basically just shelves with items. But it looks cool!

Though I don’t have much of any secrets in here you’ll probably look anyways…there’s certainly lots of hiding places…

That’s it! You made it to the end, all 55 images wew! Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to appreciate all the hard work I put into this. It really is my favorite part of the game and I really enjoy what I do.

I tend to spend more time in highrise than my other condos, so if it’s open be sure to stop on by and visit! Or ask to see my other condos if you want, I love showing em off! (remember it may take a long while to load everything).

There will be more to come! I have to redo house completely, update theater, find a purpose for art studio, and more! See ya again soon!



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i’ve had people come into my condo it say ‘wow this is like the best condo i’ve ever seen’.

it’s a nice feeling until i hop back onto the forums and see builds like this.

very good show, my good sir.

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Jeez man, I thought the museum looked impressive just from the couple screenshots you sent on Discord, but this is something else. Good job!

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Wow, really liked the bedroom loft!

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I’ve been here up there with my favorite condos

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