Computrix's Default Condo Overhaul Showcase [ UPDATE]

Hello everybody! It’s time once again for another one of my condo showcases! This time we’re going back to the original, the default condo. I originally completed decoration of the default condo on February 22, 2017. That’s when I posted this original showcase thread. Over time it’s been gradually updated here & there, but the overall layout and design has remained the same since then. After the update added tons of new furniture, as well as polishing up the condo as a whole, it was time for a complete overhaul.

Let’s get started with some fun facts that I spent way too much time measuring & counting out:

Build Time: 4 Days
Total Object Count: 1,808
Total Value: 1,984,330 Units

One more thing, this will be a lot of images and scrolling so if you wish to just see the images alone please click here for the imgur album.

Default Condo Screenshots

The entryway remains much the same as it has been, though it has a welcome sign now rather than the notebooks that no one reads. The red wall here is one of the few surfaces that has remained unchanged since the original build.

Most of my condos have a little area set aside to remember Gmod Tower. Those were good times…

Looking to the right upon entering you’ll notice a rainbow cascade of hexagon light panels leading you up the side stairs to the garden. Most of my classic trophies are on display in the nearby display case.

This little area up here is mostly just displaying clutter at the moment, but the clutter will be later replaced by milestone trophies or other goodies.

The bathroom remains largely unchanged, though the companion cube is now out of the shower and shrunken down, placed on the countertop now. The shower now has a bench and some minor surface material changes were made.

The entertainment section of the living room. It remains mostly the same as it was, and I don’t generally use this area for watching the TV, but rather for running background music while building. Super Mario Sunshine’s music works well for this condo overall.

The central living space. The biggest change here is the removal of the concrete wall sections covering the hole in the roof. Originally on top of that cover I had a bar area. In its place is the new sliding glass roof (which I leave closed). I left the original wooden cover that was on top of the bar area as it looks neat. With all this natural light and freed up space, I filled it with plants to give it more ‘life’. Another noticeable change from previous is most of the canvases here have been changed out from what was originally here. The dining table by the fireplace remains unchanged.

A view of the central living space from the second floor balcony

The kitchen itself remains mostly the same, save for the material changes. However in the corner now is another little eating area, and a small wine rack on top of the fridge.

Next let’s visit the basement. Separated off with doors, this hallway also has a small storage closet sectioned off. This closet is nearly the same as it was except for a new wall shelf in the back, and MissingNo switched walls.

A view from the closet looking down the stairs to the basement

The previous basement home theater was pretty lackluster. In its place is a more convincing theater experience. It’s pretty cramped in here, but the main focus is on the screen anyways! There’s just enough space behind the seats for small concession tables for popcorn and soda! If you’ve seen my theater condo showcase you’ll recognize the theater carpet.

Now let’s jump back upstairs to the spare room. This room has always housed a pool table, but the original design focused on the table and not much else. It was rather boring. This room is now a proper billiards room as well as housing a library. The wooden handrails made for some interesting separators, and telephone poles make for good ceiling beams. Everything in here comes together to give this room a very formal old-world theme. Gravity Falls fans may recognize the page on the library pedestal…

The master bedroom! While the colors remain the same, the materials and furniture layout have changed quite a bit. It’s now a much cozier, intimate place to hang out. My favorite addition to this room is the artist’s desk by the door, which I made in honor of my best friend who is an amazing artist.

The ‘master closet’ is still my office. The desk with massive monitor display is still here as well, though the content of most screens has updated. The wall to the right of the monitors is dedicated to my best friend’s adorable and amazing art.

A slightly closer view of the shrine wall for my best friend’s art

The other half of this room has changed a lot. It was originally just ‘storage’ with shelves of random junk. Now it’s a proper hangout spot for playing tabletop games. On the side is a greenscreen & stage lights, used for streaming. Along the back wall are shelves of knick-knacks & console boxes. The shrine on the back wall is the only thing which remained in its original place.

Ultimate monopoly anyone? Yeah, didn’t think so.

It’s time to go outside! We’ll start with the garden on the side. The grass-covered half remains mostly the same. However, the useless pool that’s in this area has now been covered up and replaced with a rock garden.

Down the steps is the area formerly occupied by a basketball hoop and a single pathetic umbrella table. It’s now a proper area for having big gathering & meals outside, with a huge covered table and outdoor kitchen!

The pool area remains mostly the same. One addition I made awhile ago was adding the vending machines, but now they have a cover. There’s also now some planters on the balcony and plant life on the side wall. Much of the roof is now outlined with those illuminated fences.

The rooftop! There’s now a visible path from the spiral staircase to the bar area, with lights. The wooden cover for the old bar remains as it has been, and still looks pretty cool.

To fill space in this big empty corner I made a faux ‘maintenance’ building, with vents, pipes, and a satellite dish. This thing serves no purpose other than decoration.

Now for the bar! This structure alone took me over 7 hours to build, not including furnishing the inside! Originally was going to be a greenhouse, but I felt the old rooftop bar needed a proper replacement.

I changed the texture of the area below the bar to make it blend in seamlessly with the entire structure.

Inside you’ll find plenty of tables & seating for hanging out. There’s a bar in the center with plenty of drinks on hand, and a piano in one corner.

A closer look at the bar, with one big TV above it.

Whew, that was a lot, huh? I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading! If my condo is open feel free to come visit and see for yourself! I had a lot of fun doing this major overhaul, and there’s plenty more of my condos coming up needing some updates! Until next time :slight_smile:


Glad to see some of my condo Ideas came in use lol. The rock garden and rooftop resturaunt looks sick af. I’ve got some work to do on my end before I show off Condo 3.0. Nice job!

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The whole thing looks real nice, but damn that rooftop bar is top notch. That curved glass roofing looks so cool, it looks so natural and makes a clever use of those lamps. Also liked the dense detail, blinds on the condos windows, and the pool room in particular. Great condo all around.


Very impressive, great work.

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Beautiful! Looks like a great place to chill ;3



Holy Shit this is incredible!

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Some of these look they could be fully finished environments from an entirely different game in UE4. Masterfully done.

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Absolutely beautifully made, makes me want to return to the default condo to make something similar.
If only I had the patience for it~

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This is simply outstanding! I love that bar you made on the roof. You certainly have a knack for using space efficiently.

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Yoo open your condo more and let us visit! Lol

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Amazing work!

How did you make the rooftop?

For the barriers and glass what did you use?

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The main structure is canvas cubes & wedges. Had to start with a solid shape so the windows & window seperators could be placed. The glass is normal canvases with a glass texture, set to cutout mode to allow transparency. The metal seperators between the glass panes are outdoor lights, which I precisely aligned using a telephone pole. Once the windows were all placed and aligned right I took out the solid canvas shapes underneath to leave the hollow space that became the interior. I don’t have any progress pictures except this one but you can maybe get the idea from it


Thank you very much for the information!

I’ll be sure to put a little sign to credit you when I end up making this :smiley:

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Love the rooftop bar! Nice work (:

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