Computrix's Art Studio Showcase

Welcome to another episode of my Residential Showcase! Today’s topic is the latest addition to the condo family, Art Studio! Due to its tiny size of 3 rooms this project took only 3 days to furnish. Also due to its small size this residence isn’t really a residence but a hangout spot instead of a living space, so I have decorated it as such to be a cinema & bar&club.

Before we get started here are my previous showcases should you wish to see those as well! (screenshots posted in these may be a bit out of date)
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House - Computrix's House Showcase
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Upper Lounge (with restroom stalls due to a lack of bathroom in this condo)

Club - Entryway

Club - View from Stage

Club - View of stage (only stage lights on)

Cinema Lobby with concessions


Cinema with lights off

If it’s open be sure to stop on by and visit! Thank you for reading!

Future projects: Underwater Condo


How can you be so good crating condos?

I have those EXACT neon signs

Pretty damn good condo

its satisfying
also i never knew how good shiny ceilings looked, the room looks so much more rich and big with that shiny material

Everyone always manages to exceed my expectations.

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