Computrix's House Showcase - Summer 2018 COMPLETE OVERHAUL!

#Computrix’s House Showcase - Summer 2018 Overhaul Update

Hello! Welcome back to another installment of my condo showcases! Ever since the update I’ve been hard at work updating all my furnished condos with new items and endowing them with a new standard of detail. Since the house condo got some layout changes following the last major update, I decided to reset the entire condo and start from scratch (minus the garage). The house is still cramped and awkward inside, but you’ll feel right at home in my brand new house condo!

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##Build Info
Build time: Two Weeks
Object Count: 3,516
Total Cost: 4,117,435 Units

Let’s get to the screenshots now! There’s more here than any of my previous showcases ever! (70). If you want to just see the images please see this album.

###Exterior Front
Let’s pull into the driveway…

Here’s the garage. I updated it some time after my original house build, and left it alone when I reset the house condo.

Now let’s go in the front door, don’t trip over the newspaper on the doorstep!

The entryway

The kitchen area! Where all the food happens.

An eating area in the corner

The back wall has some counters with various things on them, and three pictures on the wall of my other condos

The cooking area of the kitchen. I put in a canvas fridge as the normal fridge does not fit in the fridge nook

###Living Room
The formal dining area of the living room. The whole living room is formal, really…

No TV here, only classical music and antique furniture around a roaring fire.

The hallway leading to the bathroom, stairs, closet, and bedroom.

This is the sad boy closet. Do not cry for him, he is already lost…

Originally one of two bathrooms in the house condo, the other one got deleted so this is the only pre-mapped bathroom left.

###Master Bedroom
The sleeping area

The master bedroom is huge, so there’s room for a tv area and also this corner office

This lonely corner of the bedroom is for miscellaneous and the closet

###Laundry Room
Let’s head down the stairs to the area that used to be a small, square room. Well, I made it one again, but open to the stairs. Welcome to the laundry room.

There’s also a tiny kitchenette here, which made less sense later when I built a bar area in the living room down here, but it works.

###Family Room
The non-formal living space of the house, with a custom wall cabinet for the television on one end and a bar & eating area on the other.

We’ll get back to this door later…

Like the offices in my other condos this place has a desk for art and a desk for playing/streaming games. This room is also the shrine to my best friend’s art which is amazing and I love them so much. You can find out more in a notebook in this room!

###The Kids’ Room
A playroom and bedroom area. It was a kids’ room before, but re-imagined and redone to be better!

The desk and chairs are scaled down slightly to accommodate child sizes.

This is where the old bathroom used to be. I built a child-sized one to fit the space.

You can’t have had a childhood without that car mat.

The current bunkbed object looks like something out of a fallout shelter. I built custom ones instead!

Let’s get back to this door now…

What a mess! Tiny and cramped with lots of junk in storage! And some mysterious tanks in the background…

Huh, this bookshelf used to be against the wall, but someone pushed it aside…
A hidden door?

###Fallout Shelter (basement)
This hallway is capped by a giant metal door, let’s see what’s behind it!

A table flipped over to form a makeshift security barrier, in case of unwanted intruders…

This is the storeroom. Filled with months worth of supplies and other various things for your new life underground.

The security office, for monitoring conditions in the vault and the house exterior. Those security cameras you may have noticed earlier have a purpose after all…

The largest room in the basement serves as the living quarters of the shelter. This shelter can house 10 residents.

Shelter living and dining spaces

A small infirmary. Gotta love cheap military surplus!

The kitchen area and another desk

The shelter lavatory, with two toilet stalls, a sink, and shower. There’s even some lockers! What more could you need?

###Exterior - Deck
Let’s head back outside now. The upper desk has a custom roof extension with this lovely outdoor living space.

An outdoor grilling area with food prep table as well.

The lower deck

###Swimming Pool
You may be fooled, but this entire swimming pool and concrete base are fully custom! This does not come with the house condo!

The hot tub corner

A cozy corner near the pool shower

The outdoor kitchenette area by the pool

The pool shower & bathroom

The diving board, with a small embedded trampoline so you can actually jump (and then die because the water is fake and a canvas)

This is the summer kitty. He is the coolest thing in this condo. There is no arguing this.

The pool, but at night

Behind the pool, a maintenance door as well as this drainage pump.

###Exterior - Forest
The rest of the yard is covered in many trees and plants. Several things can be found out here. This shed is one of them.

Inside the tool shed.

The backside of this shed is very overgrown and neglected.

A single lonely grave sits beneath the massive old tree

Here’s the campsite, with tents, sleeping bags, and a fire! I embedded stools in the rocks so you can actually sit around the fire.

Well, what do we have here? Oh, right…

###Exterior - Roof
Here’s the roof by the way. Theater canvas frames make good solar panels!

##The End
Thank you so much for reading and making it this far! Thank you for taking the time to look at and appreciate all the work and time I put into this build. I enjoyed making it, and hope you enjoyed looking! If I’m ever in game and have this condo open be sure to stop on by! Or request to see it if one of my others are open!

Until next time, have a good day! :slight_smile:


the madman does it again, sick house b


I was going to say 10/10 as usual but I think the bunker and backyard knocked it up to an 11.


I love that indoor balcony!


Truly amazing.

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I have to admit all the rooms go very nice together

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