Computrix's Suite Showcase - Summer 2018 Update

Hello again! It’s time for another showcase thread! We’re revisiting Suite this time. A long time ago, my default condo & suite were shown in a combined showcase thread, but over time they’ve been updated here & there. After the update added tons of new items I began updating. Default condo got a major overhaul and can be seen here: Computrix’s Default Condo Overhaul Showcase [ UPDATE]

I know last time I spent an ungodly amount of time counting the number of items & calculating their value but that gets really time consuming so let’s just jump into this. As always if you’re impatient and just want to view the album of all images please see this

Entrance Area

The entryway for the suite. Not too much has changed here except for the addition of the welcome sign I add to condos.

Looking back towards the entry, a canvas placed behind the door gives the appearance of still being part of the old tower.

As with my other condos there is a place recognizing and remembering Gmod Tower.


Not much to say here…it’s a bathroom.

Dining Area

The dining area hasn’t changed much, though the shelf of vinyls is new and the original trophy display has been updated with glass shelves now.

A close-up of the display shelves.


The kitchen received some updates, though minor. There’s now stuff visible inside the upper cabinets and a few boxes of cereal & mac n’ cheese.

Living Area

The living area got some minor changes, including canvas updates & shelf clutter.

The aquarium with crabs and a vaguely familiar boat.


The patio area, ready for summer fun.

The backyard has been updated from its snow-covered form from winter to something more summery.

Second Floor

The stairs leading to the second floor.

Underneath the stairs is more clutter in storage.

The hallway area of the second floor.

The bedroom area takes up most of this upper floor.

Close-up of the desk area in the corner.

The upper level’s storage closet, full of stuff.

Vent Room
The vent room, while always being a ‘club’, received the most updating, as in I reset it completely minus the stage and started over. Heavily utilizing the new light box items, I made this room into a more proper nightclub area.

With the room lights off. They will normally be on and running the ‘rainbow’ function.

With the lights on.

Corner bar area.

Seating area with random lightbox shapes on the wall. Though there is a companion cube that isn’t so random.

The stage now has a DJ table instead of playable instruments.

That’s all for this time! If you’re in-game and any of my condos are open be sure to stop by to see it yourself! I have many more condos to update including house, studio, highrise, & more, so there will be more to come soon!


im taking a random guess but i have a feeling you may have an interest in a certain game call undertale but im not sure could just be my imagination, but too be frank with you i really like how it it feels very homelike and lived in like an actual house/apartment and i really do like the textures you have used on the walls and floors, i also like how you have managed to make that condo look unique since most peoples suite condos seem to all look the same, you have got a good balance of items in there to make it not look empty or crowded that other people seem to have a large problem in doing.

i really like it overall!
gets a thumbs up from me :+1: :slight_smile:

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Truly amazing! Better than anything I can make!



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I discovered turning off all the colored light panels on the ceiling works better with the room light’s rainbow effect and makes them appear to change color without actually doing so